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World Nomads is giving one aspiring photographer the opportunity to accompany renowned wildlife and natural history photographer, Jason Edwards, on assignment in the Peruvian Amazon.

You will begin your photographic journey in the ancient capital of the Inca Empire - Cusco - where you will explore the rich history and culture of the Andean Mountain landscapes with Explorandes. From there you will travel into the heart of the Amazon basin to Madre de Dios, where you will explore one of the planet's top biodiversity hotspots.

During your Rainforest Expeditions trip, you will find out firsthand what life is like in the field for a travel photographer while capturing the rainforest wildlife and the conservation projects that WWF Peru supports to protect the biodiverse ecosystems and the livelihoods of the indigenous communities who call the Amazon forest home.

What you could win

For the winning photographer, the prize includes the following:

  • A 12-day bespoke trip to the Amazon with WWF Peru, Rainforest Expeditions and Explorandes
  • Round-trip airfare from your country of residence to Cusco, Peru where you will meet your mentor and a small film crew and then head off to Madre de Dios to begin your assignment
  • A 12-day professional mentorship from Jason Edwards
  • Travel insurance for the duration of the trip from World Nomads

The 4 runners’ up will receive:

A FREE 45-min portfolio review from Jason Edwards (valued at $800 AUD)

The 25 shortlisted photographers will receive:

The option of a 45-min paid portfolio review with Jason Edwards (special rate of $400 AUD)

What you'll be doing

In Peru, you'll get to experience what it's like to be on-assignment with a National Geographic photographer!

The Assignment

On the trip you will work alongside Jason Edwards photographing the people, wildlife and landscapes of the Amazon at various times of the day and night.

You will gain invaluable mentoring and hands-on experience in everything from shot set up, technique and composition through to insights into his many years of diverse experience as an award-winning photographer.

Your assignment will involve observing and assisting Jason as well as undertaking your own photographic work. This will involve long days, early mornings and late nights working!

Most of all, you'll be experiencing what it's like to be a photographer on-assignment with a National Geographic photographer!

Your Brief

You will work through a specific shot list of 20 photos that will be commissioned by the scholarship partners as part of your assignment.

You will keep a daily journal about your time on the trip and upload this to a travel journal (minimum 200 words per day), including pictures you've taken.

On your return you will work with Jason Edwards through the editorial process to shortlist your top photographs and colour balance to achieve professional looking shots.

Who can apply?

This opportunity is open photography students or keen amateurs/pro-amateurs looking build a career in travel photography.

  • Any non-professional can apply – this is open photography students or keen amateurs/pro-amateurs looking build a career in travel photography.
  • You may be a resident of any country (subject to obtaining a Peruvian visa).
  • Minimum age 18 by the application deadline (November 24, 2014) with a current valid passport.
  • You must be available as per the dates set out. Please note these dates are not changeable in any way.
  • You must be fit and healthy as moderate levels of physical work are involved as well as a number of late nights!
  • You should be an exceptional photographer with a lust for adventure, have a strong desire to be mentored and grow your photographic knowledge and skills, an ambition to forge a career in travel photography.

Am I considered a professional photographer?

Remember this is a once in a lifetime learning opportunity, not a junket for professional photographers.

We appreciate that the photography industry is difficult to break into and there are a lucky few who can count themselves as professional full time photographers.

This scholarship is very much about the mentorship opportunity, and the judging panel will be selecting the person who they feel will most benefit from the learning opportunity. So, if you currently make more than 25% of your income from photography activities, you are not eligible.

You will be asked to outline your experience to date in the submission process, and it will be the judging panel who decides who is most suitable based on their photos and written component.

What our judging panel will be looking for

This is your chance to showcase your photography talents and unique perspective. The aim of the scholarship is the give the winner a foot in the door to the travel photography industry, so you’ll need to convince us that you are the best person to send.

Your photo essay should showcase your:
- originality
- ability to convey a story through photos (and their captions)
- excellent technique

*Note: Should your entry reach the final round of judging you will be asked to supply the RAW file of each photo for comparison with your submission (these may also be published online).

About your essay

Your written essay will have significant weighting in the judging process, so think carefully about why you should be chosen.

Tell us about yourself, your passions, why you love photography, what drives you to take a better shot, where you would like to go with your photography etc. Help us form a picture in our mind of you as a person with your text.

