As a business, how do I partner with World Nomads?

As a business, how do I partner with World Nomads? 

We work with travel companies across the globe that share similar ideals, passions and goals for supporting travelers to explore their boundaries. 

If any of the following interests you as a business, then we'd love to hear from you. 

Travel Insurance Affiliate Partner Program

Our Affiliate Program is one of the best auxiliary earning channels available in the market today, working with affiliates across the globe with an audience of traveler’s, ranging from tour operators, volunteering, study/work abroad, adventure travel guides, travel publishers and content creators. Learn more about how you can join the program. 

Travel Scholarships and Competitions

We run a travel scholarship program each year and are always looking for ground, gear and transport companies to help make this program a success. In return we produce highly engaging and leveragable content, branding opportunities along with a significant social program to help promote our partners involvement.  

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe every travel company has a duty to give back to the communities less fortunate around the world. We do so through our Footprints Network program. If you're a charity or NGO looking to receive funding through Footprints, or an online business keen to learn how to harness e-commerce for good, then contact Dana Paterson, our Global Senior Communications Manager.

Investment & Marketing Co-Promotion

As active members of the ATTA, PATA and WYSTC we have a passion for supporting the travel industry. If you're looking to run a global marketing campaign and think you have an inspiring program, then share it with us.

If you're keen in getting involved in any of the above, then drop an email to our general marketing email address -