Italy Festivals: Celebrating St. Valentine's Day in Umbria

The feast, and whatever other St Valentine’s fun you can think of, is open to all. Celebrate Valentine's Day in Terni, Italy.

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Terni, Italy. The feast takes place outside the Basilica di San Valentino.


Throughout February, but particularly 14th February.


Where better to swing hands with a loved one on St Valentine’s Day than at the St Valentine’s Festival in the eponymous saint’s Umbrian hometown. Here, it is said, Valentine would often give gifts of flowers from his own garden to young visitors. Two such visitors fell in love and married, forever linking St Valentine with love. Chocolate-makers and florists have been forever grateful.

Terni dedicates itself to love and romance throughout February, but undoubtedly you will want to be here for the big day: February 14. Terni knows this and celebrates St Valentine’s Day with a giant feast around the basilica where the saint’s remains are interred. Components of the festival include a jewellery-making competition and the ‘A Year of Loving’ award, which honours a special act of love…something like a Nobel Passion Prize.

Level of Participation

5 – the feast, and whatever other St Valentine’s fun you can think of, is open to all.


St Valentine’s Day in Terni is best done with a partner.

Other Local Attractions

Pay a loving visit to St Valentine (or at least his remains) in the Basilica di San Valentino, and find beauty at the artificial Marmore Waterfalls, created by the Romans 7km out of town.

Travel Safety Tips

We might have to dodge a few rotten tomatoes after this one, but the only danger at this festival is that of a broken heart.

More Info:  Comune di Terni

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