Here is how you apply

To apply, submit your photo essay and tell us about yourself and what winning this scholarship would mean to you.

To apply, submit your photo essay and tell us about yourself and what winning this scholarship would mean to you.

If your photos (with captions and essay) are not ready, we suggest you come back later to complete this entry.

1. Shoot your photo story (maximum of 5 images).

Your images must tell a story about a place you have visited. 'Place' may be anywhere; somewhere in your own community or much further away. Each of the 5 shots must have accompanying caption text (1-2 sentences) to help contextualise the shot.

2. Complete the application form.

3. Upload your photos.

To Flickr:

If you choose, you can upload your photos as a Flickr set. Your application photos need to be the only 5 photos in the particular Flickr set.

To World Nomads:

As an alternative to uploading your photos to Flickr, you can upload them directly onto World Nomads. After you have filled in your application details, you will be directed to a page when you can upload your images and captions.

*Please don't remove the tags and title of the gallery we have set up for you - this is how we find you*

One entry per person.

About Jason Edwards

With an image portfolio ranking among the largest of any photographer in the National Geographic Society's long history, Melbourne-based photo journalist Jason Edwards is the face of Pure Photography on National Geographic Channel.

Redefining documentary photography over the course of more than 20 years, Jason's commissioned assignments having taken him to every continent, with the resultant work appearing in hundreds of publications including National Geographic Magazine, Australian Geographic, Sports Illustrated, BBC Wildlife Magazine, The New Yorker, and Conde Nast Traveller.

More about Jason

Any Questions?

Take a look at our FAQs page which provides more details on the task, technical guidelines, judging criteria, eligibility and more. Please read this page before posting your question in the comments sections below - chances are, we've already answered your question there!

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Important dates

Scholarship applications close
Scholarship judging
Winner announced
Assignments in Peru


  • Emma Hopkirk said

    I've only just started photography with a compact system camera. Are we able to submit images taken on point and shoot auto cameras or do we need to send in images that were manually exposed? Thanks!

    Hi Emma, we're not expecting you to have expensive or fancy camera equipment. Submit what you think works best. It's all about the image!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • stacy said

    Just entered, Hope I win..would make my year so amazing!

  • Spencer said

    I have photos from a recent trip I'd like to use, but I wasn't shooting in RAW at the time; are those images still eligible? I do have the unedited originals, just in JPG format.

    Hi Spencer, that's fine. If your photos are in JPG format just make sure they are at the highest resolution possible and that you keep the original files you captured separate to what you might submit if you treat them on the computer.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Gloria N said

    I'd like to see others contestant profiles and photos, is it posible?

    Hi Gloria, if you click the link to our FAQs page (above) you'll find a link to see all our successful entries (#13).
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Em said

    How recently should the photos of our place have been taken, and is there a word count for the essay?

    Em, you can submit photos you have taken in the past. However, we do encourage you to submit recent photos so that we are able to judge your current skills as a photographer. Your essay should be no longer than 1200 characters.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • smilsa said

    Gauuu!! que increíble oportunidad, es todo acerca de la imagen!! la verdad no se nada de formatos y esas cosas pero se puede aprender, a mi lo que siempre me ha gustado es captar el significado de cada momento!!! y mi única herramienta es una camarita pequeña, pero es mi compañera de todos mis viajes!!!

  • Katerina said

    Hellooo... I am not that familiar with the term raw file.. Well, what if our camera doesn't support a raw? Then can we enter the scolarship?

    Hi Katerina, a raw image format is supported by many cameras. You may want to search "List of cameras supporting a raw format" to see if your camera supports this format. A raw image is basically an unprocessed file, also known as a digital negative. We do accept JPEG images as well. If you choose to submit JPEG files make sure you keep a copy of the original file from the camera before you process or treat your images. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Kit said

    Quick question, what do you mean by a "journal screen name"? Thanks

    Hi Kit. Your screen name can be your name or an alias. The journal name is the name of your World Nomads journal. What you title your journal is up to you, it can be related to you personally or about your scholarship entry. It has no bearing on the judging process.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Ann said

    Hi, can you tell us a bit more about colour calibration? The YouTube link regarding that topic on the FAQ page goes to Jason Edwards talking about Saturation and Contrast instead. Cheers.

