Is Algeria Safe? 7 Travel Safety Tips You Need to Know

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Traveling to Algeria? What you need to know about terrorism, local laws, crime and civil unrest before you go. Plus, tips to stay safe.


Seaside boulevard in Algiers, the capital of Algeria Photo © Getty Images/Leonid Andronov

Several government travel advisories have highlighted that travelers should exercise increased caution in Algeria. Avoid traveling to the eastern and southern borders plus remote areas in the Sahara Desert due to the high risk of kidnapping and terror-related activities.

Terrorism in Algeria

Algeria has unfortunately experienced a few terror-related incidents in recent years. Throw in some civil unrest and that can present any traveler with challenges.

Traveling to Algeria can certainly provide its troubles for an unsuspecting tourist, so it's important that you do your research and talk to locals before traveling around the country. 

Terrorism is firmly in place in the country's south and doesn't seem to be moving any time soon. Since 1992, Algerian radical groups have been trying to overthrow the Algerian government.

Known as Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, the group has been responsible for a number of attacks throughout the country and have targeted foreigners.

But when it comes to traveling to Algeria, kidnappings are a notable concern. It's a common and widespread tactic used by these radical groups. Border areas near Tunisia, Libya, northern Mali, Niger, and Mauritania are all no-go zones.

Suicide attacks can occur in Algeria, with the capital, Algiers unfortunately being the target of a few incidents. A series of attacks was recorded through 2007, with threats made against foreign interests and infrastructure.More recent attacks have mostly targeted the Algerian state but civilian casualties have occurred.

Is it safe to travel to Algeria?

It's vital that you consider all options before deciding to travel to Algeria and if you do decide to travel to the country, you should exercise increased caution.

Ask your embassy about local issues and get informed about the current political climate within the country. Find out about any recent terror-related activities.

Civil unrest continues to occur in various locations around the country due to political instability. You should avoid any public demonstrations and keep updated with local news reports and government warnings.

Travel to this destination against government advice can have implications for your travel insurance. You should read and understand your policy documents thoroughly if you are considering travel to this destination. Talk to your travel insurance provider should you have any concerns.

Petty crime

Petty theft and pickpocketing does occur in Algeria. Muggings can also happen, especially after dark. So it's best to avoid dark streets, deserted beach areas and isolated spots when night falls.

Make sure you don't make your wealth obvious either. Dangling cameras, flashing money or credit cards or expensive jewelry is not a good idea.

Potential thieves will watch you carefully and strike when you least expect it. Keep your valuables secure and be aware of your surroundings.

Theft of contents and parts from parked cars, so never leave valuables in sight while the vehicle is unattended or stopped in traffic. Keep your car doors locked and windows up whether you are on the move or have parked the car.

Luggage theft and pickpocketing on buses and trains does happen so make sure your bags are secured, valuables close to you and keep an eye on your belongings.

Thieves have been reported to target hotel rooms. If you do leave things behind, secure your valuables in the room or hotel safe. Hide things out of sight.

Armed robbery

Thieves posing as police officers or checkpoint guards is an often ploy to get Westerners to open their doors and hand over money.

Unfortunately, many of these men are usually armed and dangerous. Once they enter a house or stop your vehicle, they will hold you for ransom.

These bandits and their methods are common in most parts of Africa. If you do get confronted with an armed robbery, don't resist. Best not to make eye contact and obey commands.

Tour guide scams

It's a classic scam in Africa and around the world - locals posing as tour guides, who are actually con artists looking for an easy way to take your money.

You should use a local licensed guide for any tours of the Kasbah area of Algiers.

If you do wish to take a tour, organising one through your hotel is probably the best bet, or ask around.

There will often be people outside hotels saying they are licensed guides, but usually they aren't - be vigilant.

Laws in Algeria


All foreign currency being brought into Algeria should be disclosed when entering the country by filling in an official form.

Each person leaving Algeria will be stopped and asked if he/she has any foreign money and may be possibly be searched.

If foreign currency was declared when entering the country, any disparity between the amount arrived with, and the amount held at departure, must be accounted for.

If a traveler failed to declare any currency when entering Algeria, and is found to possess foreign currency while exiting the country, the penalties may be severe.


