Costa Rica Travel Alerts and Warnings

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel: The situation around the world is changing dramatically. Various governments have changed their travel warnings to restrict travel during this time. To understand how this may impact cover under your policy, please go to our FAQs and select your country of residence.

For the latest travel warnings and alerts around the world, read about lockdowns and border restrictions.

What are the issues affecting travelers in Costa Rica? Read the latest travel warnings and alerts.


The beautiful coastline of Chiquita and Cocles in Costa Rica Photo © Getty Images/Simon Dannhauer

Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions in Costa Rica – updated 1 April 2022

From 1 April 2022, the Health Pass and travel insurance policy requirements are no longer required, meaning there are no COVID-19-related entry requirements for Costa Rica after this date. Check the Costa Rica tourism board website for any changes.

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  • Cate said

    Do you foresee that Travel Nomads will add the government required $2000 coverage for potential hotel stay due to quarantine, so that travelers can use your company to complete the insurance requirement?
    Thank you!


    • Evan said

      Yeah, I'm also interested if World Nomads will meet the requirements! Please let us know.


  • Nicola V Bryan said

    I'm also looking to travel to Costa Rica and hope my World Nomads WorldWide Standard policy is sufficient to cover these requirements please?


    • Mark Slaughter said

      I’ve been told no insurance anywhere but CR offers lodging it’s like a scam to force travelers to buy from CR only ?


  • Amelia Brady said

    Hi Nicola,

    For information relevant to you and your country of residence, please email the customer service team at

    You'll just need to let them know your country of residence and whether you have purchased a policy already, as different coverage advice may apply.

    Stay safe,
    Amelia, World Nomads


  • Evan said

    I emailed world nomads about the $2,000 coverage requirement and they are not going to cover this, so if you're traveling to Costa Rica then world nomads will not cover you for the required insurance. For what it's worth I was able to buy sagicor with an average price of about $10 a day.


  • Steve said

    Has anyone travelled to Costa Rica in last weeks with normal insurance policy? Were you able to enter the country? They have the quarantine lodging requirement but sometimes regulations are in writing and yet not strictly enforced.


  • Howard Lee said

    I’m a disable veteran the Va 100% I have a white card that I can see any Doctor and they have one in Costa Rica


  • Efrain Moya said

    I would really like to know if World Nomads cover the Costa Rican government requirements to enter the country.

    Does World Nomads guarante coverage of medical expenses in the event of becoming ill with COVID-19 while in Costa Rica, for at least US $50,000.

    Minimum coverage of US $2,000 for lodging expenses issued as a result of the pandemic.

    and a letter to ensure the effectiveness of the policy during the visit.


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