Driving in Barbados: How to Get Around Safely

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Our expert's tips on road safety, speeding, sidewalk safety and taxi meters.

Traffic in Barbados Photo © Getty Images/BrettCharlton

Left or Right?

In Barbados they drive on the left side of the road (like they do in Australia, New Zealand and Japan), so take note if you're used to driving on the right-hand side of the road.

Road Conditions in Barbados

Highway road conditions in Barbados are generally good, but roads in rural areas where there are smaller towns can be unnamed, unpaved, narrow and have blind corners making it hard to see. Be cautious driving at night, as there is very poor lighting, and little signage. Drive slowly and keep your eyes peeled for potholes, as there are many.

What Road Rules?

Speeding is common, even on country roads, and few drivers use signals to indicate turning or switching lanes. There is also a problem with drinking and driving. The local media in Barbados has reported that the country recorded 27 deaths in 2018, 24 road deaths in 2017, which is up significantly from just ten deaths in 2016.

Public Transport Options in Barbados

If you choose public transport, go with registered taxis and public buses. Be careful using private vans and small Z buses, as many travelers have reported reckless driving and drivers stopping very suddenly to pick up and drop off passengers. Be aware that taxis are not metered in Barbados, so you should settle on a price with the driver before they take off.

Pedestrians and cyclists should cross the roads carefully. There are very few designated lanes for cyclists or sidewalks for pedestrians, so be careful if you're walking around, and always look both ways before you cross the road.

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