How to Prepare for Jordan’s Extreme Weather

The weather in Jordan is as varied as the terrain, but it's generally what you might expect in a desert climate.


Summer Temperatures

Heat in the summer months may reach up to 40ºC (over 100ºF). Drink plenty of water every day and use high-factor sun block of SPF 50+. 

Sand storms and dust storms occur, and the rocky canyon lands see flash floods in the rainy season between November and March. 

Also be aware that Jordan is located in an active earthquake zone, and people have been killed by rock falls and landslides in the canyons.

Mountain Roads

Despite the ferocious desert climate, be aware that mountain roads may become blocked by heavy snowfalls in winter. If the conditions are right, it can (and does) snow in the capital Amman. There was a particularly heavy snowfall in January 2012.

Wadi Rum

Time your trip to Wadi Rum carefully; you want to make sure that it's nice and not cloudy or rainy – but not so hot that you're melting.

Westerners tend to be used to the four-season climates of the US, and UK – the rapidly changing extremes of this part of Jordan need respect and preparation.

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