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Major prize winner

Congratulations to Reema Hamdan who has been selected as the major prize winner.

Reema will receive a USD $1,500 gift card, a 5-year ADVENTURE+ subscription, a 1-year magazine subscription to all Adventure Entertainment magazines, gifts from Adventure Entertainment partners, a selection of adventure books from Adventure Entertainment shops, 10 Tickets to an Adventure Entertainment run event globally, and a USD$500 Grayl gift card.

A man playing a musical instrument


Walking through the Old City of Nablus, Palestine, there is chaos everywhere. Kids squealing, vendors screaming, horns beeping, donkeys howling...yet above all this I heard an enchanting sound I had never heard before. Following the sound lead me to a staircase where I met Belal, a Palestinian, playing an instrument called oud.

I striked up a conversation in where he tells me he never intended on being an oud player, or being the best in Nablus, he only played because his father did. Now he builds, repairs designs, creates and teaches oud to local and international musicians, which brings him much joy.​​

Runner-up winners

Congratulations to our four runner-ups, who submitted great entries and will each receive an ADVENTURE+ subscription.

Tiffany Harriott - Action adventures
Ben Lee - Cultural connections
Claudia Cuomo - Dream landscapes
Joshua Poyser - Responsible travel

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