A Traveler's Guide to Getting Around Bogota

How to get around Bogota like a local, from buses and taxis, to Uber and TransMilenio.


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There’s no metro in Bogota, but the bus rapid transit system, TransMilenio, covers several routes along main roads. It’s the fastest way to escape heavy traffic.

Try to avoid it during rush hour though, as it gets extremely crowded. And always watch your stuff and beware of thieves.

SITP buses

SITP and TransMilenio are the cheapest options to get around. Buy a Tullave card if you plan to use both systems and download the Moovit and TransmiSitp apps for costs, stops, and routes.

Make sure you top up your card in advance for SITP.


Taxis in Bogota are not very expensive. For safety reasons, don't hail a taxi on the street – use apps or call (or have the restaurant, hotel, club call) to order taxis.


This is one of the best and safest ways to get around, although it still faces legal regulation challenges.

Take UberX or UberPOOL for cheaper options, UberBLACK for a premium service, or UberVAN if you're part of a large group.

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