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Caribbean: Where Nomads Go

Venture beyond the beaches to explore a cloud forest in the Dominican Republic, learn to bomba dance in Puerto Rico, and taste your way around the islands.


Discover the lesser-known Caribbean, World Nomads style.

Flavored by cultural influences from around the world, this region is much more multifaceted than its picture-postcard reputation might suggest.

Think of this guide as a series of windows into a Caribbean you never knew existed, from Curaçao’s contemporary art scene to an effervescent coral reef in Dominica. Our Nomads offer their first-person experiences and advice to help you plan your ultimate Caribbean trip.

Featured in this guide:

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Landlubbers can trek to the Kingdom of the Netherlands’ highest point, accompanied by famous local guide Crocodile James, who happily machetes his way up Mt. Scenery, sharing info on botanicals and inappropriate island tales in equal measure.
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Sascha Zuger

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