Hong Kong Travel Alerts and Warnings

Protests are ongoing in Hong Kong and may occur at any time but especially at weekends and public holidays.


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Protests in Hong Kong, 2019

Protests are ongoing in Hong Kong. Check with local media for advice on expected demonstrations. These may occur at any time but especially at weekends and public holidays.

Stay away from crowds of demonstrators
. Be aware of disruption to your travel plans or expect significant traffic delays if you are traveling around Hong Kong on these dates. Check the MTR website for advice on station closures.

While protests may occur all over the city, this map details where they have occured in the past and serves as an indication of where they may occur in the futire. Use it to plan your journey and avoid potential trouble spots.

Be aware, the local goivernemnt has made the wearing of face coverings illegal (to prevent protesters hiding their identity). The demonstrators also dress in all black clothing, so to avoid being mistaken as a protester dress in a variety of colours.

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Older Alerts

Political Protests - August 13, 2019

Large groups of demonstrators have caused disruptions at Hong Kong International Airport for the second day in a row. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled, and protests are likely to continue. If you have a flight scheduled into or out of the airport, contact your travel agent or airline to check on the status before leaving for the airport.

Protests have been occurring throughout Hong Kong since June, in rection to a proposed bill that would allow mainland China to extradite suspected criminals. While the demonstrations have been largely peaceful, some have turned violent. Travelers should stay alert, be flexible with their plans, and monitor the situation via social media and local news. Steer clear of protests to avoid being caught in skirmishes or inhaling tear gas, and be prepared for transit disruptions or traffic delays. You might also avoid wearing black or white T-shirts, which are associated with the protestors and counter-protestors.

Typhoon Mawar - September 2017

Typhoon Mawar made landfall in southern China on the night of Sunday September 3rd, and although weakening is moving closer to Hong Kong.

Officials have issued a No. 3 signal and are warning of wind gusts exceeding 100 kmh and heavy rain on Monday.

If you are in Hong Kong, you are advised to follow the instructions of local authorities, particularly to stay indoors away from windows.

Here is a list of typhoon shelters provided by the government. The number for help from police, fire, and ambulance is 999.

Typhoon Hato - August 2017

Hong Kong is bracing for one of the strongest typhoons in two decades to sweep over the region.

Schools and businesses are closed and hundreds of flights have been affected by cancellation or long delay.

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