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Video: Hairstyles on the Streets of Havana

No matter how isolated a country is, the young people will always find a way to express themselves.

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By Stephen Friedman


6 Jul 2018 - 7 Minute Read


This barber shop was across the street from the carpentry shop. We’d noticed that men in Cuba are more focused on their looks than the women are – especially younger men – and we kept seeing guys going in and out of this salon. Their hairstyles were really elaborate, and seemed to be inspired by '80s movies or comics. It felt like the Jersey Shore of the West Indies.

While we were there, it started raining. The guys didn’t want to get their hair wet, so they were looking for plastic bags to cover their heads. One guy had a date, and was waiting for the rain to stop so he wouldn’t ruin his hairstyle. It just showed us that, wherever you go, young people will always find ways to express themselves.

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