See the Best of Morocco With This 10-day Itinerary

From the famous Blue City to the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, follow nomads Nick & Hannah – the couple behind the stunning Instagram channel Salt in our Hair – and see the best of Morocco in just ten days.


Photo © Salt in our Hair

Morocco’s climate and landscapes are diverse. And by diverse, I mean we went snowboarding in the Atlas Mountains and camel-riding in the Sahara desert – all in one day!

Luckily, it’s really easy to get around Morocco. Here’s how to see it all in 10 days!

Our 10-day Morocco Trip

Day 1 - From Tangier Airport to Chefchaouen

We took a taxi directly from Tangier Airport to Chefchaouen, which was a two-hour drive.

We arrived in the blue city by night, so we went straight to bed in order to get up early the next morning.

Day 2 - Explore the Blue City

Chefchaouen was the one place we were dying to visit in Morocco.

It’s a mountain village painted in 100 shades of blue – every corner was a different shade to the rest.

We would have loved to spend an extra day here, so we’d suggest you add some extra time in your itinerary.

Nick and Hannah in Chefchaouen. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

Day 3 - Traveling to Fez

We took a four-hour bus ride from Chefchaouen to Fez. This beautiful route passes through the countryside, so, instead of cities, you'll get to see a different side to Morocco. 

Day 4 - Wandering Around Fez

We promise you won’t get bored in Fez; There’s so much to do in and around the city.

It has one of North Africa's oldest medinas, and it’s a surprisingly non-touristy city as it's not on most travelers’ itineraries (for shame!).

Nick and Hannah at Bou Inania Madrasa in Fez. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

Day 5 - Traveling to Merzouga (Sahara Desert, Morocco)

Merzouga is a town on the edge of the Sahara Desert in Morocco. From here, we had a 45-minute drive to the camp where we would be staying for the night.

We think it’s best to do a three-day tour from Fez to Marrakesh.

It’s a five-hour drive from Fez to Merzouga, where you’ll pass through beautiful landscapes and the snow-covered Atlas Mountains.

Day 6 - Sunrise in the Sahara and Marrakesh

We woke up very early after our first night glamping, where we listened to music under the stars and ate delicious food.

We each hopped on a camel, and reached the top of the dunes in time for sunrise over the Sahara Desert.

After breakfast, we were back in the car again, heading to Boumalne Dades, where we’d spend the night before continuing our journey to Marrakesh.

We stopped off to see many sights on our way to Boumalne Dades.

Sunrise from the dunes in the Sahara. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

Day 7 - Heading to Marrakech

On the last day of our tour, we visited Ait Benhaddou, one of the highest points in the snow-covered Atlas Mountains.

By the end of the day, we arrived in Marrakech, ready to dip into the pool at our riad and chill out.

Ait Benhaddou. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

Day 8 & 9 - Marrakech

Marrakech was a great city to end our trip through Morocco.

We wandered around the Medina, bought some souvenirs, stayed in the beautiful riads, and admired all the incredible architecture.

Day 10 - Flying Home

After our last delicious Moroccan breakfast, it was time to fly home from Marrakesh International airport.  Our trip was over!

Looking back, our 10-day route started in Chefchaouen, but you can easily do this the other way around.

We'd also recommend extending the itinerary to 12 days, instead of 10, as it would have been nice to have an extra day in Chefchaouen and in the Sahara.

Is Morocco Safe to Travel?

In our experience, Morocco was a completely safe country to travel in. For women traveling solo, here are a few specific safety tips.

In general, people are really friendly, and they will let you know if they don’t want you to take a picture with them in it.

Always respect the local culture, dress appropriately for your surroundings, and at night, try to stay in the city center (medina) and don't walk alone.

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  • stephen verchinski said

    Never been to Africa. Never rode on the Marrakesh express. I would save all my money just to take her there. And smell the garden in her hair.

    Smell the garden.

  • Lindsey McIntyre said

    I think this is a pretty good itinerary for 10 days. I have led about 5 tours of Morocco now and researched in depth. The only comment I have is that I do think that 1 full day in Chefchaouen is probably enough if you are trying to fit in a lot - the pretty centre of the town is small. I would add Essaouira on to the end of the trip instead for at least 2 days. Its a nice mellow end especially after the madness that is Marrakech.

