Barbados Transport & Driving Safety

Driving in Barbados can get quite exciting. People here drive on the left side of the road, so take note if you hail from a country of right-side riders.

According to the Canadian and UK government’s latest country information on Barbados, in general, highways are in good condition but smaller roads in rural areas tend to be unnamed, unpaved, narrow, and with blind corners, poor lighting, and little signage. Potholes are also plentiful.

Speeding is common, even on country roads, and few drivers use signals to indicate turning or switching lanes. There is also a problem with drinking and driving. The local media in Barbados has reported that the country has already recorded 24 road deaths for 2017, up from 10 in 2016.

If you choose public transport, go with registered taxis and public buses. Using private vans and small Z buses is a matter of preference because some have a tendency to drive recklessly and stop suddenly to pick up and drop off passengers. Also, be aware that taxis are not metered so you have to settle on a price with the driver before the trip.

Pedestrians and cyclists should also be aware of dangers. There are few designated lanes for cyclists or sidewalks for pedestrians so those on foot can easily get run over or sideswiped by a speeding vehicle.

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