    Hi Ann, you'll need to ensure your monitor's colour space is calibrated to RGB (Adobe RGB 98 colour). Many monitors are set to SRGB, which results in a saturated image. Jason grades your images on his computer which is calibrated to a 'true' colour space, so making this change will ensure he is seeing the same image as you are. Hope this answers your question. If you still need clarification please email us at [email protected]
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Sofia Cuellar said

    I am from Guatemala, and i need to tell you that i have adrenaline on my veins right now of this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY! i believe in opportunities, i believe on this scholarship. Thank you very much!

    Thanks Sofia! All the best with your application!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Marie said

    Can argentic work be submitted?

    Hi Marie. Yes, you can submit argentic work, however the same post-processing guidelines apply.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • H U said

    Hello! I accidently submitted a draft text with no photos. May I re-submit my application again? Thank you!

    Hi, please email us at [email protected] with details of your draft entry. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Chloe said

    Hi! I've also submitted my application but the photos didn't attach am I able to re-submit my application? Thanks, Chloe

    Hi Chloe, please re-submit your entry. Thanks
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Julian said

    Hello- is there a limit on caption length? I noticed in previous years there has been many lines of text for some images and I am wondering if we will be penalised for this? Cheers, Julian

    Hi Julian. We don't have a strict character limit but please keep captions between 1-2 sentences. Thanks
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Nellie Trew said

    Hi I just submitted my application but unable to find the right link to attach my photos. Could you kindly direct me please? Many thanks Nellie

    Hi Nellie, all successful applications are posted here:
    If your application is not already in the link above, your application is incomplete. You will be directed within the application page to either provide a link to a flikr set or upload your photos directly to World Nomads. If you are still concerned about your application please email us at [email protected]
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • jason kirkham said

    Not sure if my entry went through,i did get a email saying it did but when going to upload photos it kept kicking me off saying page not available

    Hi Jason, your application was successful. You'll find it here:
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Anna Mygind said

    Hello! I'm very excited for this competition. Is it of vital importance that the photos come from the same place (geographically), or can this detail be overlooked if the pictures have a common thread? Cheers!

    Anna, your photos must represent one place (geographically) that you have visited. If you have a look at our past winners you'll notice their 'place' is very specific. Have another read of our FAQs page if you have any concerns about your entry - especially question number 6. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Lindsay said

    Super pumped for this, couldn't of asked for a better experience to look forward to!!

  • Chloe said

    Hi! Sorry to be a pain but I am trying to attach the Flickr URL to my photo album but keep getting a message 'unable to connect to Flickr' Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    Hi Chloe. I've responded to your email.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Enrique said

    Im from Argentina, this is one of my dreams. I have just entered, fingers crossed.
    Thank you very much for the opportunity
    Soy de Argentina, este es uno de mis sueños, recien apliqué y subi mis fotos, cruzo mis dedos!
    Muchas gracias por la oportunidad!

  • Sara said


    I've had the recent misfortune of losing many many photos, and the only version I have of the photographs I'd like to submit is their downloaded Facebook one - hence, no RAW, no original file. Can I still apply with these photographs or does that count me out straight away?

    Thank you!

    Hi Sara, an untouched JPEG file would suffice - but only if it was not processed.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Mockeez said

    this is a once in a lifetime experience... a great opportunity to everyone...

  • Josephine Sun said

    Hi - I've linked the Flickr URL but my captions for each photo is not showing up in the view image slide show. How can I include my image on this website?

    Hi Josephine, all entries which have a flickr link will be judged on the flickr website. This allows us to view the image caption, so make sure you've edited the image captions in your flickr set.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • World Nomads said

    Hi everyone,

    Less than two weeks to get your entries in, don't wait till the last minute!

    Copy the web address below to get some final thoughts and tips from Jason Edwards.

    All the best!

  • Ana Rita said

    Hello World Nomads team,

    One question, after I submit the photos I realize that they should all be from a specific place so if I posted photos of different places on a coast of a country I will be out right away?

    Thank you.

