A Guide to Transport and Getting Around Cali, Colombia

It's never easy to make your way around an unfamiliar city, especially if you can't speak the local language! Nomad Simon shares his top tips on modes of transport in Cali.


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Catching the bus in Cali

There’s no metro in Cali, but the Masivo Integrado de Occidente (Mio) mass transit system runs through 95% of the city in separate lanes.

It's a nice way to explore the city too and get to know the lay of the land. The stations remain clean and the carriages are air-conditioned.

You can get a Mio card for 3,000COP (US $1) from many stations. Each trip costs 2,000COP (US $0.70). Try to avoid peak times in the morning and evening, as lines can be lengthy.

Taxis in Cali

Taxis provide a reliable and inexpensive means of transport. Use the EasyTaxi app to order from the plethora of drivers.

Note that minimum fare is 4,200COP ($1.40) and increases slightly after 8.00pm and on Sundays.

Take a taxi in groups to ensure safety, especially at especially at night after exploring the city's nightlife..

Taxis from the airport to the bus terminal costs around 50,000COP (US $16). From there, take a bus or another taxi, which should generally cost no more than 6,000COP (US $2) to the city center or 10,000COP (US $3.30) to the south.

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