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Pancreatitis in Spain

How we helped when this nomad’s wife got pancreatitis in Spain.

Traveler County Of Residence:  US

Name: Howard

Claim type:  Emergency Medical

We helped this Nomad and his wife in Spain with an urgent medical condition - he shared this review on Trust Pilot and with his permission, we share his story here: 

“While in Tarragona, Spain my wife was diagnosed with pancreatitis. It is an inflammation of the pancreas causing debilitating pain in the stomach and back, along with vomiting and diarrhea. It basically shuts down your digestive system. Treatment for the acute phase is to stop using the pancreas for at least five days, which means you are in a hospital getting all your nutrition, saline, and pain relief through a tube.

It was obviously a very traumatic experience to occur while on a 7-week trip through Spain, Portugal and Morocco. World Nomads and their Generali Global Assistance partners were really helpful during these trying times. Generali is the call you make when you think an emergency repatriation might be necessary.

They started a case file for us immediately after taking our information about what was going on. The next morning, I received a call from a doctor from GGA to go over my wife’s condition. The doctor gave me a description in layman’s terms (and in English!) of what pancreatitis is, and what to expect medically moving forward. The calming effect of this practical information can’t be overstated.

My wife was getting the correct care from the Tarragona hospital doctors. The timeframe she was given for her treatment was the same as the GGA doctor confirmed. The same GGA doctor then called to check up on her both two and four days later, again confirming her care and that she did not need to be emergency evacuated either time. We even got another follow up call from him after she was released and we were already in Madrid.

As for the handling of my claim, World Nomads’ claim process was not difficult to understand or complete. You have to document everything, keep every receipt possible, and have the credit card statements to back it all up. This is pretty much standard for any type of insurance claim. Do note that you must pay the bills upfront and then get reimbursed afterwards.

This is the 5th time I have used World Nomads since 2006. It is easy to navigate the website to get the correct insurance for the type of trip you’re planning.

I would, and have, recommended World Nomads to many people over the years. My most recent experience with them continues to illustrate why that is true. I can’t wait til we go away again and I can use them again.”

How World Nomads helped

Hospital treatment in Spain

Claim Paid: $7157.59 ($5,467.22 in medical expenses and $1,690.34 for unused & additional transportation).

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