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Nepal Motorcycle Accident

How we helped when this nomad got into a serious accident on a motorcycle tour.

Traveler County Of Residence:  U.S.

Name: Curt

Claim type: Emergency medical evacuation

Our Emergency Assistance Team helped this Nomad when he got into a serious accident while on a motorcycle tour in Nepal. With Curt’s permission, we share his story here: 

“In May of this year, my son and I booked a motorcycle tour from Kathmandu to the Upper Mustang region. On day 3 I was involved in a serious motorcycle versus car accident. I was taken to a rural hospital that had limited resources. They did not even have a wheelchair that fully functioned. But they surely tried their hardest to take good care for me, and for that, I was grateful. I am an Emergency Physician, and I knew I had, at minimum, a Maisonneuve fracture, which is an unstable fracture of the ankle/leg. The fracture was closed (the fracture fragments did not penetrate the skin) and the leg had good circulation, and it was well splinted by the hospital. Thus knew I was stable to be transferred home for definitive surgical care.

I contacted the emergency assistance number provided by my World Nomads Insurance policy. I was put in contact with a triage nurse, who listened to my concerns. They promptly booked me (and my son who, bless his heart, assisted me) on the next available flight home, Korean Air, business class since I needed to elevate my leg because of increasingly severe swelling. World Nomads arranged for me to be picked up directly from my hotel, transferred to the airport, arranged the flight, including wheelchair transfer between flights in Seoul and even a seat close to the plane’s bathroom, since I had significant difficulty getting around with crutches. That was a quite a luxury experience.

Once home, I was seen promptly by an orthopedist and further imaging was done. The fracture was more devastating than what I had suspected. Major surgery and rehab was necessary. I received truly exceptional expert orthopedic care, and I am doing well. I still have quite a way to go to full recovery, but a near or complete return of function is anticipated.

Once home, I also called my tour operator and asked if he would do me a favor. I asked him to buy a wheelchair and have it delivered to that rural clinic in Nepal, and to let me know the cost so I could send him funds. I asked him to thank them for taking such good care of me.

I was impressed how well World Nomads took care of me. It is scary being seriously injured and vulnerable far away from home. I needed a travel evacuation company that listened to me, believed me, and did everything to help — right then and there. And that is what I had.

It is amazing to me that I made friends in Nepal — on a journey that lasted merely three days instead of 15 — friendships that have me striving to heal quickly so that I (along with my son, John) can return to see them again and to complete that epic journey!

I was injured far away from home in Nepal and I needed urgent medical care. Those upon whom I became reliant – my son John, World Nomads, my tour company Nepal Highland Treks and the people of Nepal, including my new friends Hemanta and Dipu -- all acted so admirably and with such compassion. I was well taken care of and I was surrounded by kindness.

It is difficult for me to describe the level of my gratitude I have for the way in which World Nomads helped me, but…I thank you."

How World Nomads helped

Our emergency assistance team arranged for Curt’s emergency evacuation back home to the U.S.

Claim Paid: $8,953.89

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