33 Useful Hindi Phrases for Traveling in India

While most Indians know English, speaking a little Hindi means you can bargain better, find your way more easily, and perhaps share a good laugh with the locals.


Two men riding in a rickshaw in Haridwar, India. Photo © iStock/nilanewsom

Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India, with the exception of two states – Kerala and Tamil Nadu, who speak their local dialect.

Try out these Hindi terms on an unsuspecting local, and earn yourself some brownie points.

Hindi greetings

Hello/Goodbye: Namaste

My Name is _____: Mera naam   ______ hai

What’s your name? Aapka naam kya hai?

I’m from ______: Main ______ se hoon

Thank you: Dhanyavaad

How are you? : Kaise ho aap?

It’s very nice: Bahut accha hai

I’m fine: Main theek hoon

How to address others in India

Sir: To address a male person across all strata.

Madam: To address a female person across all strata.

Bhaiyaji: Brother in North and Central India.

Behenji: Sister in North and Central India.

Uncle: To address an older, slightly familiar male.

Aunty: To address an older, slightly familiar female.

A tuk-tuk driver in India.
Tuk-tuk driver in India. Photo Credit: Julian Manrique, WhereNext.com

Useful phrases for shopping/haggling

How much is this? Yeh kitane ka hai?

That’s too much: Bahut zyaada hai

Please reduce it: Thoda kum kijiye

Absolutely not: Bilkul nahi

We’ll come again: Phir aayenge

Do you accept cards? Kya aap cards lete hain?

I want this: Mujhe yeh chahiye

I don’t want it! Mujhe nahi chahiye!

I want a small size: Mujhe chotta size chahiye

I want a big size: Mujhe bada size chahiye

I want it in red/green etc.: Mujhe Red/Green chahiye

I want to try it: Mujhe try karna hai

General Hindi terms

Yes: Ji Haan

No: Ji Nahin

I want food: Mujhe khana chahiye

I want water: Mujhe pani chahiye

I’m ill: Main beemaar hoon

Let’s go! : Chalo!

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