US & UK Aviation Security: Restrictions to carry-on electronic equipment

Information as of 4 April 2017

On 21 March 2017, the US and UK governments introduced restrictions on electronic equipment being transported on select flights into the US and UK either in carry-on luggage or other accessible property.

These restrictions mean that electronic devices larger than a smart phone coming into the US and certain phones, laptops and tablets coming into the UK now need to be secured in checked-in luggage.

The relevant restrictions are summarised in the table below.

Will these restrictions affect my travel?

If you’re travelling to the US or the UK and stopping at the following locations, you will be affected by these new restrictions:

US travel restrictionUK travel restriction

Travelling to the US and stopping at

  • Cairo (Egypt)
  • Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  • Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
  • Kuwait (Kuwait)
  • Doha (Qatar)
  • Casablanca (Morocco)
  • Amman (Jordan)
  • Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
  • Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

Travelling to the UK and stopping at:

  • Turkey
  • Lebanon
  • Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Jordan
  • Tunisia
Electronic devices restricted:

Electronic items larger than the size of a commonly available smartphone, including but not limited to:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • E-Readers
  • Cameras
  • Portable DVD players
  • Electronic game units larger than a smartphone
  • Travel printers/scanners
Electronic devices restricted:

Phones, laptops and tablets larger than:

  • length: 16.0cm
  • width: 9.3cm
  • depth: 1.5cm

How your policy responds to these restrictions.

Your electronic item(s) will be covered for loss or damage where you are required by the new US and UK laws to put the electronic items in checked-in luggage, subject to the following conditions:

  • you have departed New Zealand; and
  • you have stopped at a country nominated within the travel restriction(s);

and subject to:

  • the maximum we will pay is as defined within your policy wording; and
  • all other terms and conditions are satisfied under the policy.

What is not covered?

These restrictions apply on flights from select locations direct to the US and to the UK as outlined above; restrictions apply whether or not the traveller begins their journey from these locations or is transiting through them.

If travellers do not comply with these restrictions and/or their items are confiscated by the relevant authorities, cover may be excluded.

The policy continues to exclude electronic items carried in checked-in luggage for all other countries not listed in the relevant restrictions.

How long will there be cover?

With this change to the cover offered by our policies, we will closely monitor these events and their impact. Should it be necessary for us to change our position and the requirements explained above, we will communicate that change by posting an update to this website.

How can I learn more?

For the US: Further information is available from the Department of Homeland Security.

For the UK: Further information is available from the Department of Transport.

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