Am I covered for Running with the Bulls?

Every year people are carted off to the local hospital with serious injuries.

It is simply too dangerous to cover. So, what are some thrill-seeking, adrenaline-pumping adventures you can do instead and still be covered?   

Consider this; Ernest Hemingway - whose novel The Sun Also Rises popularised the festival - attended many times between 1923 and 1959, and never once ran with the bulls. So, if running with the bulls is too dangerous for Ernest – and your travel insurance provider – what can you do to get a thrill and still be covered?

Massive asterisk here – you need to choose the right policy, with the right level of cover for the activity, and you need to read the special conditions relating to that activity. Usually you have to use a professional, qualified, licensed operator, and follow their instructions to the letter! Double-check before you go ahead with the World Nomads What's Covered guide. If in doubt, contact us.

9 alternatives to Running With The Bulls:

Shark cage diving

image: Andrew Fox. Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions

What! You in a wetsuit (so you look exactly like a seal) swimming in shark-infested waters while the boat crew throw chum into the water. Never mind that you're inside a cage, that's a Great White out there! Canadian customers of World Nomads please note: shark cage diving is NOT covered by your policy – the providers have decided you're too tasty or something.

Via ferrate

(image: Robin Van den Hende, The Severe Climber)

Rule #1: don't look down. The vie ferrate are collections of rungs, cables and planks that make an "iron road" along impossibly steep Alpine tracks. Don't know about you, but we've got vertigo just looking at the picture!

This is one of those cases where you must refer to the policy wording to make sure the insurance suits your needs, and that you understand any special conditions.

Bungee jumping

(Image: Xtreme Sport)

We know it's old hat, but it's still terrifying! Why not do it with a friend? A blood-curdling-belief-the-rope-will-snap-and-you're-going-to-die shared, is a blood-curdling-belief-the-rope-will-snap-and-you're-going-to-die halved.

Canyon swinging

(image: The Last Resort)

Like bungee jumping but instead of just falling down and bouncing like a yo-yo, you swing like a pendulum under a bridge a few times, and then bounce like a yo-yo. A vertical drop and horizontal speed – awesome! (Pass the sick bag).

Snow tubing

(image: Luxury cabins of Gatlinburg)

By the time you make it to adulthood you've probably learned that any ad hoc activity using an old inner tube usually does not end well.

Regardless, as long as you're on a groomed run and following the instructions of the guides we'll cover you for this. Please wear a helmet.


Like its cold-weather cousin snowboarding, there's plenty of opportunity for a major knee or head injury here. At least you won't freeze to death waiting for the air ambulance (which we'll pay for because you ARE covered).

Whitewater rafting

Do you really believe you have any control over the direction the raft will take through this maelstrom? Why bother paddling at all, just hang on! Again, don't try this at home kids. Use a qualified, licensed guide and wear a helmet.


Look ma, no hands! A gentle zip though the Costa Rica rainforest canopy, looking at toucans and bonobos (ok, whatever) is one thing. For a real thrill try the Eye Of The Jaguar in Cusco, Peru. It's 2 kilometers long and zippers reach speeds of up to 110km/h. Stringing some washing line between two trees in the backyard is NOT covered by us.

Kite surfing

What could possibly go wrong? You're far out at sea in gale-force wind, strapped to a piece of wood that doesn't float and holding a kite. Travel insurance coverage – tick!

The legal bit - again!

Just once more because this is really important: make sure you choose the right policy with the right level of cover for these activities. Read the policy documents so you understand any conditions imposed on coverage. It's always best to go with a qualified, professional and licensed operator or guide. Check the World Nomads What's Covered guide for your nationality. If you have any doubt at all contact us to clarify. Seriously, do not assume you're covered – make sure you are.

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