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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel: The situation around the world is changing dramatically. Various governments have changed their travel warnings to restrict travel during this time. To understand how this may impact cover under your policy, please go to our FAQs and select your country of residence.

For the latest travel warnings and alerts around the world, read about lockdowns and border restrictions.

How are coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions affecting travel to Morocco? Read the latest travel warnings and alerts.


Moroccan flags wave in front of a minaret in Morocco. Photo © Getty Images/Geraint Rowland Photography

Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions in Morocco – updated 9 November, 2020

Who can travel to Morocco?

Borders are open to repatriation flights for Moroccan citizens, foreign nationals who are resident in Morocco, and their families:

  • Expatriates living in Morocco must show proof of residency in the form of a 'carte de séjour' (residency card)
  • "First degree" relatives (children, a spouse, or parents) accompanying an eligible traveler require a 'livret de famille' (family register). Contact your nearest Moroccan Consulate for more information.

From 6 September, visa-exempt foreign travelers with a confirmed hotel reservation or business travelers who have an invitation from a Moroccan company can enter. You must check with your local Moroccan embassy before booking a trip, and check your government's travel advice.

All eligible passengers must meet the following conditions to enter Morocco:

  • Complete a passenger health form online, print and sign it to present upon departure
  • Obtain a negative PCR test result for COVID-19, and the results must be dated no earlier than 72 hours before departure
  • Arrivals will undergo a clinical examination
  • Everyone must download the tracking app ‘Wiqaytna’.

Local restrictions in Morocco

A nationwide state of emergency was declared on 20 March, and the emergency decree has been extended until 10 November.

Provinces are categorized into two zones depending on the level of COVID-19 risk present in the region, and these categories are updated on a weekly basis. An exceptional movement certificate may be required for various activities depending on whether you are in an area categorized as zone 1 or zone 2.

It is compulsory to wear a face mask in public.

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  • Johann Junge said

    Visit moroco for 30 days in july


  • Tahira Hyder said

    I plan to travel in a group to Morocco in end Oct 2020 for 2 weeks, will travel restrictions be still there


    • Mansur said

      I plan to visit Morocco on 20th October. Will there be any restrictions? I'm not sure if I should book my tickets or not? Please get back to me as soon as you can

      Thanks a lot


  • Jaro said

    I'm planning go to marocco 10 of October as well. Anyone know about any restrictions ?


    • Rachel said

      Morocco next review 10th sept. From what I’ve read many are hopeful borders will open

      I okan yo visit Marrakesh in November


  • KKC said

    My flight is connecting to another country through morroco. The lay over is about 10 hours at the airport. Would all these restrictions still apply to me? I am neither a Moroccan resident nor do I work in morroco. My flight only stops at morroco and connects to my final destination from there


    • Shawn said

      My flight was just canceled. It was only connecting through Morocco. Suggestion: find a connection through another country. Maybe France?


  • Maher Salem said

    Hi to all and wish anyone can help help if possible ,am interested to travel yo Rabat ASAP am ready for travel st any short notice and ready to go through all medical tests as well but wish to know as am Canadian do am has the right for this trip !!!


  • Kim said

    I have a trip planned in feb 2020. The plane ticket and reservation at the Riad was confirmed. I’m interested if the borders will be open. We go to Spain prior. How can we provide the 48hr negative test if we are still traveling?


    • Amelia Brady said

      Hi Kim,

      February is a long while off, and things may change as the date nears.

      Reach out to your airline and accommodation provider in January to double check restrictions and any new measures that may be in place.

      We base our travel alert information off official advice from government advisories, and do not have any further insights or knowledge on what might happen in the future.

      As soon as new information is available, we will update our travel alert as soon as we can.

      Amelia, World Nomads


  • Sandra Stump said

    Has anyone traveled to Moracco under these new restrictions? I've seen conflicting information regarding the antibody test some reports say 48 hours and some say there is no time frame on this. It also doesn't say the antibody has to be negative.


  • denis said

    Hi Sandra,

    I am flying to Morocco on October 15th from the United States. From what I have been reading you need the test within 48 hours, but I am confused if the test needs to be done within 48 hours or the results need to be within 48 hours. I've called around and it takes them 2 to 3 to get the results so I assume you can get the test 3-4 days before so you have the results 48 hours before departure. Anyone know for a fact?



