Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who entered and took part

Major prize winner

Congratulations to Svenja Krüger and David Haunschmidt who have been selected as the winners.

They will receive a £800 or €1000 Prepaid Debit Card

Winning descriptions

Svenja: "It encapsulates the wonder of travel - a moment of beauty after an exhausting journey that could not have been planned” 

David: “A perfect day in Namibia full of adventure, adrenaline, friends and happiness. Still my favourite picture from years of travel.”

Next adventure

Svenja: “my next planned adventures is Día de los Muertos in Mexico - as a visual storyteller I love to document the beauty that can be found in death, in all its diverse cultural expressions!

David: “I am a competitive trail runner and get to run in the Alps for the OCC UTMB world championships in August. The prize will go towards a new camera as my current one is very old. Hopefully I can get some awesome pictures of both the event and the stunning Swiss/French/Italian mountains.”

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