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Video: When It Rains in Havana, It Pours

For Cuban kids, a sudden downpour is an opportunity for adventure.

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By Stephen Friedman


6 Jul 2018 - 6 Minute Read


This video happened by chance. We were walking through the heart of old Havana, planning to film cutaway shots of buildings, when suddenly, it started pouring, and everything came to life. Dozens of kids suddenly came out of the woodwork and began sliding around on the wet sidewalk. I was struck by the contrast between them and children in the developed world – instead of sulking, or relying on tech for entertainment, these kids made their own fun. They saw the rain as an opportunity for adventure.

Being in this moment with the kids was one of the highlights of our time in Cuba. It made me reminisce about my own childhood, and wonder, “Why do we have to grow up?”

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Stephen was born in South Africa. A former professional surfer and male model, he made his mark in the television and film industry by creating, producing, and selling his first title ("The Blueprint") to Fox Networks at the age of 23. His production company, Save Your Day Films, has dozens of projects in development and preproduction, covering reality TV, animation, documentaries, and features.

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