  • Morocco citizen said

    Hi all,

    The rules changed 2 days ago , for tourism you need a test valid 72 hours ago instead of 48 hours and hotel reservation thats all :)


  • morocco said

    What about moccoan citizens living abroad what test they need?


  • Sandra Stump said

    Hi everyone, I am planning my trip from the United States to Morocco which is the best route to take? I saw one flight from Atlanta with a layover in France but there is a travel certificate you need to transit through France. Does anyone have any advice on the best country to do a layover through? The more I research the more confused I get! Lol any advice would be appreciated!


  • Sonia Alcala said

    I just want to go back to morroco i miss my husband to be Ali Rimi. My flight leaves on the 13th of October and i got my test today on the 6th but it takes 5 days for result will that be ok


    • Amelia Brady said

      Hi Sonia,

      Passengers must present negative results of a PCR dated no earlier than 72 hours prior to departure. Please contact your airline or consulate with information that includes the exact time/date you took the test.

      According to the guidelines, I do not think you will be eligible to enter with results from a test taken 6 days prior.

      Your airline will be best suited to help you on this question.

      I hope it all works out for you.

      All the best,
      Amelia, World Nomads


      • Sandra Stump said

        Hi Sonia, look online for the rapid PCR test in your area. You can get results in 15 minutes. And get the 2 or 3 days before you leave, also I have seen online that some airports are now providing this service


  • Abdul said

    Hi, please when will Morocco Consulates/Embassies start visa services for international visitors who require visa to travel to Morocco? It’s not fair to allow visitors from visa free countries only to visit Morocco while visitors who require visa are not allowed to apply to travel to Morocco. I hope the Morocco government would look into it. I need some explanation as to why visitors from visa free countries are more important than others. After all COVID-19 epidemic is more pronounced in several visa free countries. May I know the reason why these rules are unequal? Thank you.


    • Amelia Brady said

      Hi Abdul,

      This would be a question for the Moroccan government, but I am sure it has something to do with bilateral agreements that are already in place between some countries.

      Sorry to hear you are affected by the restrictions, but I am sure things will open up further as soon as it is safe to do so.

      Amelia, World Nomads


  • Georgina said

    So can I confirm is Morocco open for standard tourism?
    You can enter the country as a tourist if you have a hotel reservation for the duration of your stay? And provide a negative COVID test upon arrival?

    Is there quarentine status for coming back into the UK? Also can you leave the hotel?

    If anyone can shed any information? Or point me in the right direction of a website?

    We are desparetly trying to go see family!

    Thanks ☺️


  • Sandra said

    Hi Everyone, I have a question concerning the 72 hours on the COVID-19 PCR test. Does the time need to show 72 hours from my first departure or my actual departure for Morocco? The reason I ask is because I have one flight that leaves Atlanta at 3:20 pm and lands in New York after 5:00 pm my flight to Morocco leaves at at 8:50 pm I dont want the time of the test to be wrong and miss my flight on a small issue such as this. But the problem is the testing places usually close around 5:00 and I am having some anxiety wondering if I will get my results back in in time.


  • Sumreena hameed said

    you can do this test in Atlanta and they will give u the result in 15 mints. place name is Peachtree Immediate care, go online and book your appointment. for this test fee is $170. this fee u have to pay there.


  • Michelle said

    I’m going to Morocco in Nov. is the rapid test acceptable? I have seen results from someone else’s test and it did not have PCR test on the results it had Molecular on the results. Just wondering if this type of test was acceptable?


  • Aziza Arsalane said

    We go for trip in Morroco in December it will bi safe to go


  • Rin said

    Hi I go to Morocco late November to Rabat. I'm seeing my fiance to stay with him for a week in a half. Do I need a hotel instead? Are we allowed to stay with those we're visiting? I have no visa. From a visa free country.


  • Ak said

    Hi i fly out on the 7th Nov 2020 and have an apartment booked to what will i need before i travel if im even allowed to travel. I have already arranged a Covid test for the 5th Nov also have already filled out a travel form! Will this br enough and will i be allowed stay?!