    Hi Ana,
    Not necessarily. Your place can be a country, but what is more important is that the pictures of that place reveal a particular story. Remember, story is king! But it is also important that you meet the brief. Have a read of my response to Anna above for more info.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Hunor said

    Hi World Nomads,
    This is a great scholarship! I'm wiry excited!
    I have a question: I'm from Hungary and I'm currently traveling. I'm in New Zealand now, and next year april I'm gonna be possibly in Australia. For the winner you provide round-trip airfare from the country of residence. Is it possible to change?
    Thank you.

    Hi Hunor, we'll be providing return tickets from wherever you are in the world. However, you need to make sure you're available between April 6 - April 19, as the assignment dates are not flexible. Safe travels and all the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • simran said

    i wanted to ask, if our photo essay has been published somewhere , can we submit here also..original photos

    Yes, as long as you hold the rights to those photos.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Tiana_r said

    Best opportunity ever! Just submitted it all! Good luck to everyone :)
    This would be a dream come true for me.

  • Jason Edwards said

    Hi Guys,

    It's fantastic to see everyone so excited about the Scholarship as I am too! I'm madly trying to pack for an assignment in Antarctica this weekend so keep the entries coming!

    In other news after what seems years in the coming I've finally joined Instagram! I know, I know, I am so far behind everyone else so please help me chase the pack.




  • Jess Sara Wright said

    Hi Jason, World Nomads and team,

    Is it okay to enter slightly touched-up photographs (exposure, contrast, saturation) as displayed on my website? I have the original unprocessed photographs that I would be able to send in on request.



    Hi Jess, yes you can submit photographs which have been digitally adjusted. However, the faithful representation of what was captured at the time of the shot being taken must be maintained, so don't go overboard in post-production. If you are a finalist we will request that you send the original images in order to compare your submitted entry to what was initially captured. We want someone with great photography skills, not great photoshop skills!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Aditya said


    I've submitted my photos along with the write ups but there isn't really a 'Submit' and 'congratulations on submitting your entry!' sort of a button and message right? I mean once I've created my journal, through the application form, how can I proceed? TIA

    Aditya, you should have received an email confirmation of your successful application. You can view your application using this link:
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Flavia said

    Hi! I don't have a current valid passport at the moment, i'd like to know if I can apply anyway, and then get a passport in the future, in case of victory.
    Thank you very much!

    Hi Flavia, you will need to obtain a valid passport before the assignment commencement date of 6 April 2015.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Marlon Malpica said

    The essay must be in English?

    Marlon, yes the essay must be in English. You need to be able to speak and understand English to be mentored by Jason.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Fiona said

    Hi There,
    I submitted my entry just now, and noticed that the colours on my submitted photos are different to my original photos (my monitor using Adobe 98). The submitted photos has a slightly different colour cast, making them more rich. I'm a little concerned now as my original colours were the most accurate, and the criteria states that colours have to be an accurate representation. Should I adjust my original photos (taking into account this colour cast) and re-upload them again? Thanks, Fiona

    Hi Fiona, could you please send your photos to [email protected] so we can compare them to your entry? You won't be penalised for minor colour variations.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Priya said

    Hi there! I was just about to submit my entry but encountered a little snag - could you help me out pls? When I login the application page opens up and the next part asks me to create a journal entry. It then says: "Yep, done this bit too. Your journal is:" which is followed by a link to my old entry which I submitted back in Jan 2013. Is this supposed to happen?! Do I just ignore that link and carry on with the application form or should I delete the old journal entry? Thanks so much! x

    Hi Priya, this is a link to your journal, not your old entry. If you follow through with the application, you will have created another story within your journal. You wont need to delete previous entries, just ignore and carry on with your application. Good luck!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Tim said

    So, it states pretty clearly on the FAQs that HDR images aren't accepted. However, I have a photo that I took with my phone that I want to include with my set, and I took it on HDR mode with my phone. I don't think it's a true HDR image, as I didn't do any post-processing, but I want to see if it's acceptable before submitting it. I have a Nexus 5 if that helps.


    Tim, I've responded to your email. Please check your inbox. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • World Nomads said

    Hi everyone,

    If you have uploaded your photos via flickr and have noticed that your entry essay appears twice - don't worry! We're aware of this glitch, and will not penalise your entry due to the duplication of your essay.

    To those who are yet to apply: Submit your entry as soon as possible! This is the best way to avoid last minute panic and ensure the successful submission of your application. Good luck!