Don't take photos of police, military installations, government infrastructure or airports. There is a high level of security in all these places and they won't take it lightly if you disobey the law.


Algeria isn't the place you want to travel to if you wish to indulge in drugs. Whether they are hard drugs or soft drugs, the rules are all the same, and there is no tolerance.

Penalties for drug use or trafficking of drugs include imprisonment.

LGBTQ+ safety in Algeria

Homosexuality is illegal in Algeria, so LGBTQ+ travelers need to be discreet and respectful of local laws at all times.

Punishment is a three-year jail sentence and a fine.

Religion in Algeria

Algeria is a conservative Islamic country, so visitors will need to be mindful of this as they travel around. Dress conservatively and be respectful of the local culture, particuarly in rural locations and around places of worship. Women travelers should also consider wearing a headscarf.

In Algeria, it's against the law to convert Muslims to another faith or to distribute religious material that may be seen by local authorities as an attempt to convert Muslims to another faith.

Physical contact between men and women in public should also be avoided. Public displays of affection can cause offence, particularly in rural areas where social attitudes can be more conservative and near places of worship.

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  • omar said

    what do you have vs Algeria? we are a very peasful countery. and the only thing you must watch out for is trafic because we have alot of drivers that go what ever they want so safely. because we have some officers every inch in the roads. I agree with the idea of terrorists by the south. but what the heck are you gonna do in the middle of the desert? the north way of algeria is very civilized and I didn't heard about one terrorism attack my whole life. I say. you wan't come to algeria? do what ever you want. you are safe. I don't now why every one have something to algeria. we are a normal country that provide justice and safe just like you are. so when you come and see algeria with your own eyes then you could talk about it. the photo is for some iraqies or libians. and I bet you are french!


  • Larry said

    Your report on Algeria is just false and outdated you are using facts and info form the 90's. Your choice of photo is just wrong and misleading ,you picked a pic from Irak.There is no terror activities in the cities of Algeria , terrorist activities are on the borders with Mali and Libya and some remote areas far from algerian cities. Been to Algiers and felt more safe than Paris, Brussels ,or New York. If you are a real traveler i recommend to put Algeria in your list and discover this beautiful country before the rush of mass tourism. Algerians are the most hospitable people i've met.


  • ale said

    No stability in algeria when the tourists visit algeria ,too much security forces escort them , they will visit only the protected places from army and police , and the foreigners knows that well


  • Rips said

    This report is outdated: first,the photo is from middle east an d not algeria,second the facts mentioed here are from the nineties back when algeria was in a civil war. I can safely say algeria now is safer then france since the last terrorist attacks in france,you should recheck ypur informations and give some sources the b ritish travel advice and the us travel advice are much detailed . If you stay behind you computer and start giving outdated informations thats just ridiculous.


  • Zoubby Bela said

    I agree with the author on some points like terrorism issues on the borders of the southern neighbor countries like Mali....etc which any country can face especially if you're located somewhere in Africa, However; basically all the rest is total bull shit, I travelled Algeria and slept next to the beach and never felt safer, police and gendarmerie forces are everywhere, they have zero tolerance when it comes to violence, they take extra care of tourists and all foreigners especially westerners because that's some sort of revenue to the country since the current oil market is down. The above report have been put together based on very old facts from the 90's, now it's a totally different story, it's okay to go to Algeria and enjoy beautiful beaches, mountains, rivers, and other tourist attractions. Traffic is sucks though because roads are not as wide as the US or Canada so just be patient. People are friendly, just learn some French as very smal portion of Algerians speak English, food is great too, BBQs everywhere if you don't like their traditional food. Good luck everybody


  • Jessica said

    I am scared now. I was planning to move there for a few months with my fiance


  • Abhilash Pillai said

    Since last 05 years, I am working in Algeria .For official trips, I am always travelling alone from Tunisia border to Morocco border by my car(self driving) to visit our all project, running in various state -east, north &western part.I am from India and I didn't met with any problem from anyone.Local people are very good and we can see the police and gensermere in each places .