  • Martin said

    Hi, I am planning a trip to Marrakech in early December. I fly in to Casablanca but am going to Marrakech. Some websites saying movements between Zone 1 sites (eg Casablanca and Marrakech) PROHIBITED. My hotel and shuttle company say as long as have hotel reservation its fine. Even the Moroccan train website had reservations available between the two cities. Are tourists able to move more freely??? I have contacted the closest Moroccan embassy. But no response. Any help greatly appreciated.


  • Banter said

    I have to get back to Casablanca from The Netherlands for work as I have a business there. Even if I have to book flights with multiple stopovers. I had the option to leave from Belgium before, but now that flights are getting cancelled left and right, I'm hoping for either a Germany departure or even Malta. I thought Turkey might work but rates have skyrocketed. Do you have any suggestions? I understand that I may have a small window of time in which to book my flight and get tested, but I'm willing to risk it. Please help!!


  • eddie said

    For all going or planing for a trip to Morocco:
    You need a PCR Test(RNA) --NOT a rapid antigen Test, the turnaround for a PCR test result is over 48 hrs.
    From the airport to your first destination there won't be any issues. After that you need a movement authorization (if you intend to travel between cities) from the local authorities that have jurisdiction over where you are staying (for tourists it must a Hotel reservation, not a BNB or likes).
    In most cities curfew starts at 9pm until 6am.
    The covid19 cases are rising without hint of slowing down, so the Moroccan government may dectate a total lock-down any moment (have done it in the past with very short notice).


  • Angel said

    Hi my Dad & I want to travel to morocco either February march or April and will be staying for a month or 2. Was planning to book with gulf air. I have read the news morocco allows gulf air fly to and from casablanca. Is it okay if we don't have a booked hotel? I just wanted to stay at my boyfriend's family's home because they insist. Is that alright? And what are the other things we need to know? And is it safe to book as early as November? Thanks in advance for the answers and sorry for the long questions


  • cliona buckley said

    Hello Amelia

    I was planning to travel to Marrakesh this week for a short holiday. i am A 70 year old Irish lady traveling from Dublin with a friend, what would you advise ?

    Many thanks



    • Amelia Brady said

      Hi Cliona,

      You must contact your nearest Moroccan Embassy for any advice before booking a trip. Unfortunately these travel alerts are general in nature, and we do not offer personal travel advice.

      Please also read the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs page on Morocco for information about visa requirements:

      All the best,
      Amelia, World Nomads


  • didier cyuzuzo said

    me also i declera an appliation within morocco in my country rwanda but still we do not
    when we will optain the news about application in morocco it about this travel ristriction it about
    what please we are honored to study in morocco please we need knews

    thank you


  • didier cyuzuzo said

    me also i declera an appliation within morocco embasy in my country rwanda but still we do not know
    when we will optain the news about application it about this travel ristriction . it about
    what please we are honored to study in morocco please we need knews .

    thank you


  • Anna Espitia said

    My mom has been stuck in Morocco since may due to Covid and travel restrictions. Are there any flights operating from Casablanca to the United States? I have searched the internet endlessly and cannot find anything. I’ve also tried to call royal air Moroc directly and can’t reach someone who speaks English. She is 72 years old and needs medical care immediately. Which she cannot get there. The embassy will not help. I asked. I am aware of the direct flight from Casablanca to JFK but I’m unaware of if she is allowed to board this flight or not since it’s not specifically commercial.


  • david lazechko said

    to anna espitia
    i do not know what you mean by a not specifically commercial flight. i am in canada but i could book the flight from cmn to jfk on wed 25 for about 600 euros


  • Thamara said

    We have booked 3 tickets to go to Morocco on 23 February 2021 as a family holiday. Do you think it is possible for us to go and come 23 th Feb to 30 th Feb. One srilankan partipatr also with us
    Can someone tell us if we need to do anything??


  • El said

    My trip last minute got suspended then flight canceled. They said the King of Moroc canceled it. ( due to covid ) But a friend went to see her friends in Morocco just fine? What's going on? Can we travel to visit people or not?


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