    UPDATE: All duplicate essays errors have now been resolved.
    To those who have submitted their entry via flickr - you will now see only one essay.
    To those who are yet to submit via flickr - you will not be affected, your essay will only appear once.

  • Jonathan McCaffrey said

    Hi Noamds, I've recently uploaded my journal, however I am wondering if their is an option to now change to a flickr link for display before the judging period commences?

    Hi Jonathan, once you have submitted your application you cannot change any components of your entry.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Rosalie Hayes said

    I've just emailed through a few problems I've had with the entry I've submitted, and I've also just noticed that the thumbnails of my photos in the page where all the entries are listed are in completely the wrong order. Does this matter at all? Sorry for the many many questions!

    Hi Rosalie, no this doesn't matter. We will only judge your entry expanded on the World Nomads page or expanded in flickr (if you submitted your photos via flickr).
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Darta said


    It says if you enter more that 5 pictures your entry won't be considered, but for some reason the program uploaded one of my pictures twice, so now it shows that there are 6 pictures. I hope that my submission still will be considered or should I try to delete something one more time?

    Thank you very much

    Hi Darta, please check your email, I have responded there. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Nathanael said

    I'm having so much trouble uploading! I tried multiple times yesterday and the website said the server was down and so it wouldn't work. I was originally trying to upload my pictures to World Nomads. It created my journal, but I have no pictures. Now I'm trying to create a new gallery and link my flickr to it, but it's saying it can't contact flickr. Help please! I want this so bad!

    Hi Nathanael, could you please email [email protected] with screenshots of the problems you're encountering? Thanks.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Cat said

    Hi Pari,

    In uploading the photos via World Nomads, we are told that to save time we can upload a smaller image of 520 pixels on the long edge (if I remember correctly). But the FAQs say we should submit at a minimum of 960 pixels long. I uploaded 520 pixel versions and they are blurry when shown 'in large size'. My mistake - may I re-upload my photos or will this not matter? Thank-you for your time.

    Hi Cat, I've responded to your question via email. Please check your inbox. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Curtis Matwishyn said

    I've been processing my photos on a screen that I calibrated so that my photos would match what my local shop prints. When I switch to Adobe RGB 1998 I get a severe blue colour cast with quite a bit higher black point. I'm not sure whether this is a fault of my monitor. Is there any way I could send two images, one edited in my colour space and the other edited in Adobe RGB 1998 and see which shows properly? Thanks.

    Hi Curtis, I've replied to your email.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Flavia said

    What is the different between the journal screen name and the title of the journal?

    Hi Flavia, your screen name can be your name or an alias. The title of the journal is just that, what you name your journal is completely up to you. They have no bearing on the judging process.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Simorin said


    Just wondering is the word limit 300 words or 1000 words?

    Thank you

    Hi Simorin, your essay can be a maximum of 1200 characters (not words).
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Damjan said

    I am trying to upload the photos via worldnomads website for my Scholarship entry, but I encountered two problems.
    First: I am a little confused in regards to the pixel size. Should it be minimum 960 pixels on the longest length of the image or 520 pixels across the longest side?

    And secondly: The captions space is very limited (80 characters with space) for describing the context of the photo. Is that an intentional restriction, or is there another way to write captions up to two sentences?

    Thank You!

    Hi Damjan,
    1. We suggest a resolution of 72 ppi/dpi and a pixel length of at least 960 pixels of the longest length of the image. Photos uploaded to a journal will be resized to a maximum of 960 pixels along the longest side. The maximum pixel size of photos uploaded to flickr will depend on the type of flickr account you have (free or paid), but will be at least 1024 pixels.
    2. If you use the recommended file uploader you should not have an issue with the caption character limit - the alternate uploader has a restriction. If you cannot upload your photos directly onto your World Nomads journal, please upload via flickr and include your captions in your flickr set.
    If you have any further issues, send us an email at [email protected]
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Olie said

    Hi Pari (? & Nomads),

    I've tried entering my application, but there was no confirmation on the page to say I did so correctly. Can you please let me know asap if it came through ok? Crossing my fingers hoping it came though ok :$


    Hi Olie, your application has been submitted correctly. You can view your entry here:
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • ModernNomad said

    Hi, I've submitted my photos but just realised that there is a limit to the caption length. My caption now looks very fragmented, with incomplete sentences..can I resubmit with new caption?