  • abdessamad said

    try to visit Agadir city, it's also so beautiful city

  • abdessamad said

    I'm from morocco agadir city, anyone if have a question contact me, that's my facebook ( abdessamad cécé )

  • JLG said

    Just returned from a 12 day trip to Morocco and I think this itinerary is good. I would suggest that you try to visit the roman ruins in Vesuvius and the nearby town of Idris. It is very interesting and well preserved. I wish I had visited Agadir as Abdessamad suggested. I heard good things about this town. I will say this, ladies, respect the culture. This is a conservative society and you should respect this. DO NOT walk around in super, short, shorts, skimpy tank tops and skin tight clothes. It is rude and thoughtless. The people of Morocco are very friendly and happy to interact with you. You will find them friendlier if you respect their culture and reserved if you don't.

  • Cindy McCain said

    Good list. I lived in Morocco 2 years solo and I, too, would add Essaouira. I have 2 posts on why on my Southern Girl Gone Global blog. Also the most recent post is on how to spend 48 hours in Marrakesh. It's a frenetic city but I loved living there.

  • Martin Sammy said

    Morocco see you soon blue city

  • Jan Swanberg said

    Great post! We're headed there this fall. Do you have a recommendation for a driver/tour guide for the Fes - Sahara - Marrakesh journey? We want to find someone. Thanks. Recommendations welcome.

  • Lucia said

    I have been travelling and working in Morocco, in the mountains and in Chefchaouen so many times, and feel that this was not enough. I knew from interviews to locals that in Chaouen the houses were repainted blue every Thursday, but this is no longer true. I felt nostalgic while reading this post. I would just add a "savy housewife" trick: if your flight back home is from Rabat, save one day to shop at the market. There you'll find products from allover the Country, not overpriced and you won't have to carry them around in your trip.

  • Angie Rigsby said

    Approximate price please.

  • MCadorette said

    We are thinking of going in December.

    Is there a sensible way to modify this itinerary and include the Roman ruins at Volubilis and Lixus?

    Thanks for the article and the helpful comments it generated.

    Also, if anyone knows a guide, please respond.

    Thank you.

  • me too said

    Visited Morocco some time ago for one month so spent some time in most places. Tangier was worth a couple of days. More time at Essaouira (great), down to Agadir (okay), a fair time in Marrakesh and Fes (must sees), and a week in Chefchaouen (very special). Enjoyed walks in the countryside there, and the most relaxed place in the country. Then headed across to Algeria (a whole other story - not a safe place at the time). Always wanted to go back to Morocco. Can be a very hectic place, but with the extra time up my sleeve, never felt rushed and was happy to just wander around and meet people (Fes is one place it's easy to lose a whole days in just wandering. Aside from the touts the people are friendly and helpful.

  • Lilly Sky said

    Looks amazing!!

  • Susan Dichner said

    My husband and I are planning a trip to Morocco in Sept. and would appreciate any recommendations for tour guides. Thanks

  • Cameron said

    Would def recommend time in tangier & essaouria

  • Salt in our Hair said

    Hi Jan Swanberg,

    We would recommend Desert Day Tours, two young guys doing an awesome job out there. There is a discount code on the original blog for this company. Please see:

  • Salt in our Hair said

    Hi MCadorette,

    Yes you can! Try to do a day trip from Fez which is one of the stops in this itinerary.

  • Salt in our Hair said

    Hi Jan Swanberg,

    We would recommend Desert Day Tours, two young guys doing an awesome job out there. There is a discount code on the original blog for this company. Please see:

  • Salt in our Hair said

    Hi MCadorette,

    Yes you can! Try to do a day trip from Fez which is one of the stops in this itinerary.

  • Salt in our Hair said

    Hi Angie Rigsby,

    Excluding plane tickets we spend 1100 euros (2 pax) in those 10 days. You can do it cheaper but we took a private tour from Fez to Marrakech. (totally worth it by the way)

  • Salt in our Hair said

    Hi Susan Dichner,

    We recommend the guys of Desert Day Tours. Two young man doing an awesome job out there. There is a discount code on the original blog for this company. Find the discount at:

  • Maya said

    Hi! Great blog, thank you so much for sharing. How much should I budget for a trip like this? Thanks you!

  • SOMAYA said

    please add to ur tour tetouan and asila (its a great city) and friendly people but u have to choose a guide with u

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