How to Experience Morocco's Sahara Desert in 3 Days

Nomads Nick and Hannah – the couple behind popular Instagram channel Salt in our Hair – shows you how to squeeze the best out of this stunning desert in just 3 days.


Photo © Salt in our Hair

The Sahara covers an area of 9.4 million sqkm – that’s almost the same size as the United States! So, how can you see the best bits?

With just 10 days in Morocco, we managed to squeeze the best of the Sahara desert into 3 days. Here’s how you can do it too, and why you shouldn’t skip it. 

Marrakesh Sahara Desert Tour (3 days)

Our tour started in Fez because we came from Chefchaouen, the blue city, but the tour is also available from Marrakesh as a return.

We prepared ourselves for a lot time sitting in the backseat driving through the dunes, but the sights we saw along the way made us totally forget about time.

Sahara Desert Tour - Day 1

On the first day, leaving Fez around 8am, our driver took us to Merzouga. Merzouga is the city located at the very beginning of the Sahara Desert.

On our way there, we stopped several times to enjoy the scenery.

Barrage Al-Hassan Addakhil lake. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

Once we arrived in Merzouga, we swapped cars and hopped into a four-wheel drive to take us to our first camp.

Luckily, we got there just in time to watch the sunset.

This was our first time glamping – which is glamorous camping inside a tent – with a bit more luxury. Though we only had a tiny shower, we would definitely do it again and highly recommend it!

That night we had a tasty dinner, and listened to music together while looking up at the millions of stars from the dunes.

Sahara Desert. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

Sahara Desert Tour - Day 2

The next morning we were woken very early in the comfort of our tent, and hopped on a camel to get to the top of a dune.

Just as we reached the top, the sun rose up from the horizon. We felt the temperature rise as the sun changed the color of the dunes into a beautiful soft orange color. Magical!

Sahara Desert Dunes. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

After breakfast, we left in the direction of Marrakesh, stopping at several sites like Tenhir, Tinjdad, Jorf, and Erfoud.

Once the sun began to set, we stopped in Boumalne Dades, where we spent the night in a traditional kasbah.

A kasbah is a house, or palace under the control of a family, where multiple families are living.

Boumalne Dades, Morocco. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

Sahara Desert Tour - Day 3

The drive from Dades to Marrakesh was the most beautiful part of our route.

If you choose to follow our footsteps and drive through the Atlas mountains, you’ll follow along deep cliffs and even see snow!

One highlight was Ait Benhaddou – a famous place where a lot of blockbusters, including Gladiator and The Mummy, was shot.

We had a nice cup of mint tea on top, and there are plenty of places to buy a rug on your way down.

Just before sunset we arrived back in Marrakesh, ending our 3 days in the Sahara Desert.

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