Spend 7 days exploring the culinary diversity and culture of Sri Lanka.

We want to give three enthusiastic and hungry travellers the chance to go to Sri Lanka to better understand the dishes that can only come from a country that has been celebrated for its spices for centuries.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, you must eat. When this human necessity is combined with travel, many of us are reduced to giddy gluttons - eager to try everything that a new destination has to offer. We believe that culinary exploration provides not only the opportunity to fill your belly, but is also one of the best ways to learn about a culture and connect to the local community.

This is your opportunity to spend one week in Sri Lanka on an all-expenses-paid, custom food tour, courtesy of Intrepid Travel.

On your trip, you will meet your Sri Lankan mentors - speaking to local farmers and artisan producers, making curries in local kitchens, cooking snacks with street vendors, catching dinner with fishermen and cooking everything from hoppers to rotti to pickles.

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Who can apply

Anyone can apply - this is open to food writers, bloggers, aspiring chefs, and just plain passionate eaters with a story to share! Below are the details if this sounds like you - Get writing!

  • Minimum age of 18 (by application deadline).
  • You must hold a current, valid passport (with 6 months left before expiry).
  • The scholarship is open to all nationalities (subject to obtaining a Sri Lankan visa), however, you must have an exceptionally high degree of proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • You must be available as per the dates set out. Please note these dates are not changeable in any way, you must be available for the entire assignment.
  • You should be a mad-keen foodie with adventurous taste buds, a curiosity for all things culinary and an openness to interact with locals.
  • You must be up for eating anything at anytime, pitching in with the cooking and cleaning up! Picky eaters need not apply.
  • You must be very comfortable in front of the camera, and sharing your emotions and opinions with the world.

How to apply

To apply we need you to cook, snap and share with us your most memorable food recipe. Read on to find out exactly what you need to do...

  • Submit a recipe (in English) with accompanying photos.

    This can't just be any recipe, this recipe needs to come with a story. It could be the hand-me-down dhansak recipe from your Parsi grandmother. Or maybe the white bait fritters you learned to make on your trip to New Zealand.

    Whatever it is, it has to be special (we don't want to see 50 borscht or apple pie recipes) and something that you think would transport other travellers to a new place, simply by making it at home. We want recipes with soul that make us miss a place that perhaps we've never even been.

  • Tell us in 2000 characters or less (this includes spaces) the story behind the recipe and what makes it so special to you.
  • Complete a 1500 character max essay telling us why you should be chosen and what the opportunity would mean to you. Your answer will provide considerable weight in the judging process.
  • The entry must be submitted in English.
  • One entry per person.

What the judges are looking for

We are looking for three culinary anthropologists to explore the history, traditions and social habits that define Sri Lanka's cuisine.

The three winning foodies will discover the techniques, the ingredients and the influences that make food from this Indian Ocean island truly mouth-watering - through visiting the sources and cooking alongside the local people.

Does this sound like your type of gig? Then it is up to you to convince our judging panel through your recipe, story and essay that you have the spirit of adventure and passion for food to be chosen for this opportunity. We will be looking for:

  • a unique, drool-worthy, tried-and-tested recipe (with accompanying photos of the dish, cooked by you)
  • a great story behind your recipe
  • strong eye for detail
  • a compelling reason why we should send you to Sri Lanka

What you'll be doing

Each food explorer will keep a daily blog on World Nomads documenting their culinary experiences in Sri Lanka featuring stories, photos and recipes from the road.

You could be tasting the Tamil specialties and fiery curries of the north, trying the world famous spices and sipping tea in the hill country or tucking into the fresh fish and buffalo curd in the south.

Learn more about what each of these regions have in store for your tastebuds.

You’ll also be able to visit the food security project that World Nomads travellers are helping to fund through Footprints micro-donations. You will get the chance to learn how Oxfam is promoting environmentally sustainable agricultural practices and supporting small scale group enterprises - by visiting of the the communities that are benefitting from the generosity of thousands of travellers.

While on assignment, all of the winners’ experiences will be filmed by an accompanying cameraman. That means if you win, you must be comfortable having every bite captured on film.

All images courtesy of Intrepid Travel and Perennial Plate.

Important dates

Scholarship applications close
Scholarship judging
Winner announced
Assignments in Sri Lanka

Win a Sri Lankan food adventure!

The winners have now been announced.

View the shortlist


  • Kris Dreessen said

    As a foodie who has only appreciated the true perks of being able to concoct a creative dish, this sounds fantastic. I'm no chef, but I'll eat anything and can talk to anyone!

