7 Things You Must Do in Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is a city with an eclectic mix of colors, vibes, and cultural influences. Though most known for its markets and shopping, nomads Nick and Hannah – from popular Instagram channel Salt in our Hair – found there’s so much more to do here.


Photo © Salt in our Hair

1. Majorelle Gardens

Majorelle Gardens, the beautiful gardens of Yves Saint Laurent, opened in 2001 and are undoubtedly one of the biggest tourist attractions in Marrakesh.

If you’re a photographer, the deep ocean blue color on the walls will make you very happy.

It’ll cost you 25DH for entry, which is around US $5, and we’d suggest going early to avoid the crowds.

Majorelle Gardens, Marrakesh. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

2. Bahia Palace, Marrakesh

This huge palace was once set up for a 19th century sultan’s personal use. We were amazed by all the tiny details from the ceiling to the columns – even the floors.

Go for a walk through the palace to find beautiful gardens, and see stunningly delicate architecture.

3. Ben Youssef Medersa

We visited Ben Youssef Medersa, a former Islamic school, because it is the largest of its kind in all of Morocco.

Located near the medina, it's a favorite among travelers. Like the Bahia Palace, the architecture in Ben Youssef is incredible.

4. Stay at a Beautiful Riad

Our guesthouse, better known as riad, was among one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever stayed.

On the outside, the houses all appear sand-colored, and some were found in smelly streets.

But once the locals open their doors, we stepped inside to a whole different world.

With colored tiles on the walls and floors, birds flying around, a turtle as a pet, a pool in the middle, and the most friendly people – this was like a dream.

A riad in Marrakesh. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

5. Wander Around in the Medina

We were told to not buy a map to help navigate the medina, because it would be a waste of money.

The medina is a real-life maze, and we enjoyed getting lost while wandering through all the handicraft shops. Make sure you take your camera!

Marrakesh medina. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

6. Jamaa El-Fnaa (the square)

When we visited the world-famous square to see the markets, we were really excited to find fresh orange juice, and take in the smells from the food stalls all around us.

It was quite busy when we arrived. So, we quickly escaped to one of the many rooftop cafes overlooking the square and watched the mayhem from above.

7. Favorite Places to Eat

The restaurants in Marrakesh tend to be either traditional Moroccan food, or they were fusion restaurants serving up tagine and couscous.

Give the Café Clock restaurant a try. It serves up fusion cuisine and was very yummy! Our personal favorite was Café Atay.

Views of Marrakesh. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

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