  • bob said



  • Riles O. said

    Are you kidding me? Terrorist? Army ? Where the hell you got your informations? In USA 8000 person got killed by a guns last year and many children .... In Algeria 3500 mostly by car accident . It is the most beautiful country in the world with mountains , beach , valley , desert . Maybe the political system is not the best but why 150000 foreigners works there? Can you explain ? Your pictures are false , yes it is a Muslim country but there is several bar and clubs to have fun as well .so please before you write stupiditys anywhere , visit first.


  • Kenneth said

    Yeah this article is, as far as I can tell, mostly wrong. It is true one must be careful in the southern parts of Algeria, but I recently returned from a week and a half long trip to Algiers and other areas along the coast and felt perfectly safe throughout my stay. The people were very friendly, the city perhaps a bit run down in places but generally clean and pleasant, and there appeared to be sufficient police presence should anything occur. I will mention that I am a French speaker; it did seem it could be a difficult place to visit without a working knowledge of either French or Arabic. The tourism industry is also not well developed, so you will need to find guides or locals to help you navigate and visit some of the more interesting sites (many of which are controlled by the military, so there are rules and procedures that must be followed at these sites)


  • Anit Kumar said

    Hi! I am an Indian and recently got a very good job offer from a private firm situated in Anaba, i just want to know the living condition and safety to work in this part of Africa. I m continiously heard about the terrorist attacks in african continent. is it safe to work there. Also please provide the information regarding the working culture of the private firms there. Is this country is too expensive to live.. Please confirm.


  • Flora said

    You scaring people with faulce assumption ! That was 20 to 15 years back! After that ALGERIA is much safer better talk about europeen contry with all the bombs and attacks that we heard about last year like france Spain .., no such terrorist training fields and suicide attacks! People are helpful regarding strangers and who the hell was kidnaped recently these few years ago? Try to update we are almost in 2017, and you keep talking about 1995 and 2000, the only thing they must know is to keep far from borders since the other contry aren't safe and to not go alone cause they can be lost as in any other contry when you don't speak the local dialect and even that people will try to help.


  • Monika A Metz said

    As a independent traveler I take chances. I was in Algeria 2016 for 2 months even gone down south, half way only. I have no French and no Arabic my english kind of made me survive. Always a very helpful person came out of nowhere and helped me with the english they had. The people are so wonderful and so helpful. I find Algeria a special place to travel and if you like people that is it!
    I'm now 70 years of age but unstoppable for doing what I want the do. I have been lucky in many regards but I did felt very save in Algeria infect I just got a visa from New York, super fast too. I'm of again for 1 month to Algeria. Wish me luck!


  • unknown said

    Algeria is one of the most beautiful countries i know. i have never even heard of one terriost attack, yes murders happen but in the dessert parts or the very far states. the capital city is very safe, maybe alot of traffic but completely safe. algerians are very kind and would find any way to help u in any way possible. your information is false and you probably got it from some bullshit website. to be honest with you i think that algeria is safer then france. i suggest you stop giving false information about arab countries you fucking idiotic piece of shit.


  • green said

    I'm an American woman and have traveled throughout North Africa, including Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria. Algeria is the most beautiful of all of the wonderful places I've been. The people could not be more welcoming or friendly. It is a gorgeous place with lovely family values and I will cherish my time there always. Yes, Algeria has terrorists hiding out, but so does everywhere else in the world. Yes, you should be cautious when traveling there, as you would any where you are a stranger. You would be advised not to travel to South Chicago as well, but would you not go to Chicago all together because of a rough neighborhood? It's the same logic expressed here about Southern Algeria. Make good choices, respect the local customs and culture and dress appropriately as any mindful traveler would do. You will experience one of the great treasures in the world in this exquisite country.


  • Mark Whitcomb said

    I just want to say I spent 2 weeks in Algiers back in the fall and I had nothing but great things to say we traveled where we wanted when we wanted stay to the north along the highway went to the Roman ruins so we had a great time the security made me feel safer I did not mind having my bags checked or having the car checked every few kilometers that wasn't a big deal we went to the mall they checked everything as we went and I felt perfectly safe I'm glad I'm going back there in the next couple months for work again hopefully I'll stay a little bit longer Algeria is very very safe and you shouldn't let these bullshitters scare you into thinking otherwise maybe my opinion is a little naïve this my first time ever flying my first time ever outside the United States I'll stick out like a sore thumb I'm A 6 foot 3 blonde haired blue-eyed 250-pound man in my mid-forties and I had no problem walking down the street at 9 o'clock at night people yelling out their Windows saying I love America friendly country by the way if you're ever there go eat at Woody's awesome Turkish food


  • Johanna said

    Hi! I am a swedish women and travelled in algiers. Must say that the articel is verry missleding. I have nothing but god experiences. The writer has clearly his own thought about a country he didnt visit. And did you mix upp the pictures?