    Hi, you should be able to edit the captions in your photo gallery.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Arko Adhikari said

    Hi, I tried uploading my photos, but due to some glitch with the system, it showed submitted. I have created another gallery for my application, however, it doesn't show any "Scholarship Entry" Tag.

    The link to my scholarship entry is:

    However, I am not clear if this has been accepted in the entries for the scholarship. Please help me with this.

    Arko Adhikari

    Hi Arko, I've responded to your email.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Nicolás Blaiotta said

    Hi there. I´ve registered, uploaded images and descriptions, am I now in the contest? I´m asking because it seems you can have a journal at World Nomads and not be participating in the contest...

    Hi Nicolás. Yes, your entry can be found here:
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Courtney Johnson said

    Under what heading do we submit our essay? Does it goes under the stories section or the about us section?

    Please submit your essay under the following heading in the application page: "Tell us about yourself and why you should be chosen".
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • leonore said

    Hi, I used color space Adobe 1998, but the colours on the pictures i just uploaded are very different from the originals (they are much paler). I just realised I entered a image size way to big (300 ppi), my mistake. I also uploaded a picture with pixel size 950, but the colours were still pale.
    What happened to the colours and more important, how do I fix it? Please help, thank you! grtz leonore

    Hi Leonore - please check your email inbox. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Karen said


    I have the same issue as leonore -- that my pictures are much paler once i uploaded them then my originals are. Also, i see that some people were able to write longer captions - mine were cut off around 80 characters. Is there a way to go back and write longer captions like i originally was hoping to and/or edit how the photos look? Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Karen - please check your email inbox. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Michal said

    Hi just wanted to apply for this scholarship but have a bit of problem to upload the photos. I created my journal but it doesn't want to accept my flickr url and if I want to upload the straight to nomads web the java security doesn't let me to do it ...I will be trying just in case I'm sending you my flickr url

    Sorry about that

  • Michal said

    Sorry about that last comment . Just ignore it, solved. It was the wifi in the hotel issue .

    Thanks Michal. Good luck!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jimmy said

    I have to same problem with regards to the photo uploads. It won't let me link to Flickr and same issue with Java. When manually loading it, only one image will appear o the story without the description. I Have left the link to Flickr on the bottom of the essay but here it is anyway:

  • Inta said

    WHew! just submitted my entry for the scholarship. What an incredible opportunity, I look forward to hearing about the results!!

  • Mihir Pandey said


    I've been trying to upload picture for the past few hours and I chose world nomad website instead of Flickr and i have not been able to upload anything at all. Could I please make a new account or can someone please help me with this! I really want to put my application in.

  • Dustin Thomas said

    Hi, I am having a similar issue as others in that my images and captions are not uploading properly and I get an error message at the end. My essay and title went through fine as well.

    If their is any other way to message my photos or captions, through the site or personally just let me know.

    Thank for your help,


  • Mihir Pandey said

    Hi dustin,

    I managed to upload it by using internet explorer, maybe try using that if you haven't yet.

    best of luck


  • Dustin Thomas said

    Looks like its working good now thanks.

    Great! Thanks Mihir and thanks Dustin. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • ManalAhmad said

    Hi! I completed my entry to the scholarship an hour or so ago, uploading the photos on the WorldNomads site, but it's still not showing up in the entries list. Here is the link:

    Just want to make sure that you know about it so it's considered in the competition. Thanks!!!

    Hi Manal, your entry has been received. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Nathanael said

    I emailed you all with my problem, but nobody every got back to me. Any chance someone is available?

    Hi Nathanael, we're investigating your issue at the moment and will respond via email soon.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Nathanael said

    Here's the link to my photo set on flickr. I can't get it to link to my journal...[email protected]/sets/72157649388223545/

  • Maria Lax said

    Hi there, I was wondering how I could change my journal name (if it's at all possible). It is still called Air Guitar World Championships after my previous entry, and isn't necessarily the best suited for future scholarships..It probably doesn't matter for the judging, but would be good to know if I can do something about it. Thanks so much!

