Is Albania Safe? How to Avoid Crime and Scams

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Here are six important things you should know to stay safe in Albania. From crime and scams to earthquakes and border tensions, our travel safety expert shares her advice.


Sunset on the Adriatic Sea above Sarande, Albania Photo © Getty Images/Joel Carillet

Tourism in Albania has been flourishing since the end of communism in the early 1990s. Most locals are friendly, welcoming and willing to help. While you should always use your common sense and the usual safety precautions (be aware of your surroundings in public and be careful with your personal property), this is generally a country where walking around is safer than the UK or USA.

Here are a few tips to stay safe while traveling in Albania.

1. Is crime a problem in Albania?

The short answer, no. It's pretty safe to travel around Albania. Albania does have petty crime, but no more than a major city would elsewhere. Crime is rare, and most locals are hospitable and welcoming to travelers. Violent crime rarely affects visitors, unlike the questionable driving habits of many locals.

Tourism is becoming popular in Albania and this will boost the economy, however pickpocketing does happen (significantly less than other major European destinations such as Paris or Barcelona) so always secure your belongings and be aware of your surroundings, including on public transport.

Carjacking is rare in Albania, but vehicle theft is widespread, so make sure your vehicle is locked and keep your posessions well hidden in the trunk. Always try to park your rental vehicle in a secure car park where security cameras or attendants are available.

Harassment of women in the streets is rare.

2. Border crime in the Balkan region

The Albania-Kosovo border in the north east of the country is considered unsafe because Albanians are a heavily-armed people (there's been a lot of cross-border trouble over the centuries).

In general, criminals leave foreigners alone, however there have been a number of reports of travelers being robbed at gunpoint by armed gangs, so keep your valuables secure and out of sight.

Adding to the lawlessness of the north, there are unexploded landmines from wars and conflicts in the region. This includes the cities of Bajram Curri and Tropoje. Stick to paths and marked trails to be safe.

3. Credit card fraud in Albania

Credit card fraud is common in Albania, and you should exercise caution by not letting your card out of sight when making a transaction.

Visitors need to be very careful when using ATMs. Be alert for strangers looking over your shoulders at the PIN number, and also for any interference with the machine itself that could indicate a camera or card scanner that steals your details when you scan your card.

If you fear the ATM may have been tampered with, wait to find another secure ATM that is attached to a bank, and use it during open hours to get help from staff if you require assistance.

4. Travel scams to watch out for in Albania

Bar scams

Travelers have reported being overcharged a lot for foreign beers, especially when costs for food and drink in Albania are generally low (except for some parts of the riviera and the capital).

You may be asked to buy a drink for the bar owner or waitress, and then you will get charged a premium. Don't do it.

It's also worth avoiding bars and nightclubs which are associated with any type of prostitution or exotic dancing, as these are the spots where a lot of Albania's gun violence occurs.

Work experience scams

Many students and gap year travelers like to earn money while making their way around the world and find jobs in interesting places.

Unfortunately there have been reports of some Albanian agencies not being quite what they seem, and potential employees have found themselves without a placement despite parting with a hefty agency fee.

Check the bona fides of any agency as best you can. Ask them for details of past employees and contact them yourself. Legitimate agencies will be happy to hand over details to help you make an informed decision.

5. Firearm use in Albania

It's estimated that across Albania there are around ~100,000 tons of stockpiled munitions in various depots. These ad hoc magazines present a significant danger from explosion and are only slowly being controlled and dealt with appropriately. In 2008, there was a major explosion close to a motorway just outside Tirana at an ex-military depot.

Guns are widely used in Albania, and it is estimated there are approximately 210,000 illegally held firearms in the country, and there is little security or attention to storage in the average domestic home.

Nightclubs are the sort of place where a bump becomes a shove and then a gang fight or shoot out, with little notice and it's important to be vigilant at all times.

6. Natural dangers in Albania

While crime isn't a major threat to your trip, natural dangers may cause delays or disruptions to your plans.

Albania is located in a seismically active region, where large earthquakes do occur from time to time. In November 2019 a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck northwest of the capital, Tirana. In the unlikely event that a serious earthquake does occur while you're there, review your accommodation's evacuation plan, and become familiar with the best survival tips for when an earthquake strikes.

