Best Nepal Treks in 5 Days or Less

Are you new to trekking, and short on time in Nepal? Here are three short but spectacular treks treks you can do in five days or less.


Photo © Mark Whitman, Kandoo Adventures

Though small, Nepal is home to hundreds of stunning treks that get you off the beaten path and into the glorious wilderness of the Himalayas.

Many of these treks can actually be completed in under a week, making them ideal options for less experienced trekkers, or if you’re short on time.

To help you decide, here are three of Nepal’s best short treks.

Helambu Trek

The Helmabu trek is ideal for families and travelers wanting a short, but beautiful trek that isn't too strenuous.

Because of the trek’s low altitude and generally pleasant temperature, the Helambu trek has grown in popularity in recent years and is now one of the best short trek options in Nepal.

Despite its accessible location near Kathmandu, the Helambu Trek is incredibly tranquil. You’ll get none of the crowds that swarm the more famous routes.

The trek begins an hour from Kathmandu in the town of Sundarijal. From there, you trek up into the local hills past forests of rhododendrons, beautiful waterfalls and glorious, snow-capped peaks.

Considering the low altitude of the trek, the views along the route are spectacular. The largest peaks on offer include Langtang at 23,734 feet (7,234m) and Ganesh at 24,429 feet (7,445m).

The Helambu Trek is also one of the most cultural treks in Nepal. Hikers visit a number of traditional villages where people’s ways of life have changed little over the centuries.

Jomsom Muktinath Trek

If you’re pushed for time, then the Jomsom Muktinath Trek can be completed in as little as 5 days.

The Mustang region is one of the most stunning areas of Nepal and the Jomsom Muktinath Trek is actually part of the larger and far more famous Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Along the route, you’ll witness eight of the world’s 20 tallest mountains including Machhapuchhare at 22,959 feet (6,997m), Annapurna I at 26,538 feet (8,088m) and Nilgiri at 23,097 feet (7,039m).

The altitude is fairly low and inexperienced trekkers will find this an ideal entry-level trek. Just make sure you’ve packed the right gear.

The route follows in the footsteps of the ancient trade route along the Kali Ghandaki river. You’ll visit ancient forts, large caves, and glorious monasteries.

The region provides both lush forest and arid terrain with certain sections of landscape being likened to the moon!

Up until 2008, the Mustang Region was a semi-autonomous Kingdom and much of the local heritage still flourishes, making the Jomsom Muktinath Trek a great cultural experience.

Panchase Trek

One of the hidden gems of Nepal, the Panchase Trek is often looked over by travelers visiting the tiny mountain nation.

With a relatively low altitude and only 4 days long, the Panchase trek is the perfect option for novice hikers or families with children.

Located near Pokhara, the journey begins in style with a boat trip across the beautiful Phewa Lake and is perfect for a short trip if you’re based in Pokhara.

Once on the forest trail, you’ll come across the World Peace Pagoda as you make your way down through the local villages where the rustic way of life still holds sway.

Your final destination at Panchase Hill (8,202 feet or 2,500m) has absolutely epic views! Often considered the best view of Annapurna Massif in Nepal, you’ll be blown away by the glorious panorama.

This article was written by our partner Kandoo Adventures in collaboration with Mountain IQ.

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  • Cise Sakalli said


    We are two couples travelling to Nepal for a period of two weeks from August 1 to August 16 and we would like to do a short trek of 4-5 days during our trip. We realise we are arriving in the monsoon season but we don't want to miss the opportunity of doing a trek once we are in Nepal. I read your recommendations for shorter treks and am interested in finding more about the Jomsom-Muktinah and Panchase treks. The itinerary and costs and any other information you think we should be aware of... I would really appreciate it a lot if you could assist me in finding out.

    Will be looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Catriona Thomas-Brodie said

    Good evening , we are a family of 4 - 2 adults and 2 teenage girls age 14 and 15 - we are fit and would like to fly into Katmandu and see the sights , maybe fly up to loku(?) and do some trekking from there -
    - we will have approximately a week to do this. Any information/ideas you could give us would be great

  • George a Hallaman said

    Send me what you got thank you

  • Melissa said

    I would like to do a 3-5 day hike with my daughter from 30 sept to 3,4 October 2019

  • Bijay Shrestha said

    The Best Treks are especially the Short Trek that we Do. Agree with the List.
    Also would point out a place Famous for the Short Trek in Nepal, Poonhill Trek.
    The Trail of Annapurna. Famous for its Sunrise.
    Must Try Trek when Visiting Nepal.

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