Tokyo Discoveries: Cat Cafes

Nomad Miles steps away from the noise of Tokyo and finds his inner zen at one of Tokyo's quirkiest institutions - Cat Cafes.


Tokyo Discoveries: Cat Cafes

Tokyo is an epicentre of action, so a perfect solution to alleviate stress and step outside of the chaos is to enjoy a cup of joe with our feline friends in the animal kingdom.

He found that Cat Cafes are a perfect Japanese solution to the problems of overcrowding and lack of access to pets. And he also found that they are great therapists - helping him work through some of the anxieties of the past!

Take two and a half minutes out of your day and enjoy the immersive bliss of 15 loving cats, living in cat heaven!

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  • Missy ;) said


    I love all cats and I have two rescues at home. These cafes are fabulous and many of us would welcome them here at the Jersey Shore!

    Thank you for sharing this pawsome video!

    Missy ;)
    Risotto and Gnocchi


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