  • Shrikant Lale said

    Tamilian delicacies, especially the sea fish, yummy! Would love to be there! I would also surprise them with some of Indian recipes!!
    So near from my country, that too Chennai, yet did not make it for 57 years!! Will do it now through this contest!!!

  • Anuradha Khandelwal said

    This is something I chanced upon and it seems it was reaching out to me..I spent three months in Sri lanka way back in the 80eez and have wonderful memories of driving around on a mobike...eating differant cuisines in Havelock Road and being fascinated by the word "devilled" in the menus...and seeing string hoppers for the first time. Passion Fruit juice and chicken patties was an everyday thing for me way back then ! I am not a spring chicken but I think I finally found my calling by starting a food page. I know I am going to be a winner here...I feel it in my bones !

  • Alicia said

    It says in the FAQs that the recipe needs to be something that we got from our travels. Is this right? Also, is it compulsory to add the element of travel to the story behind the recipe?

    Hi Alicia, yes that's right! Our winning recipes have to be something that will transport other travellers to a new place, simply by making it at home. We want recipes with soul, recipes which make us miss a place that perhaps we've never even been. You may not have had to travel far from home for this recipe, but your story should include an element of travel in them.

    - Pari, World Nomads.

  • Rob said

    Could I be considered as trip photographer ?
    I shoot portraits, food and all ingedients on istagram, Facebook & Twiiter
    I am available and experienced as a photojournalist

  • Shaunna said

    This would be amazing! A way to know whether I've done the right in changing my career to one in food from 20 years finance!

  • Patrick said

    My wife and I spent a couple of weeks in SL last November. We are independent travellers and we were disappointed in the food. We did have some great stuff, no doubt about that, but the tourism industry still hasn't adjusted to the increased demand from the growing non-resort type tourists.

  • Emma Tobin said

    This trip looks amazing! I'm just shy of the age limit though. I Turn 18 just eighteen days after the deadline. Does that mean I can't apply at all?

    Sorry Emma! You need to be 18 by the time of the application deadline. You should be eligible to enter our next program - so keep an eye out as we'll be launching soon!
    Don't forget to sign up to our scholarships news for all the latest updates on our scholarships and competitions. Simply enter your email address in the box on this page ( to sign up.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Stephen Peel said

    Oh dear! Anyone other myself and the lucky 2 others, need not apply. I will be submitting my "drool-worthy" recipe shortly. It may not be drool worthy to everyone, but it is the dish that - to me - means home, love, family. It means not having enough time to cook a meal, or to want TOO many dishes to wash. Sorry you lot, looks like I'm off to Sri Lanka. Horrah! I love Sri Lanka!

  • Becky said

    Hey, I've entered and think it has all processed but there was no 'entry submitted' page, it just came up as a journal entry- is this right? I want to make sure my entry has actually come through properly!

    Hi Becky, we have received your entry. You can see it see it here:
    You may notice that there is a formatting error with your entry. Don't worry about this, we’ll be able to fix this from our end and will have your entry displaying correctly as soon as possible. It will not affect your chances of winning. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Taryn Goff said

    Hello - I was having internet connectivity issues when completing my application. Although I received an email confirming my entry and my photos are listed, none of the written content seems to exist on the site. I would very much like to ensure my entry is complete - is there any way I can edit or re-submit? Thank you, Taryn

    Hi Taryn, your entry has been successfully submitted. You can see it here:
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Anjali said

    Question: Does the word count for the post include the words used for the recipe? As in, the whole post should only be 2000 words including the recipe. Thank you.

    Hi Anjali, the character limits for each section of the application are as follows:
    Ingredients - 2000 characters
    Recipe - 2000 characters
    Story behind the recipe - 2000 characters
    About yourself and why you should win - 1500 characters
    Hope this helps! All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Anjali said

    Sorry, I meant 2000 characters in my question above. Not words.

  • Angelica said

    Do we have to submit photos with our recipe? I have a family recipe that I would love to submit but I am currently abroad and don't have access to certain important ingredients to make the recipe. I may have some old photos that I could include but will not have recent ones.

    Hi Angelica, great photos are always nice, but they don't have a major bearing on the judging. Any photos showing the cooking process and the completed dish are better than none at all. Good luck!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Carolyn Lee said

    I entered an application but looking at it seems it was incomplete. How do I get to put in the part on "Why I should win"?

    Hi Carolyn, this formatting error generally occurs if you've gone back into your gallery to edit your application. We're fixing these errors every few hours, so it should be appearing properly before the applications close.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Anna said

    I have just submitted the application but the "About me" part does not appear on the web, even if I did enter it....
    Can somebody help, please?