Before you go hiking in the mountains or remote areas of Albania, tell someone at your accommodation about your plans. Let them know when you're planning to return, and give them an idea on where you are going. Keep a close eye on the weather – if there are severe weather conditions, consider delaying your adventure for another time when it is safe to do so.

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  • vm said

    I've been to Albania plenty of times and nothing negative has ever happened. The food is great and albanians which are Shqiptar are very loyal people that will protect their friends and family no matter what. I've been living in the US for awhile now, and its difficult to find people that are genuinely your true friends. Although I have not had the luxury of meeting many albanians in the US, i'd say my two albanian friends will always be there for me no matter what, and I can't say the same for any other ethnic groups I associate with...there is a lot of negative propaganda about albanians in the media, and it may be true that those who do the crimes are more from the North or Kosove, but that's probably because of the bloodshed/killings/suppression that these people have endured from Serbs and other opposing nations over the course of history. Albanians are the native people of Europe and they have not been given the respect they deserve, but instead their land has been stripped from them and their people suppressed outside the borders of main land albania. I can't speak for albanians outside the albanian border, but as a born child of main land albania, there is nothing terrible about my people. They are family oriented and very hard working. Most of these people unfortunately have emigrated for better opportunties which has held Albania back by leaving selfish people in office for many years, with no progress or hope for the country. Albania needs leaders who work to serve their people and not themselves. Unfortunately, corruption is everywhere. It's the people that suffer. There is nothing Gypsy-ish about albanians, but Albania does have a Gypsie population that live there and speak our language. There is nothing negative about this. And as for mixing of other races, it is inevitable in a biological perspective. There has been mixing of races everywhere in the world, but that doesn't mean that other races are 100% bad. People are so ignorant. I am an educated Albanian and I am proud to be Shqiptare, and at the same time, I respect all beings and judge them on their individual actions, not as a whole. I don't believe that we deserve the bad reputation, as we've been victims throughout history.


  • Caroline mills said

    i once taught an Albanian to drive, he worked at a local car wash run by his cousin, as it turned out he was married to an older very shall we say well rounded British woman of 43 he was 21. He used to get me to drop him at the shop at the corner of his street in his own words ( to get his protection for the weekend lol ) to cut a long story short he got removed from the uk ( not deported the difference being he was asked if he wanted to return to work ) he was found to be having an affair whilst married to his bungalow ( she said she didn't have much up top ie brains) well she was brainy enough to find him out and have him lifted while his visa ran out.expired due to telling immigration he was a liar...he has since returned to work which is unbelievable of the uk to let him back here, fascinating story and one I KNOW has been the case in so many of these foreign romances.


  • Greg said

    I have been there multiple times and have not had any issues at all .. It is a lot safer than Baltimore or St Louis .


  • Ida said

    If you haven't been to Albania don't say anything, you've never experienced it. And why believe the Internet? You know what they say, the Internet sometimes lies. It's true some Albanians are bad, but look at the U.S., there are more bad people here then there are in Albania, trust me I've been to Albania a lot, and frankly it's not that bad. And what makes you so sure those people who are bad are Albanian? Just because they live there that doesn't mean anything. There are not as much shqipetars as there used to be but I'm proud to say I'm one of them ???????????????????????? Do I make my point?


  • Charlie Chandler said

    I have been to Albania it,s safer there than a lot of places in the USA.


  • Lost Soul said

    I met an Albanian guy who was my life saver. He was kind and sweet.
    It is too bad that he died.
    Then I met another Albanian guy.
    I gave him all my heart. We were supposed to get married
    I'd known this guy for a long time.
    Yes this Albanian guy was VERY family oriented.
    So much that when his little brother went to jail for shooting someone, my former friend thought nothing of getting into my suitcase and stealing ALOT of MY MONEY and also going thru my wallet and jotting down my debit card number and hacking me
    He went to his family using my money for the bus, and using my credit card on the way.
    I didn't figure out that it wasn't that his apartment was not broken into as he had claimed, and no I don't think he really turned in a police report.
    I didn't figure out it was actually him until his relationship status on Facebook went from In a Relationship to Single, and the coward will not answer his phone.
    Coward with no balls!
    So here is the just of it with Albanians
    They can either be an angel who would do anything for you
    One of Satan's own.
    So be careful until you are positive what type you have in your life.
    I learned the hard way. On his turf. Now all I can do is hope his karma gets him real good and he finds Big Bubba being his roommate real soon!


