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Moroccan flags wave in front of a minaret in Morocco. Photo © Getty Images/Geraint Rowland Photography

Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions in Morocco – updated 22 September, 2020

On 16 March, the Government of Morocco closed borders, leaving tourists in the country stranded and Moroccan residents struggling to get home from abroad.

From 15 July, borders are open to repatriation flights for Moroccan citizens, foreign nationals who are resident in Morocco, and their families.

  • Expatriates living in Morocco must show proof of residency in the form of a 'carte de séjour' (residency card)
  • "First degree" relatives (children, a spouse, or parents) accompanying an eligible traveler require a 'livret de famille' (family register). Contact your nearest Moroccan Consulate for more information.

Morocco's borders remain closed to international tourism. However, from 6 September, visa-exempt foreign travelers with a confirmed hotel reservation or business travelers who have an invitation from a Moroccan company can enter. You must check with your local Moroccan embassy before booking a trip, and check your government's travel advice.

The following conditions must be met to enter Morocco:

  • Passengers must complete a passenger health form online, print and sign it to present upon departure
  • Present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result and serologic test for COVID-19, with results dated no more than 48 hours prior to departure
  • Upon arrival in Morocco, everyone will undergo a clinical examination and download the tracking app ‘Wiqaytna
  • Anyone who presents symptoms of COVID-19 on arrival will be quarantined in dedicated facilities.

Local restrictions in Morocco

A nationwide state of emergency was declared on 20 March, and the emergency decree has been extended until 10 October.

Provinces are categorized into two zones depending on the level of COVID-19 risk present in the region, and these categories are updated on a weekly basis. An exceptional movement certificate may be required for various activities depending on whether you are in an area categorized as zone 1 or zone 2.

It is compulsory to wear a face mask in public.

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  • Johann Junge said

    Visit moroco for 30 days in july


  • Tahira Hyder said

    I plan to travel in a group to Morocco in end Oct 2020 for 2 weeks, will travel restrictions be still there


    • Mansur said

      I plan to visit Morocco on 20th October. Will there be any restrictions? I'm not sure if I should book my tickets or not? Please get back to me as soon as you can

      Thanks a lot


  • Jaro said

    I'm planning go to marocco 10 of October as well. Anyone know about any restrictions ?


    • Rachel said

      Morocco next review 10th sept. From what I’ve read many are hopeful borders will open

      I okan yo visit Marrakesh in November


  • KKC said

    My flight is connecting to another country through morroco. The lay over is about 10 hours at the airport. Would all these restrictions still apply to me? I am neither a Moroccan resident nor do I work in morroco. My flight only stops at morroco and connects to my final destination from there


    • Shawn said

      My flight was just canceled. It was only connecting through Morocco. Suggestion: find a connection through another country. Maybe France?


  • Maher Salem said

    Hi to all and wish anyone can help help if possible ,am interested to travel yo Rabat ASAP am ready for travel st any short notice and ready to go through all medical tests as well but wish to know as am Canadian do am has the right for this trip !!!


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