Travelling to Haiti - Staying Safe As a Relief Worker

Travelling to Haiti to participate in relief work can be risky business if you don't take precautions..

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It's been many years since the earthquake but because of ongoing social, economic and political problems Haiti is struggling to support its own people, as are relief agencies to provide for their own personnel. If you are considering travelling to Haiti to aid in relief work, make very sure that you already have a position and that they actually need you.

Make sure that regardless of whether you are doing paid or volunteer work, that the organisation you are planning on working for is able to provide the basics of food, water, accommodation, security and transportation.

Check to make sure that the organisation has a security plan in place both for preventing you from getting into serious danger and getting you out safely is something happens.

Hotel space is remains limited, so once again, check and make very sure that the organisation you are planning on working for can accommodate you.

If you do intend to do relief work in Haiti, either paid or volunteer, full-time or part-time, you will need specialist travel insurance, your regular policy will probably explicitly exclude relief work (read the policy and the pds). If you have any doubts, give your insurer a call.

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