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If you have a passion for travel, for sharing stories, for seeking new experiences or helping local communities, then you're a World Nomad.
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If there's an medical emergency, you need to cancel due to an unexpected event or your baggage gets stolen, we'll be there. We don't just keep you insured, with us you'll travel smarter and safer.

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We cover your adventures

We love adventure! whether its white water rafting, skiing, hiking or bungee jumping. With over 200 adventure activities covered, you can explore your boundaries with World Nomads.

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We are Digital Nomads

Every adventure is an opportunity to capture and share amazing images & stories, so we cover your gear. Our travel insurance covers iPhones, iPad's, laptops, cameras, mobiles and more.

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Travel smart & informed

Explore insights, advice, tips and guides to help you survive the nightlife, avoid scams, make your money last longer and help you avoid trouble in every corner of the world.


Find the best route or uncover that hidden gem. Ask travellers from over 130 countries or share your tips to help others get more from their adventures.


World Nomads send talented storytellers along with industry professionals on money-can't-buy learning experiences around the world.


Every adventure has a story worth telling. Fuel your wanderlust with inspiring stories from other Nomads or create and share your own.