  • Anis Fathima said

    I am planning to go to Algeria with my husband in the 2nd half of March 2017...Please suggest the must see places here..Earlier I was a bit worried about the travel safety but after reading the above reviews I think I have taken the right decision to go there....Can't wait to see this beautiful country. ..


  • Neil Starr said

    I live in what is supposed to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Johannesburg. I'm planning to visit Algiers in September and to be honest,I cant wait. I wonder if anybody can recommend a tour guide who can show us around this magnificent city. Im particularly interested in the Architecture and history.


  • Mufaro said

    Ive been studying in algeria for the past 6 years now. I've lived in 2 cities. Tbis article is completely false. Very far from the truth


  • Mohamed Tekamera said

    There are more terrorism attacks in the Western countries than in Algeria I am done reading articles from ignorant people who lives in a bubble hiding behind a screen at lest Algerians travels all over the world so we don't just judge by media we see the world the it looks I lived in Algeria for 26 years but I am sure the country u describing is not my beloved country I am sooooo pissed right now


  • hyung said

    completly wrong , no comment lol .
    your words full with bs, try something new ... ancient jokes


  • Davis said



  • Jessica said

    this guy is not an expert, he is a bulshiter. I am from the states I have been visting ALGERIA every summer for the last 5years I live it awsome Country. you too should visit and see then you can judge .
    I love the Algerians they are very welcoming.


  • Laura said

    If you go on the government of Canada website and currently search what degree of caution one must take when travelling to Algeria you will notice it says to exercise the same degree of caution as you currently would travelling the United Kingdom, Belgium and France.

    Algiers the city is relatively safe. I have been there for months at a time and speak only english and french. This article is so misleading and is only perpetuating the sad myth that all "arabs" are terrorists. Can one of your editors please review this information and cite check? Parts of this article (especially the photo) are seriously inaccurate and will cause so many people to falsely believe all of Algeria is some dangerous terrorist filled nation when it is not.

    Their tourism is not as updated/developed as Morocco or Tunisia but it is not at the level of danger where you should "avoid all travel". Check your local government for more information.

    As stated in the link above, as long as you avoid southern Algeria and regions bordering other nations, you are as safe as you are in many countries in Europe at the present moment.


  • Rose Herman said

    Can someone advise me on the documentation needed for a tourist visit to Algeria by a British subject please.

    Thankyou in anticipation .


  • Ivy Neon said

    Yeay!!! I am so excited to visit and explore the beauty of ORAN ALGERIA this coming October..

    All by my self.You want to go with me guys?;)


  • Narjis said

    @Rose Herman: Algerian Tourist Visa

    An Algeria Tourist Visa is issued only to applicants entering the country for the purpose of tourism. Applications for Algerian tourist visas require a number of items of documentation, in order for them to be approved. The first is a certificate of accommodation (also known as a certificat d'hebergement legalisée) from the Algerian authorities.

    Additionally, you will need to show evidence of your hotel / accommodation booking confirmation. Finally, in order for your Algerian visa to be approved, you will be required to have an invitation from a registered travel agency in Algeria.

    Please note: Depending on where in Algeria you are travelling to, you may also be required to provide a travel itinerary. This is usually required for travellers to the south of Algeria.

    You should contact the Algerian Embassy in Great Britain for all the current information, documents needed, visa application forms.


  • samy said

    i read the first paragraph and knew it was going to be total bullshit


  • T.Nait said

    This article is not accurate & full of lies, the author is either talking about another country or is just making up lies to scare out people, in fact for the last 10 years Algeria has been one of the safest country in the region, I go there with my family almost every year & never heard or seen anything that this guy is talking about.

    In the future if you want to write an article please get your facts together don't fill it with BS ...


