Colombian Coffee, Why You So Damn Delicious?

Ahh, freshly brewed Colombian coffee. The thunder bean that puts an extra bounce in our step. The trusty companion of students and workaholics everywhere.


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Ordering Coffee, the Colombian Way

It’s a cultural tradition for the cafetero, or Colombian coffee grower.

In the Colombian campo (rural areas), hand-roasted, ground coffee is often prepared in a very simple way by boiling the grounds with panela – an unrefined whole cane sugar – in water. 

The typical coffee preparation is called tinto, or black coffee, with two small sugar straws on the side as sweetener.

They are small but strong. If you prefer to have coffee with milk, request pintadito.

A New Generation of Coffee Growers in Colombia

In the Colombian coffee region, coffee culture is evolving as the tercer ola, or the “third wave,” the most recent generation of coffee producers.

Members of this younger generation are educating their local communities on how to drink good coffee. 

Many are opening their own coffee shops featuring techniques which were previously known only in an obscure first world coffee niche. They are even marketing the farm to table concept in a way that is starting to catch on.

Now, some of the smaller cities of Colombia, like Pereira, are becoming coffee-sophisticated.

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