Iran Travel Alerts and Warnings

Get the latest information on natural disasters, political instability, civil unrest and how it may affect your travel plans to Iran.

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Several government travel warnings have placed the border areas of Iran with Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan under a "Do Not Travel" warning. Iran overall, falls under a "reconsider your travel" warning.

Travel to this destination against government advice has implications for your travel insurance and you should read and understand your policy documents thoroughly if you are considering travel to this destination. If you are a World Nomads policy holder and unsure as to how it will affect you, please contact our 24/7 Worldwide Emergency Assistance. as for some travelers, even the warning of "reconsider your need to travel" is enough for it to impact your travel insurance.

If you go anyway and get into trouble, it may be impossible for your insurer to provide emergency assistance, and consular officials from your own country may be severely limited in the assistance they can give. We care about your personal safety and wellbeing, please heed all government issued travel warnings.

Older Alerts

12th November 2017 - Massive Earthquake

A massive magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck remote rural areas of north-western Iran, close to the border with Iraq on November 12th.

Scores of small towns and villages have been affected with the death toll at 500 and rising. As many as 70,000 people were in need of aid in the days following the quake.

Though the region is not often visited by travelers there are a number of historical sites and museums in the area.

Travelers intending to go to the region should check with authorities before setting off. Anyone in the region is urged to contact their relatives at home, their country’s consular officials and/or the World Nomads emergency assistance number.

The M7.3 quake is the largest for 2017, surpassing the September quake which hit Mexico City.

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