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Latest information on the dengue fever epidemic - January 2019


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Dengue Fever Epidemic - January 2019

New Caledonian health authorities have declared a dengue fever epidemic, affecting the entire Pacific island nation. The majority of cases are located in the metropolitan area and surrounds of the capital, Noumea.

It's vital that travelers take all necessary precautions to protect themselves from mosquito borne diseases aside from dengue fever and make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance

Dengue fever, if left untreated can evolve into dengue hemorrhagic fever which can be fatal. It's important that as soon as you feel unwell to seek medical assistance to make sure you get treated as early as possible and for the right condition as some mosquito borne diseases can have similar symptoms.

Other diseases such as zika and chikungunya have also been present in New Caledonia, particuarly during the warmer and wetter months of the year (December - February).

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