Amazing Nomads Podcast: Mike Dawson - Kayaking With the Crocs

Mike Dawson is an Olympic slalom kayaker, internationally renowned for his extreme kayak feats tackling some of the biggest rapids on the planet.


Photo © Mike Dawson

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Alongside delivering our fortnightly World Nomads destination podcast we now share bonus episodes featuring amazing people doing amazing things while traveling that demonstrate discovery, connection, transformation, fear and or love through travel.

Mike Dawson is a New Zealander Olympic slalom kayaker. Mike is also internationally renowned for his extreme kayak feats, tackling some of the biggest rapids on the planet and paddling some of the wildest rivers in the US, Mexico, Europe, and Africa.

In This Episode

00:12 Introducing Mike Dawson

00:55 He’s not only an Olympian

01:53 How he lost his funding

03:53 The idea he cooked up to fund his Olympic campaign

06:10 Giving back in Rio

09:22 Tackling the wild rivers

10:26 Running the rapids of the Cuanza River

11:12 What could go wrong?

12:35 Preparation needed to tackle wild rivers

14:34 Losing our clean rating for the Podcast

17:18 Travel from a sport

18:58 The Tokyo games

19:40 When a croc chases you

20:10 How to get in touch with us

Who is on the Show

Mike Dawson is a New Zealand Olympian. Born and bred in the Bay of Plenty, he grew up paddling the local rivers in his backyard.

In November 2016, fresh from winning the extreme kayaking world title, Spaniard Aniol Serrasolses, New Zealander Mike Dawson and Irish filmmaker Ciarán Heurteau headed to Pakistan to attempt a descent of the fabled Rondu Gorge, on the Indus river.

Follow Aniol, Mike, and Ciarán as they make their way down the river.

Produced by: Mike Dawson in association with Twelve Productions, Kiwi Creations, and Serrasolses Bros Productions

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