What You Can and Can't Bring Into Singapore

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Singapore has strict laws for locals and visitors, and there are also rules governing what visitors can take into the country. Our safety expert shares his tips on what you should know before you pack your bags.

A man walks inside Changi Airport, Singapore Photo © Getty Images/Whit Ng / EyeEm

Be aware of Singapore's restrictions on the importation of various goods, such as chewing gum which is prohibited.

Customs officers in Singapore don't go through all the luggage that comes in. For you to get stung, they would have to pick your bags for scanning or for a manual search. But, you should always abide by the local rules of the countries you travel to.

Here's what you need to know about Singapore's local laws.

Drug trafficking

Singapore has a zero-tolerance policy for illegal drug use and importation. There's a mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking, or for carrying explosives and firearms without a license.

Prescription drugs may also raise a flag, so always carry your prescriptions with you, maybe even a letter from your doctor explaining why it is required. Any medication that contains strong narcotics, such as Diazepam or codeine, needs prior approval from the Health Sciences Authority.

Objects that look like weapons

Even something as innocuous as novelty cigarette lighters and toy guns can be considered a violation of customs laws. Even non-lethal items, such as kitchen knives, diving blades, empty cartridge shells and handcuffs, could get you into trouble. In one famous case, a woman was arrested because the little missiles on a toy plane she carried were mistaken for bullets.

If you want to transport a weapon or military souvenirs into Singapore, even if on transit, you'll need prior permission.

Pirated material

Pirated material, such as movies, CDs, videotapes, laser discs, and software is illegal and carries a 1000 SGD fine per disk.

Pornography is outlawed. Even what might be simply considered risque in your country could be treated as porn in Singapore, so it's best to not take chances.


Travelers are entitled to duty-free concession for liquors if you meet all of the following:

  • You are at least 18 years old 
  • You have spent a minimum of 48 hours outside Singapore immediately before arrival
  • You are not arriving from Malaysia
  • The liquor is for your own consumption
  • The liquor is not prohibited from import into Singapore.

E-cigarettes and smoking

There are no duty-free allowances for tobacco in Singapore. All cigarettes legally sold in the country must be stamped "SDPC". Although one open pack will likely be tolerated, you could be fined 500 SDG per sealed pack. You cannot bring vaporizers, such as e-cigarettes, e-pipes, e-cigars, and refills into Singapore. These items are likely to be confiscated, and you could be fined or sent to prison.

The minimum age for the purchase, use, possession, sale and supply of all tobacco products in Singapore is 21 years old. Failure to comply carries fines. Along Orchard Road, smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

Chewing gum (except dental and medical) is also prohibited.


There is a total ban on Jehovah's Witnesses and the Unification Church because of the refusal of its members to carry weapons or taking part in war. Singapore has mandatory military service. Any publication from these two faiths is considered illegal.

To find out more about prohibited goods, the Singaporean Government has produced a Customs Guide for Travellers.

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