  • Tintin said

    A friend of mine told to me that Algeria country is not safe....theres a kidnapping ang killing thats why im urious and search about Algeria and shes wrong. After i read all comments here i will visit Algeria someday


  • Alex said

    I've just arrived in port with a merchant ship and the immigration officers said no chance to go out in the city, Ghazaouet, they sau that is very dangerous to go outside, people are very dangerous, killing and kidnapping everywere in this country. So be carefull, and the smell... You dont wanna know.


  • Frank Deni said

    Algeria is not safe for Algerian theme selves and the World, because Algerian run by the enemy of the people. Please, do not risk to travel to a currupt country, thanks


  • Anis Fathima said

    Just returned after a week long holiday in Algeria with my husband...I must say that the piece of info given above abt Algeria is very misleading..Its a beautiful country with honest people...No security concerns either...I will not be doing justice if i dont mention our guide Mr Omar who bowled us over with his hospitality...Its a paradise for food lovers too..I will be more than happy to help and give feedback to anybody who is planning an Algerian trip...


  • Kasozi Tonny Angel said

    I was given a scholarship in Algeria and many more of my friends. Some of my friends have lived in Algeria for more than 6years now and i have been in many cities of Algeria.Algiers, Anaba,Bejaia, Sidi bela bes,Constantine,etc,citizens are friendly.And no one has ever got any problem or any attack. It is peaceful and a good country to live in/tour.


  • Tarek said

    I feel so sorry to read such a misleading nonsense about Algeria. It is one of the strongest and safest countries in the world. Many of you need to come and the real Algeria, instead of stereotyping.
    In any case, this link will help you fathom more about Algeria, its economy and safety:


  • Gail said

    This is ridiculous! All countries have issues! I would love to visit Algeria!


  • Mounia Bryant said

    Seriously? You call yourself a travel contributor? Where did you get the info for this sloppy piece? Your info is false, misleading and very outdated! Algeria hasn't been unsafe for more than 20 years. I feel much safer in Algeria than France, England or the US. There hasn't been a terrorist attack in 95% of the country for decades and Your picture is not from Algeria. Next time you want to give advice on travelling do real research instead of copy pasting snippets from articles from the nineties. I felt your article was describing another country! I suggest you remove it from your site as it is grossly inaccurate and shows how incompetent you are. I wouldn't trust any travel advice coming from you or your site!


  • Jessica said

    Your article is misleading. My fiance is Algerian, and I traveled to Algeria in 2017 to spend some time in his home country. I visited Constantine, Tizi Ouzou, and Tipaza, and I lived in Algiers for three months. I've been traveling for ten years, mainly around Europe and Asia, and Algeria didn't feel any more unsafe to me than anywhere else I've been. There are terrorist elements everywhere, and if you're advising people not to travel to Algeria because of a civil war in the 90's, then you should probably advise people never to travel or leave their homes at all. Algeria is one of the most important counterterrorism partners for the US in North Africa ( That's not to say there isn't terrorism there or that you shouldn't be vigilante and cautious of danger. But, as I stated, you should do that anywhere, and the cities to which I traveled felt safe enough for a woman to walk alone in. And I walked out alone - as a blond, blue-eyed chick - on many an occasion. I highly recommend visiting the Roman ruins in Tipaza, the mystical bridges of Constantine, and the stunning mountainous region of Tizi Ouzou.


  • Jack said

    Algeria is actually very large and it is especially diverse though. The Northern part, which includes the Atlas Mountain, is definitely safe. The Southern part, the desert, no one knows how deadly it is.

    Algeria has not been to war since 2000s then.


  • NuttyMom said

    Thank you for the comfort welcoming.. I live in US and would love to come for visit, inshallah, soon

    Can't believe hardly anything on TV anymore

    ✌️???? Upon you, Belle


  • Sarah P. Gibson said

    I was surprised to read this article as my time in Algeria was overwhelmingly I was very happy to read the comments sharing the actual truth...go social media! While there is danger everywhere in the world today, I can truthfully state that my experience in Algiers, and the surrounding countryside, was one of people going to extraordinary efforts to ensure we appreciated all this grand country has to offer.

