Brexit update for Irish resident policyholders – no impact expected

There's only one thing we can tell you with certainty about Brexit – it won’t have any impact on your issued World Nomads travel insurance policy terms and conditions.
No matter what it brings, whether you’re already abroad, about to leave or are planning on purchasing a policy soon, you can have confidence we will honour the terms and conditions of your policy as they stood when it was issued to you.

What happens if I buy a World Nomads policy after Brexit?

 If you are an Irish citizen or resident there is no impact to your travel insurance policy before, during or after Brexit. If this changes, we’ll certainly keep this page updated as it does.

Is there any additional charge for any Brexit changes?

No. As there are no changes to the policies or our terms and conditions, there will be no additional insurance charges from us because of Brexit.

Will this change my terms and conditions?

No. There is no change to the current terms and conditions because of Brexit.

I already have a policy with World Nomads – will anything change after Brexit?

No. We will honour the terms and conditions of any policy already purchased as they have been issued to you.

I already have a policy with World Nomads and want to make a claim after Brexit. Will this affect any claim I have?

No. Your World Nomads Policy will continue to operate as per the terms and conditions that have been issued to you before and after Brexit, and that includes our claims process.

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