Go on a filmmaking assignment to Colombia!

Applications have closed and the winner has now been announced.

Aspiring filmmakers, this is your chance to go on assignment to capture Colombia!

This South American stunner’s doors are now open, and we believe that it has more than a few stories to tell. In our 2015 Travel Film Scholarship, we’re looking for one adventurous documentary filmmaker to capture the culture and the communities of Colombia’s Pacific Coast.

Boasting more than its fair share of white-sand beaches, lush jungles and cloud forested mountain ranges, Colombia is a filmmaker’s dream. However, it’s beauty is matched by history, culture and people no less interesting or colorful.

Your job will be to document the story of a Pacific community nestled in one of the world's biodiversity hotspots. This undiscovered paradise is just opening itself up to travelers and is chock full of some of the country’s best wildlife and adventure experiences. This is your opportunity to document how the community lives and how they are working to promote tourism to the region.

All these prizes could be yours:

All-expenses paid travel

A 10-day all-expenses-paid trip in Colombia.

Free flights

Round-trip airfare from your country of residence to Bogotá, Colombia.

Learn from a pro

Professional mentorship from filmmaker Brian Rapsey.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance for the duration of the trip from World Nomads.

What you'll be doing

The scholarship recipient will be flown from their country of residence to Bogotá where they will spend 7 days filming in Colombia under the mentorship of filmmaker and director Brian Rapsey, then spend the final 3 days in a post-production workshop in Bogotá. In that time you will be producing a short 5-7 minute travel documentary, which we will share with the world!

You will also post photos from your assignment to Instagram or Twitter on a daily basis so that we can follow your adventures.

How do I apply?

This year we’re only accepting applications from solo documentary filmmakers. To apply, simply:

  1. Film your documentary featuring the 'Profile of a Person who Inspires you to Travel the World'

    Please carefully read the brief above. Your film should be no longer than 3-minutes and in English. Remember, entries that exceed this will not be considered.

  2. Upload your video

    Go to YouTube or Vimeo to upload your video.

  3. Complete your application form

    Tell us what winning the scholarship would mean to you and why we should choose you.

    Note: Strictly one entry per person.

Entries compiled solely of still shots will not be considered, you need to demonstrate your skill with the moving image.

Your brief

For this year’s application brief, we are looking to focus on profiles of people who inspire you to travel the world.

We want you to find and tell the story of someone's journey. This could be anything from a story of immigration, a triumph of summiting of Mt. Everest or the traveller who keeps the travel spirit alive in their own backyard. Our challenge to you is to go out and interview these amazing adventurers, courageous souls and regular people who inspire you to hit the road.

Your brief is to paint their picture for us – show us how they travel. Find out what they have done, where they have been, what kind of person they are, and why you find them interesting. Bring to life their compelling travel story and share their unique philosophies, quirky travel rituals and fascinating curiosities.

This is your chance to find an inspiring story and tell it through your great documentary filmmaking skills.

Important dates

7 Sep Program applications close
8 Sep Application judging
25 Sep Winner announced
21 Nov Arrive in Bogotá
22 Nov 7-day filming around Colombia
3 Dec Depart from Bogotá

What are the Judges looking for?

A good entry should:

  • Convey a strong narrative within a 3 minute timeframe
  • Focus on an individual person
  • Show us your interviewing skills and ability to coax a good story from your subject
  • Demonstrate strong filmmaking skills
  • Show originality
  • Be visually engaging

Entries compiled solely of still shots will not be considered, you need to demonstrate your skill with the moving image.


We've listed the top question here. 

  • Am I considered a professional filmmaker?

    This is a grey area, and very tricky to put measures around. We appreciate that the filmmaking and presenting industries are difficult to break into and there are a lucky few who can count themselves as professional full time filmmakers or presenters.

    This scholarship is very much about the mentorship opportunity, and the judging panel will be selecting the person or team who they feel will most benefit from the learning opportunity. So if you have already been commissioned to make films (in any genre) or have had your work broadcast on numerous occasions, it is unlikely you will be selected.

    You will be asked to outline your experience to date in the submission process, and it will be the judging panel who decides who is most suitable based on their video and written component. So whilst we are not stipulating exactly what does and does not constitute a professional, think about the spirit of the mentorship program and whether you think you would make the most ideal candidate(s).

  • Can a pair or team submit an entry?
    No, each film must be submitted by an individual filmmaker. While in previous years we have allowed team submissions, this year we're looking for a one-person show, needing nothing more than a camera and a sense of adventure to unearth a great story.
  • What will I have to produce from my trip?

    Under the mentorship of Brian Rapsey you will be shooting a short 5-7 minute travel documentary, you will then attend a post-production workshop in Bogotá to commence your editing work. Within two months of your return, you will complete your video and submit the piece to World Nomads.

    You will also keep a daily diary about your time on the trip and upload this plus pictures you've taken to your World Nomads travel journal.