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Travel Writing Scholarship 2020

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11 March 2020.

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  • Mark said

    Where exactly in the Caribbean is the winning trip?

    Hi Mark,

    The workshop will take place in Panama. We'll then work with the 3 winners and the tour operator to plan each of their trips to a different part of the Caribbean.

    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Marcela said

    Hi! I'm an advertising copywriter. Am I eligible to the contest? I don't write for magazines or blogs, I just develop content for the company I work for.

    Hi Marcela,

    Can you please email [email protected] with this? We'll be able to answer your question from there.

    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Kate said

    Hello :) at the time of the trip, I would be outside of my home country travelling on a personal trip. If I was successful, would I be able to fly to Panama from somewhere that is not my home country? Would that matter where I flew from?

    Hi Kate,

    That won't be a problem.

    Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Amy said

    I have a young daughter that I wouldn't be able to leave for 10 days - would there be anyway to bring her along if I won?

    Hi Amy,

    Unfortunately we can't allow anyone but the winners on the trip.

    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Tuğba Dilan Yıldız said

    It is great to support young people with such an application

  • Tijana said

    Will the winners be completely on their own during the winning trip? Or will there be a guide of some sort, someone to be with them in case of any trouble?

    Hi Tijana,

    On the trip each of the winners will be on a bamba tour where there will be a guide present. There will also be opportunity for free time if they wish.

    Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Carolina Alves said

    I would like to know if the text that we need to write (the one with the 700 words) about a travel experience it's about an experience that we already lived or is an experience that we'd like to live.

    Hi Carolina,

    The brief is to write about an experience you've had.

    Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Tanya said


    I'm an older person who would like to get back into writing after a career in a different field. Can I submit something I wrote a long time ago? In the off-chance I won, the goal would be to improve on my 30-year old writing and to learn what an older traveler can offer to the travel writing community.

    Hi Tanya,

    You may submit a piece you have previously written. However if you were previously a professional writer then it may affect you eligibility to win. If you're concerned you can email [email protected] with more information on your previous experience in writing.

    All the best,
    - Bec, World Nomads

    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Lujain said

    Peace be upon you...
    I haven't had any experience of traveling in my life except my journey to a country near mine . What can I write in my Story? Can I explain my single journey? and can I write about a journey that I have made in my dreams? Please tell me exactly what I should write in my story in order to be a good writing .

    Hi Lujain,

    We require the stories to be about a travel experience you've had in your life – and it doesn't have to be of a journey far from home. For guidance on how to improve your writing, check out mentor Tim Neville's Art of Travel Writing Guide:

    Best of luck,
    - Bec. World Nomads

  • Sally Smith said

    Would the winners retain the copyright of their stories after the competition (e.g. if they wish to use the story in a manuscript on which they're working, or to submit to another publication or competition)?

    Likewise, would a story which has already been entered into another competition (in an amended form) be eligible to be entered into this competition?

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