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Travel insurance when rock climbing

Check out World Nomads travel insurance plans when rock climbing. Be adequately covered if injuries or extreme weather issues strike.

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Kiwis are a wild bunch…they just love adventure. Combining physical strength, mental focus, and a deep appreciation for nature's wonders, rock climbing has become a popular pursuit for Kiwis seeking exhilaration and excitement. Combine that with a holiday abroad, and you have a recipe for pure fun.

However, whether you're a seasoned climber or a novice enthusiast, rock climbing can be a dangerous sport.

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Having fun while rock climbing. Photo credit: Getty images / Daniel Milchev

What’s covered when rock climbing?

World Nomads offers coverage across two insurance policies (Standard and Explorer) for four different rock climbing activities:

  • Rock climbing (indoor)
  • Rock climbing (outdoor)
  • Rock climbing (bouldering/no ropes/no equipment)
  • Rock climbing (sport climbing/bolted)

Note: some of these activities require package upgrades or specific qualifications. For this reason, we recommend you refer to your Policy Document or contact us before purchasing a travel insurance policy. Please note: soloing/free soloing rock climbing is not covered.

Cover for lost, stolen or delayed baggage

If you’re looking for a location to climb between November and April, check out Krabi province in Thailand – the limestone cliffs have many routes for all skill levels. Keep in mind though, Thailand has some of the busiest airports in the world, and with that comes the possibility of lost baggage. Or even worse your rock climbing gear could go missing in transit or be snatched right under your eyes. If this happens our travel insurance may be able to help.

If you arrive at the airport and your baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours, both our Standard and Explorer plans offer cover for the cost of essential items (think jocks, socks, and a toothbrush). And if the unthinkable has happened and your baggage or climbing gear is lost or stolen, we may cover the original purchase price to replace the items.

Rock climbing at sunset
Rock climbing at sunset. Photo credit: Getty images / Daniel Milchev

What to look out for when rock climbing

Let’s not sugar-coat it, rock climbing’s all about mental and physical strength and stamina – one small slip-up can, unfortunately, end badly. Also, even the best climbers can be affected by natural challenges, for instance, what if you’re climbing the sheer limestone walls of Frankenjura, Germany and find yourself impacted by falling loose rock? Our travel insurance coverage could assist with any overseas medical care needed to get you back on your feet again.

Here are some of the ways travel insurance could come in handy on your next overseas trip:

Cover for over 150 sports, activities and experiences: Yosemite National Park is renowned as a world-class destination for rock climbing. And hiking. And kayaking. And cycling. World Nomads provides travel insurance for more than 150 activities, sports and experiences. While this list might seem exhaustive, it doesn’t cover everything. That’s why you shouldn’t take for granted that your preferred activities will be covered. You can’t upgrade your level of cover mid-way through your holiday, so do consider this wisely.

Cover for stolen gear: Travel insurance may help you continue to ‘rock on’ if someone decides they like your gear more than you do and steals it. Both the Standard and Explorer policies offer coverage for the cost of stolen belongings (up to policy limits).

What’s not covered

Some things we may not cover include:

  • World Nomads does not offer coverage for free soloing – so make sure you keep those ropes firmly attached!
  • World Nomads won’t cover you if you overestimate your vertical limit skills and put yourself in dangerous situations – this includes breaking local laws and warnings.
  • Competing at an international event as a national representative.
  • Any remote search or rescue operations to remove you from a life-threatening situation (unless covered by natural catastrophe).
  • Follow the local laws and regulations – whether it’s respecting the local customs or respecting the fragile ecosystems of the beautiful places you’re lucky enough to discover, it’s always important to remember travel insurance doesn’t cover breaking the law.
two rock climbers
Two rock climbers. Photo credit: Getty images / Solovyova

Key tips for your rock climbing trip

  • Ensure you have a clean bill of health before you go: climbing isn't just a bit of a walk in the park, you need to be in top-notch form to scale those crags. Don't forget to have a quick check-in with your doc and sort out any necessary vaccinations or medicines, depending on where you're headed. Speaking of general health; make sure you refer to your Policy Document before leaving, as we often don’t offer coverage for existing medical conditions.
  • Rock climbing can be dangerous – take the time to plan your adventure in detail. It’s important to assess the route difficulty, comparing it to your experience level – because while it’s good to challenge yourself, the outcome won’t be much fun if you realise you’ve bitten off more than you can climb, halfway up!
  • Do you know what likes crags? Rock climbers…and…ticks. Do you know what likes rock climbers? Ticks. Because: yum. Tick bites can cause Rocky Mountain Fever and Lyme Disease, which can result in your holiday being interrupted by a hospital trip. It’s always best to do a thorough check of your body and gear after every climb.
  • Check your gear! Safety is paramount when rock climbing, and safety starts with a thorough inspection of all your climbing gear – before, and after every single climb.
  • Rock climbing requires physical strength and ability – we recommend you speak to your doctor before embarking on your journey just to be sure that you’re medically fit for the challenge.
  • Inform a local assistance company and your family of your rock-climbing location and trekking route and policy details.
  • Make sure to use a qualified tour guide if you're rock climbing as part of a group.
  • Check which countries your rock-climbing trip passes through to ensure your policy covers you for that region.
  • For the intrepid rock climber, be aware a higher policy excess applies if you need to be medically evacuated within Nepal.

