Identified events that may affect your travel and insurance

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Information about travelling and coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • You can only travel to your destination if there is no travel ban in place or if you have an exemption.
  • Government restrictions (such as border closures) may impact your ability to travel, and the cover provided under your policy.
  • This policy will not cover a loss that arises from government intervention including travel bans, border closures or broadly imposed quarantine requirements, or from your failure to follow advice from official bodies.
  • There is no cover for loss arising from failure to follow advice from official bodies, including vaccination advice where applicable.
  • It is important to understand that while a destination has a 'Do Not Travel' warning in place for an event (including COVID-19), our travel insurance won't cover a loss that arises from that event if you: travel to; plan to travel to; or remain in that country or region.
  • Please research the area(s) you are travelling to and read the latest government advice to see if your planned travel is affected. New Zealand travellers - see
For information about World Nomads Travel Insurance and coronavirus cover.

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