We live for adventure, so why not cover it!

As World Nomads ourselves, we love to explore our boundaries when we travel, so it’s important to know that you’re covered for the adventure activities you love to do.

Over the past 10 years we have worked to build one of the most comprehensive lists of covered activities available anywhere. Some activities we haven’t been able to get covered and levels of activities cover varies depending on where you're from.

There are also different levels of cover for the more risky adventures, so make sure you take the time to work out what you need. If you have any questions, just ask us.

Here are some of the activities we cover.

Winter Activities

We have travel insurance plans that cover a wide range of winter sports activities such as;

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Bobsledding
  • Snow tubing
  • Glacier walking

Check out full details of Ski and Snowboard insurance.

Water Activities

Once you’ve thawed out or decided to escape to that hidden beach in Thailand, you can also get covered for a range of water sports such as:

  • Surfing
  • Kite Surfing
  • Canoeing
  • White water rafting
  • Stand up paddle

Mountain Activities

How high can you go? Well check out our covered Mountain activities to make sure you get the right level of cover for things such as:

  • Abseiling
  • Trekking
  • Hiking

Sporting Activities

So long as you’re not competing as a professional, you can get coverage for the following sporting activities:

  • Athletics
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Tchoukball
  • Ultimate Frisbee

Biking Activities

We provide cover for a range of two-wheeled action, possibly three, check out our plans to see what level of coverage you need for:

  • Mountain biking
  • Bicycle polo
  • Quad biking
  • Cycle touring
  • Motorbiking

Adrenalin Activities

It sends our insurers spare, but we love it! Check out what levels of cover you require to do the following heart pumping activities:

No, seriously, we also cover ...

You might think them strange, unnecessary, perhaps even silly, but say that to those enthusiasts who have a passion for these activities!

  • Air Guitar
  • Dance (including interpretive dance)
  • Yoga
  • Croquet
  • Segway tours

Explore the full list of more than 200 activities that we cover.