    Hi Anna, I've replied to your email - please check your inbox. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Patricia Lopes said

    The 2000 words including the recipe itself or just the story behind it??
    Thank you!

    Hi Patricia, please see my response to Anjali above. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Padong said

    I tried to submit my entry yesterday but I don't know whether it went through as there was no acknowledgement after I pressed submit. There was also nowhere to upload my photos even though it said I could do this in the next step. I really want to take part. Can someone please, help urgently as I see the deadline is imminent!

    Hi there! It seems your entry hasn't come through. Could you please send an email to [email protected] with details of your entry? Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Meredith W said

    Hi - I've just submitted my entry, but the HTML seems to have corrupted!How can I fix this? (Good luck everyone!)

    Hi Sara, don't worry about it, this generally occurs if you've gone back into your gallery to edit your application. We're fixing these errors every few hours, so it should be appearing properly before the applications close.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Elise said

    Hi! I just entered, but I cannot tell if the application went through! Could you please confirm? I got to the photo gallery upload, it seemed to end there. Thanks so much! Cheers, Elise

    Hi Elise, we've received your entry. You'll find it here:
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Sara Chardin said

    Hi. I have just submitted my entry, but it looks as though it hasn't formatted right. It looks like it has html tags all the way through it. Please can you help? Many thanks!

    Hi Sara, don't worry about it, this generally occurs if you've gone back into your gallery to edit your application. We're fixing these errors every few hours, so it should be appearing properly before the applications close.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Wanweena said

    HI. I have just submitted the story, but have seen the section only about the recipe, but not about me. I am not sure if it will appear later on? Can you advise? Thank you!

    Hi Wanweena! The "About me" section should not be visible on your journal. It may be visible in some entries because the applicants have tried to edit their application after submission, and as a result have made their response visible. We will be viewing entries from our admin system and be able to see all your responses there. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Wanweena said

    Noted with many thanks, Pari!

  • Tania said

    Hi Nomads. Help...Ive entered ah actually twice. This time the word count was perfect and I joined flicker. It seemed to disappear without trace, I have worked quite hard on the entry and want to make sure it is entered in time[email protected]/. Here's the flicker link its the only link saved.

    Hi Tania, Could you please email [email protected] with details of your entry. I can't seem to find it in our system. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Hayley said

    Hello, I've just applied but I'm not sure if I've done it the right way - it's not created its own story on my journal homepage, just in the photo gallery. Is it up there? Thank you.

    Hi Hayley, we've sent you an email. Please check your inbox. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • fiona said


    I just spent ages filling this out and when i clicked submit it brought me back to the log in page! :S

    has it gone through?


    Hi Fiona. I can't see your entry in our system, could you please email [email protected] with details of your entry?
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • April said

    Hi, Is there a way to edit your entry after it's been submitted? I just realized that the main component of my dish didn't make it onto the ingredients list. Thanks!

  • April said

    I just added it within the html, but it seems to have corrupted the entire document. Will it be repaired in time? Thanks again!

    Hi April, yes we'll fix it. Don't worry about the html.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • April said

    Thank you, Pari!

  • EmmaDay said

    Hi I think I have entered. I appear to have a page on the worldnomads site with my recipe on. Does that mean my entry has been submitted?

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • andreia-leite said

    Hey there! So I saw all the html codes and I manually deleted them back in the editing gallery, but I can't have the titles in bold and so on. Hope it isn't a problem I removed the codes. I didn't realize other people were having the same problem and that you guys are on top of the problem. Thank you

    Hi! That's fine. Thanks and good luck!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Helen Picot said

    My entry is showing up with some weird formatting - will you be able to read the entry properly? Not sure whether I need to resubmit it. Many thanks

    Thanks Helen. Looks good to me!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Austin Banach said


    I submitted an entry but don't know if the 'about me' is in the right place. Can someone email me to make sure my entry is good to go?

    Thanks so much,

    Hi Austin, please see my response to Cristine below. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Cristine said

    I have submitted an entry, but it appears that there is a formatting error with it. And also part "about me" doesn't displayed on the page. How should I solve these problems? Yhank you in advance!

    Cristine, the formatting error should be fixed now. The "About me" section should not be visible in your journal entry. We'll be able to see it in our system. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Samai said


    I've just uploaded an entry, but for some reason the 5 images that I've chosen, have not been uploaded. When I check my entry on the website, it shows up as 0 images, although I've just uploaded 5. Is there any way I can rectify this? I've also noticed that there are several other entries on your website, all uploaded recently, where it shows 0 photos.

