Algeria Crime: What to look out for to stay safe!

Crime is a part of every country and it shouldn't stop you from visiting a destination. But it's wise to know where the trouble is and avoid it as much as possible.

The crime rate in Algeria is moderately high and constantly increasing.

Low standards of living mean more people are turning to criminal behaviour, so watch your back in Algeria.

Staged Robberies

Thieves posing as police officers or checkpoint guards is an often ploy to get Westerners to open their doors and hand over money.

Unfortunately many of these men are usually armed and dangerous.

Once they enter a house or stop your vehicle, they will hold you for ransom.

These bandits and their methods are common in most parts of Africa.

If you do get confronted with an armed robbery, don't resist. Best not to make eye contact and obey commands.

Petty Theft

Like most developing nation, petty theft and pickpocketing is rife.

Muggings are quite common now, especially after dark.

So it's best to avoid dark streets and isolated areas when night falls.

Make sure you don't make your wealth obvious either. Dangling cameras, flashing money or credit cards or expensive jewellery is not a good idea.

Potential thieves will watch you carefully and strike when you least expect it.

It's best to keep your personals to yourself and watch out for potential trouble.

Other crimes

Theft of contents and parts from parked cars is a normal modus operandi for criminals in Algeria.

Watch what you leave in cars and open to the public eye.

People walking by are quick to smash and grab and your new camera may go missing if you decide to leave it on your seat.

Just be aware that people are always watching you, your presence in a country like Algeria will stand out. So keep a close eye on your own behaviour.

Theft on buses and trains is also prevalent.

Make sure you don't leave anything sitting out while you fall asleep on public transport, quick hands will take your things before you know it.

Burglars also target hotel rooms. If you do leave things behind, try and hide your valuables under beds or in bags.

Always remember, out of sight is out of mind for opportune thieves.

Watch Where You Walk

Areas of each city are more dangerous than others, and many attract unsavoury characters.

Algiers certainly has a few hot spots for crime.

Deserted beach areas should be avoided, even during daylight hours, because of the threat of banditry and carjacking.

Beach areas are common criminal locations throughout Africa. East African and West African beaches are known to be dangerous areas.

So make sure you don't get caught up like many tourists before you have.

Tour Guide Scam

It's a classic scam in Africa and around the world - men posing as tour guides, which are just con artists desperate to take your money.

You should use a local licensed guide for any tours of the Kasbah area of Algiers.

If you do wish to take a tour, organising one through your hotel is probably the best bet, or ask around.

There will often be people outside hotels saying they are licensed guides, but usually they aren't - be vigilant.

Careful Who You Trust

Criminals in Algeria are known to gain your confidence through lies and deceit.

So watch out for people who claim they are someone else.

Criminals, posing as police officers, have been reported to carry out robberies and carjackings.

So don't let yourself be fooled by an ordinary criminal.

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  • Walid said

    I'm sorry, I am Algerian, living in Algiers and I have many expatriate friend living here who would say that this is not accurate. Security in Algiers is not optimal but crime rate is not that high.

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