Sweden Discoveries: The Caves of Åre

Delve deep into the treacherous caves of Åre, Sweden, with World Nomads’ Jordan Nicholson during her whirlwind trip to Jämtland Härjedalen.


Join Jordan on this adrenalin-pumping, caving adventure as she crawls and explores the narrow spaces and large caverns that the forces of nature have created, deep in the earth. With no light other than her helmet torch, watch as Jordan’s senses are heightened while exploring the underground caves of Sweden.

Jordan Nicholson: Right now, we're out in the wilderness. We're about to go into the caves. But before we do that, we're going to get some safety instructions.

Speaker 2: In the cave safety is important, we need to bring the right equipment. With helmets and lights and overall also to have a guide that's an educated guide. For the trip, and, uh, of course I go down.

Jordan Nicholson: Once we got there, got in all of our gear, our helmets, our suits, we're going down in that hole. It was really intense and really exciting because it was such a narrow space. Careful. When you're walking in here, it was very adrenaline pumping being down into the earth so far, without any light, except for your headlamp. When it was that narrow in the cave, I was thinking, I hope I can fit through the two rocks and I hope I don't freak out. It was one of my favorite activities that we did because it was so intense and it was something I had never done before.

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