    I'm sure you understand that I'm keen to be considered seriously for this contest, and would not want to be eliminated because of a mere glitch in the website. Any help with this regard would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Thanks Samai - we've responded to your email.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Joshua said

    I was wondering if my submission was accepted. My username is jasperpalmetto. Thank you!

    All good! Here it is:
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • assumpta said

    I took lots of time to fill in and it bounced me back to logging in again!!!!:( now time is almost up. did it go through? Thanks!

    Yes it did!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Sahil Verma said

    Hi Pari, I am facing the same problem as Wanweena, "About me" section is missing in my entry. Please advise. Thanks!

    Hi Sahil, don't worry about it. We can view it from our admin system.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Padong said

    When I put my entry in, I never realised how amazing this whole concept really is. I started looking at the recipes and stories of other entrants and discovered this is a totally brilliant way to find out more about other cultures and their food. I have a whole list of new recipes that that I want to try now - as well as new places I'd love to visit. Thanks everyone and good luck!

  • Anon said

    Hi I am Samone Tuff and I submitted my entry twice BEFORE deadline and both times received an error message which was incredibly discouraging after all the work and effort. I didn't get a submitted screen, just went back to Original journal entry screen requesting me to register/log-in which will now make my entry late and it was not!! This happened twice!

    Please accept my emailed entry

    Samone, we've received your online submission. Please view it here:
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jack said

    Hi guys,

    I was about to ask the same question as a whole lot of others - regarding the 'About me' section - but I realised you've cleared this up. My one remaining question was whether it was too late to re-upload my photos? For some reason they've uploaded horizontally, even though on my computer they were behaving just fine. Maybe it's a browser issue on my end?

    Also I just wanted to say thank you for this opportunity. It's an extraordinary scholarship that will change three lives forever.

    Thanks Jack! Your entry has already been sent to the judges. Don't worry about the photo issue, they'll be able to rotate them if need be. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Daniel Silva said

    Is there a way to edit your entry after it's been submitted? I filled everything out, but when I clicked submit it brought me back to the log in page! I didn't have to time to re-enter everything! Please help. Thanks a lot!

    Hi Daniel. I can see your full entry here:
    You wont be able to edit it, as your entry has already been sent to the judges. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Lindsay Barden said

    Just wondering if my entry got through, originally it showed up on the official entries list, but when I went back to double check it was gone. please let me know! (user name: lindsayjoy)

    I've double checked for you. We've definitely received it. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Kateryna said

    Hi, I'm really confused. I've finally submitted my application, but I'm not sure if it went through! I noticed the deadline is March 6 at 1400 AEDT, so I don't know if I'm too late. It's 01:35am in Canada on March 6, is that okay? Also my page seems to be written in code and I can't seem to fix that.

    Hi Kateryna. We've received your entry and fixed the formatting error. You can see your entry here:
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Helen Picot said

    Many thanks Pari! Great that you are responding to everyone

  • Sara Frau said

    oooops, I just submitted my application, but I realized that I was wrong calculating the deadline timing: for some reason I thought I had to refer to USA time (whatever Atlantic or Pacific), until midnight. By the way, I'm in Philippines now and here it is 23.55h of 6th March. I'm so sad. I hope you will consider my application anyways... Thanks anyways! :-)

    Hi Sara, your entry was received prior to the close of the application page and will therefore be considered. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Zorana Sadiq said

    HI there,

    I submitted for this yesterday and received your confirmation by email. I neglected to notice that in my haste of applying, I left out one important paragraph in my recipe. I listed the ingredients for making your own garam masala in the recipe, and then the paragraph of how to roast spices and grind them was left out. Is there a way to add this paragraph now?

  • Carolynn Look said

    Hey, I also only just realised that this was based on Australian time and have just submitted it according to UK time, I really hope you will still consider my application!

    Hi Carolynn, your entry was received prior to the close of the application page and will therefore be considered. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Tiare Shim said

    Hi Pari, I'm so disappointed. I submitted my application this morning and after I clicked "submit" it sent me back to the log inlication if I get it to you by tomorrow? page! All is lost but I do believe I can recreate it. Will you still consider my app

    Very sorry Tiare, you've missed the submission deadline. We hope you apply next year!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Janell Moore said


    I submitted a recipe for this scholarship. I do not see my "why I should win section". Can you please confirm that you received it?

    Thank you,

    Hi Janell, we have received it. That section is not made public. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Nicola Moores said

    Hi there, are you posting the winners on line today??? Cheers, Nic :-)

  • Yasemen said

    Hi, who won?

    Hi Yasemen,

    Please see the following link to check out the winning and shortlisted entries:
    (there's a clickable link at the top of this page).

    - Pari, World Nomads

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