    In fact, I so felt Algeria was not what the press was portraying, that I decided to write about my time there for my Travel Scholarship entry: Click on 'Why Go to Algeria?' on my website: and then please 'share' if you agree with what my story says. Yes, this will help me but I also hope it will help others as well.


  • Bel Fares said

    well id say there's no danger in the north but yeh you never know what the deserts hide


  • Rem Cardiff said

    Well, you can go Paris London OR even USA. but let me remind you what has happened a few months ago.
    Paris: Charlie Ebdou attack, In the same week 2 other attacks nightclub, concert
    London: 3 attacks in the same month 2 of them in the heart of London I am talking London bridge and Westminster where big ben is.
    Brussels: the airport attack was just too big to talk about additionally the underground attacks.
    USA: maybe I haven't heard about one because this country is out of my interest but the who heck shoots schools to kill young innocent kids

    algeria: 1990s yeah I agree 10 years of killing. since then a lot of many been spent in the country's stability and safety. feel safe to visit Algeria I recommend you go to these cities: Algeries, Constantine, Annaba, Oran Setif Tlemcen each city has its own charm:

    IMPORTANT: there is a Qatari guy who visited Algeria and documented his trip check his journey in Algeria to see for your self IBENFATOTA. although he speaks Arabic you can subtitle it's 2018

    RIP to those who lost lives.


  • Houssam said

    at first I thought this article written in 90s , you know nothing about Algeria , Algeria most safe than USA and european countries , thousands people killed with gunshot and bomb in USA and europe every year ,I never heard a gunshot crime in Algeria maybe one or two,This article are outdated and misleading

    Welcome to Algeria the Most beautiful countrie in africa

    Disclose : I'm Algerian


  • James B Walter said

    What a lot of lies !!!! Fake news !!!! I am an American lady. I travelled all over Algeria in the past 3 months. What can I say?. It is a wonderful country. I have not had any problem. I can truly say that Algeria is far safer than USA. Stop spreading rubbish. Where did you get all the false facts?. I encourage people to visit this marvelous country, the largest in Africa. Where else can you find snowy mountains, beautiful beaches and a desert all in the same country? .


  • Valarie C said

    Oh my God I just don't know where to begin when I first read the article I was in shock. The second time I read the article I just sat and laughed. I'm an American citizen and I'm married to an Algerian man. I visited Algeria 5 times in the past 12 months each day approximately 30 days. My husband lives in bejaia. This is an absolutely gorgeous part of the country. I have to say Algerian citizens are always hospitable will help you anytime you need it they are fantastic people. Always willing to lend a hand to help. As far as being dangerous this is absolutely crazy. Look at the stuff going on here in the United States and they're trying to say that being an Algeria is risky it's risky for me to go to a movie theater here in Boston. Anybody that wants to go to Algeria should go this is a beautiful country with fantastic people. And all the time that I've spent in Algeria not once I repeat not once has anything remotely scary happened to me. and I'm a woman with blonde hair and green eyes so I stand out like a sore thumb. Please again if you're considering going to this beautiful country for vacation my advice to you is go of course be careful you have to be careful anywhere but please don't let this article think that you're walking into a war zone because you're not you're walking into one of the most beautiful countries you'll ever see in your life.


  • Leanne said

    I'm a blonde hair blue eyed Canadian & My boyfriend is wanting me to go visit him in Algeria. I'am a little hesitant to go. I heard about kidnappings. Is there any Canadian woman on this site that has traveled to Algeria recently?


  • TB said

    Very Outdated.
    except petty theft here and there which is not as much as in Paris, It is Safe.
    as for terrorism, noway! less terrorist attacks then in europe.
    as for kidnapping, that would be extreme parts in the south or near Lybia, but you wouldnt go there unless you are a smuggler.
    excersice basic safety mesures and you will be perfectly fine.


  • Thomas said

    I get the feeling that this piece of shit has been written by a brainless anglophone who's too clueless to understand that Algeria isn't Ibiza or Thailand. You just can't run away with the idea of English being the only language you need to learn in order to survive.


  • Tahtah said

    I know Algeria is such a wonderful and amazing country as well, I've been searching it in the internet, & I'm really looking forward to visiting this country someday! Fingers-crossed! :) :P But, I really need to know if what will be my requirements to visit this lovely country! All of its infos for such a tourist lyk me! I'm from the Philippines.... Hoping for some reply....


