Summer's over - how was your vacation?

According to an exclusive survey released by World Nomads Americans say the summer vacation is special, and different from other breaks, using it to venture to more exotic destinations. Check out the infographic.


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Summer vacation survey

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66% of Americans say the summer vacation is special, and different from other breaks.

It’s also an opportunity to try a new activity and 55% come back with the inspiration and energy to try something new. Because travel is about what you see, taste, and feel, mostly people want to take up photography. 

Recreating the flavors we’ve discovered through cooking is a common new hobby, as are languages, and learning to retell your travel stories through writing. 

How long did we take? 

With many of us having access to limited vacation days we can feel justly jealous of the 20% who took a summer vacation longer than 2 weeks, especially the 2% who took just a day or two.  

In the end 50% took a break of a week or more, evenly split with the 50% who took less than a week. 

Maybe that’s because we use our precious vacation days like a special treat with two-thirds of respondents opting to take more smaller breaks throughout the year. But bravo to the 35% of adventurous souls who take it all in one lump!

Where did we go? 

Summer is the time we shun the staycation with 77% traveling more than 100 miles from home.  Most of those (50%) took the opportunity to explore this great land. But 25% of those who took a vacation boarded a plane and went abroad. 

Vacation disasters? 

Only a handful had a disaster of a trip, and for a lucky 15% it went without a hitch, but the reality of travel is there is always something that goes a little wrong, as almost 80% of our respondents reported (which is why provides travel insurance). 

A third of vacationers admit they now have the travel bug. This vacation has made them hungry for more travel. 

Post-summertime blues 

We love to go hard, 25% said they need a vacation to get over their vacation. But pity the 10% of Americans who have jumped back in the deep end and even though the vacation was recent, they say it feels like ancient history. They should head over to our Explore section to find some inspiration for their next trip. 

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