    Hi Maria,
    Good to hear you're applying for another one of our scholarships! Unfortunately, you cannot change your journal name. The only thing you can do is create a new account with a different email address. As you've already mentioned, it won't matter in the judging process.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Heidi said

    Hi, I'm having trouble submitting my entry (and I've apparently "submitted" my entry, so it won't let me redo it). It won't accept my photos on flickr and I can't use the site uploader. I'd really like for it to be considered, and would appreciate any help - journal:
    Photo set:[email protected]/sets/72157649430855981

  • Dustin Thomas said

    Hey Nathanael, try uploading to world nomads instead and see if it works.

  • Ana Caroline de Lima said

    Hi! How do I know my entry was completed?


    Ana, all completed entries will appear here:

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Lltay said

    With 7 mins to go I am a late entry but I am having trouble uploading my photos- have resized them but they are still taking a while! Any suggestions?

    Your entry has been received, please see here:
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Monique Montfroy said

    I just entered, thinking I had a hour left (Queensland, Aust time). I had 2 minutes because QLD doesn't have daylight savings. Is it possible to find out if it went through?

    Monique, here is your entry:
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Bryce Hughes said

    I uploaded my images straight to world nomads, everything went fine :)
    My only issue was with the captioning, It would only appear to allow enough characters for one sentence! I've looked at some other entries and they have 3-4 times more text than what I could put.
    How can I fix this? There is more to write!!! :)

    Hi Bryce,
    You can edit captions by clicking into your photo gallery. Remember, we only need a maximum of 2 sentences! All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Ann-Katrin said

    I saw the scholarship competition too late myself, and will not participate; It's already after deadline. But I will keep an eye open for future scholarships, and I will follow this competion closely, I am very excited to see what the results of the time in Peru will result in. And who knows, maybe I'll be inspired to do a trip in that direction myself very soon, Peru or South America in general is very high on the to do list, I keep ending up in Europe and Asia most of the time... Best of luck, fellow photographers-to-be/adventurers/travellers!!!

  • Saeedul Alam said

    Hi, I have wanted to apply for the scholarship, planned to submit my entry yesterday (24th November). Unfortunately, I couldn't login to this website since yesterday. I have tried many times to login, but it said "the server is busy". My location is Victoria, BC, Canada. Right now I can login to the website, but the scholarship entry is closed.
    Is there anyway I can still apply? Email or any other means?

  • Lorenzo Zucco said


    I hope Jason Edwards could read that.
    I'm pretty sad, because I just realized the appling time was over once I had already (too late) applied, so actually I didn't.
    It was just confusion with the Timeline, I hope really that Mr. Edwards could read that or/and do something. It took me really long but mostly for the engagement to choose among my pictures, just for that possibility.
    Hope will never die.

    Hi Lorenzo,
    Very very sorry to hear you missed the deadline. Stay tuned for next year's scholarship opportunity! If you haven't already subscribed to our Scholarship newsletter, please subscribe using the link below and we’ll let you know when the next scholarship launches so that you don’t miss the deadline.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • cody tucker said

    My screen said my application sent but I do not believe my pictures were attached can I send it in via email?

    Cody, please email [email protected] and we will investigate your issue.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Josephine Sun said

    Hi - when/ how will contestants know about being short listed / having to send in RAW files? The email I used to enter is not very reliable so I want to know how short listed contestants might be contacted, and when. Thanks!

  • Amritha said

    Regarding the update, do you mean to say the results will be announced on 26th?

  • World Nomads said

    Hi everyone!

    The winner has been announced. Thanks for applying, and thanks for your patience during this extended judging period.

    You'll find the winning entry and shortlist here:

    Stay updated on the scholarship program by signing up to our newsletter. Enter your email near Jason's picture above.

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Anuj Pokharel said

    Hi, I am very new in this scholarships. How many Images should we have to send to you and in which link we have to send it? and what should be the file size, i mean the image size? should we have to collect the original image or the editing image done after the Photoshop work? Hope you reply me soon. Thank you.

    Hi Anuj, the Travel Photography Scholarship to the Peruvian Amazon has now been completed. You can view the winner's photos from Peru here:

    Stay tuned! Our 2015 Scholarship will be launching in the next couple of months. Sign up to our scholarship newsletter to be the first to hear about this year's photography assignment: www.worldnomads/learn

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Dino said

    i have submitted my application, but i didn't get any confirmation.I want to know if it went through. thank you

    Hi Dino,

    Can you please email us your details at [email protected]?

    - Alicia, World Nomads

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