This is only a summary of coverage and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the policy. You should read your Policy Document in full, so you understand what is and isn’t covered. That way there won’t be any surprises if you need to use it. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

The information provided is of a general nature and is provided for information purposes only. It does not constitute financial advice in any form and should not be relied on as a substitute for obtaining professional advice that is specific to your circumstances. You should seek advice from a financial advice provider if you would like further information about whether a particular product is appropriate for you and your circumstances.

Traveller tip: no one plans for a natural disaster, but unfortunately, they happen. If your whole trip or your rock climbing session is interrupted by a natural disaster and you’re forced to extend your stay, our travel insurance may cover the reasonable and necessary costs (up to policy limits).

Travel insurance tip: if you’ve already arrived at your overseas holiday destination and forgot to buy travel insurance before leaving New Zealand, don’t panic. You can visit the World Nomads website at any time of the day or night to purchase a policy.

Traveller tip: if your climbing gear is stolen, it’s imperative you get on the front foot by reporting it to the authorities and obtaining a police report. After that, we ask that you contact us to submit a claim. Always keep copies or originals of any receipts in case you need to make a claim for stolen gear and valuables.

Traveller tip: rock climbing can get gnarly, which is why doing your research into travel insurance could be a wise decision. Make sure you take the time to understand what you're signing up for, including what happens if you need to be plucked off a mountain or need a bit of patching up. Do your research, back the ropes, and conquer the world – one rock face at a time!

Travel insurance. Simple & flexible.

Travel insurance for independent travelers and intrepid families. Nobody wants to think about all the things that could go wrong on their trip, but these things can and do happen. So be prepared and get your travel insurance today.

True Claims Stories

  • Never travel without insurance. This was the first time I ever purchased travel insurance and I am so glad I did. A few days into my trip to Spain I twisted my foot heading down to the metro. Thanks to World Nomads I was able to get medical attention in Spain and since, as luck would have it, I had a fracture that required surgery, they got me a flight home the next day. Filing a claim was surprisingly easy and when the claim was finally processed, I was reimbursed for all of my expenses including things like the extra week in the hotel I didn't get to take advantage of.
    U.S. resident in Spain
  • I recently had a serious injury traveling on my own & the team was amazing. Being confused with a brain injury they took care of everything. Claiming was no problem, they were on the phone constantly to see if all was OK. I can't recommend them enough. Absolutely fantastic & l will always travel with World Nomads Insurance. Thanks guys for getting me home safely.
    Australian in Thailand
  • I was bitten by a monkey at the Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur. I went to a nearby clinic and they gave me a rabies shot, antibiotics to take for 4 days, pain medicine, and anti-inflammatory medicine.
    Canadian in Malaysia

Travel Insurance Benefits: how we can take care of you

Trip Cancellation

Protect your trip from unexpected cancellation.

  • Explorer Plan: Unlimited
  • Standard Plan: $5,000
Trip Protection
  • Unexpectedly hospitalised?
  • Travel buddy unfit to travel?
  • Been made redundant?

We’ve got your back.

Emergency Medical Overseas

Take the pain out of medical costs.

  • Explorer Plan: Unlimited
  • Standard Plan: $5,000,000
Emergency Medical Insurance
  • Need meds quick?
  • Accidentally injured?
  • Suddenly sick?

We’ve got your back.

Emergency Medical Transport

We'll get you to hospital in a flash

  • Explorer Plan: Unlimited
  • Standard Plan: $500,000
Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Banged up abroad?
  • Need a hospital urgently?
  • Medivac home?

Help starts here.

Protect your gear

Cover your stolen or damaged gear and tech.

  • Explorer Plan: $10,000
  • Standard Plan: $2,000
Protect your gear
  • Luggage lost?
  • Airline lost your gear?
  • Tech trashed?

Help starts here.

  • Overseas Medical Expenses
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • 24 hour assistance
  • Emergency medical transport & repatriation
  • Cancellation costs
  • Trip interruption costs
  • Compassionate emergency visit home
  • Resumption of trip
  • Theft or accidental damage to baggage and personal items
  • Baggage delay over 12 hours
  • Funeral expenses overseas or repatriation of remains
  • Personal liability
This is a general summary for New Zealand residents only. Restrictions, exclusions and limitations will apply. Benefit limits may vary depending on the plan chosen. Check the policy documents for full details.

24/7 emergency assistance

If you need medical assistance or emergency medical evacuation our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year before and during your trip.

Are you in need of emergency assistance right now?

From New Zealand & Overseas:
+61 2 8263 0470 or
+61 2 8292 1470
(reverse charges via an operator from anywhere in the world)

Within Australia (Free call): 1800 611 210