Sweden Discoveries: Mountain Climbing

Join Jordan Nicholson from World Nomads as she scales Sweden’s stunning Mount Funäsberget on an exhilarating Via Ferrata climb.


Follow Jordan as she gears up and learns the safety tips for mountain climbing, before reaching the peak and being rewarded with stunning views of the Swedish landscape.

Jordan Nicholson: The day we went climbing, we went to the local shop that was underneath the climb, and we learned about the gear, learned about the safety of the gear. Today, We're going to climb, Funäs mountain. We just hooked onto the cable with our gear and started climbing up, and it was exciting because it was hard to get going at first. But once we did, we were able to do a bit of climbing and then do a really beautiful hike. I'm having a great time climbing all these boulders. Because I didn't have climbing shoes, I slipped at the beginning of the climb and I felt a little scared at first, but once I was able to move past it, it was exciting. Woo. We made it.

Guide: Three important things you need to think about when mountain climbing is first: always be strapped to a cable, always wear a helmet and never be alone.

Jordan Nicholson: If people are interested in doing the cable climb, I would say do it. Absolutely because you'll get an adrenaline rush during the climb. And you'll also be able to see the beautiful landscape.

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