  • Umm said

    I have been to Algeria for up to 6 months at a time -- even alone with very small children. I am American and when I read the above, it does not reflect an Algeria I have known since 2007. Silly review, they obviously have never been to Algeria and probably don't know anyone who has been there!


  • zohra doussas said

    This article is a joke. Where did you get your credentials out of a cereal box? Its completely misleading and down right false. Honestly at this point Algeria is safer then most of countries in Europe.


  • Linda Chester said

    I want to live there,, it is a beautiful place and the people I have met on line are going to welcome me with open arms,, even my own family don't treat me as well,, Algerians are the nicest people I have met,,, I'm going


  • Lived in Algeria, Married to an Algerian said

    Im going to have to agree that this article is outdated and clearly hasn't been changed in years. I lived in
    Algeria for months, and my Husband is from there and his whole family lives there. Sure, some places probably arent the safest, but neither is parts of my city, state, country... It was BEAUTIFUL and the people were very hospitable. Were going again in April, just bought tickets :)


  • Eva said

    LOL this is so false... I feel way safer in Algeria than in Europe even. This is clearly clickbait or something...


  • anonymous said

    LMAO this is the funniest thing I've read all day I live in Algeria and there is no terrorism whatsoever the sad thing is everyone have this misconception even Arab people from the east think Algeria is not safe XD


  • Tounsi said

    A safe country, people are friendly, traditional foods are great, nice cities, big and nice sahara. About accomodation is ima lil bit hard to find so I recommend to check for long and short renting terms


  • Ms xo said

    Please don’t lie. There is civil unrest and new presidency is part of the old regime.
    If you are an Algerian it may be safe, but as an American or anyone not familiar with the country, NO it is not safe, just like any other foreign country where westerners are not well liked.


  • hafida said

    The article is shameful , I feel embarrassed for the writer just by reading it. It is completely wrong and misleading and outdated , the writer clearly knows nothing about algeria and never visited it and he is trying to portray the country in the worst light possible. The fact that algeria had 100 times less terrorist attacks than france / Germany /Uk... in the past 10 years and he still talking about safety shows a lot about his ignorance on the matter , very sad.


  • Jasmine said

    That is totally wrong it is a vert peaceful safe i struggled to find a single word true all is Fake IAM Algerian and it is normal country with normal people yes Arabic culture but like Manu other Arabic countries and safer than others i Say u Can see what u want as a tourist from seas to mountains forests and desert is more wonderful u Can see el Hoggar moountains in yhe south hhh i ferl really weird thanking of what hé sais what age is he living into there is even skating in desert hh people speak Arabic french english and there is algerians all over the World to proove that


  • Travis said

    I have been to Tipaza for work. Its amazing. You can see Aquafers and the Sea is Breath taking.
    I found the locals that were at the plant I was at to be very friendly and warm.
    Down side do to safety concerns for All World Visitors the plant uses Garda to provide armed security and and movements required permission from the Police to move a Armor Motorcade around. I was met in Paris with what I now know was a Goverment person who handled me till my verified DRIVER received in me in Algeries and told me. No phone till we get to our destination. Oh and if we get stopped i needed to move to the Armour personnel carrier infront of us to Live. Ouch. Oh and my Idea of Morocco was my safe escape was halted after I was told it was the largest maintained mine field in Africa. So no Algeriera is not safe. There was a horrible incident in Skikda that you can see. Terrorism is every where. I just think North Americans in Algeria should be prepared.


    • Max said

      Incident in Skikkda? Aren't you 16 years late to report on it?


  • Donna Navarro said

    As a White British woman married to an Algerian and with a half Algerian son, I have travelled to see my in laws 3 times and have never once felt unsafe in Algeria. It’s a beautiful country with warm, welcoming, beautiful people. The Gendarmerie are reassuring as there is so many of them, everyone was helpful, even more so when they saw I was British. Some beautiful beaches and sights, food is amazing. I would recommend to anyone to travel to Algeria. My only complaint is it’s too hot, but I’m British so that’s par for the course. Most recent visit was last week for 3 weeks and still wasn’t enough time for me! Can’t wait to go back!


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