  • Noneed said

    Po shoh qe fjala Shqiptar eshte shkruar :- Shqipetar...
    Shume probleme jane krijuar me gjuhen shqipe pas renies se komunizmit...

    Duhet shkruar Shqiptar dhe jo Shqipetar. Degredimi i gjuhes shqipe ka ardhur si pasoje e vakumit qe u krijua me ikjet e "trunit" jashte territorit dhe per fat te keq gjuha e sotme shqipe po humbet. Fjale te tilla si "pershendetje" jane te sajuara keto vitet e rremujes, analfabetizmit, dhe te konfuzjonit dhe jo tradicionale. Kadare nuk ka ba aq shume per te kritikuar injorantet qe kane ngelur neper zyra dhe qe mendojne se ata kane te drejte te bejne gjuhen shqipe. j


  • Citizen said

    I live in London and I meet A LOT of Eastern Europeans every fucking single day as I work in customer service and I NEVER meet an Albanian person to make me believe that Albanians are nice people, not even a single one. All are rude, messy and treat everyone with superiority. Not to say that they look that they have just escaped from a jungle and don't have any idea what to do next. I can see an Albanian from hundreds of meters away by how is walking and looking around. Believe it or not stupidity can be seen with the eyes and Albanians are fucking stupid peasants, every single one of them. I still expect the Albanian to prove me that I'm wrong but I don't think that this will happen in this life.


  • Ben G said

    I'm deeply disturbed that this website allows such racist, hateful and inappropriate public comments about Albanians such are all dodgy wankers.


  • Andi said

    Im Albanian ????????????????????????????But seriously though when there is one small mistake in Albania everyone exaggerates like Shuuut Uupbwhat about your country they make some mistakes we dont put fire up are arse and also wtf is this article talking about its full of BS.


  • G said

    I'm Albanian and although it can be dangerous it's just a lil rough around the edges ya kno once u go it's super fun and awesome and I'm so glad to be apart of such an uniquely amazing country kuq e zi♥️????


  • Luka Zekic said

    I despise Albania and its people, the nationalist Albanians are truly a shitstain, they claim to own Montenegro, and as a Montenegrin, I don't like Albania, I want reunited Yugo


  • Jessica said

    I went on holiday to Albania multiple times, and I can say that when they find out you are a foreigner they knock up prices, that's why my mother, who is Albanian even tells me not to speak english when we are in an Albanian shop. My father, whilst driving us to the beach, went to stop for petrol and it was so expensive for not even alot of petrol! My parents are both Albanian and they have no problem speaking out about the horrors of this country, because nobody can deny it... It's not a perfect country, but the beaches are perfect, they care for their animals, they have special bonds and everybody loves to visit Albania.


  • LE said

    omg what am i reading. Let me tell all of you something. Ive been in Germany, France, Italy ecc and everywhere i met the worse people in theworld but this means nothing to me. I cant say that all people of Germany, France,Ita ly ecc are bad people. I also met the kindest people in the world. You guys know nothing. Go there live there and meet there the worst politions and lets talk again. Albanian people love the family and take care of it. And when we grow up or married we never let our parents alone, like u do,we live together and respect them till the end. We have our mistakes like everyone could but we have lot of others good thinks that i dont want to explain to people that doesnt matter. I ha ve lot of foreign friends that love to hear me speaking for Albania. Also me i hear them with love about their countries. Im not racist i respect every person who is good, no matter or he/she is from. Im 100% Albanian and damm very proud. Respect


  • Ryan said

    I'm Albanian... And I agree. Not only are they criminals, but the people in general are stupid. The wages are seriously low (200 dollars a month for one of the most high paying jobs) which I seriously think even working at McDonald's would give you more money than that crap, but people honestly don't give a shit about that because they like showing off with the newest iPhone because they have nothing else to do with their lives. And oh, before anyone gets triggered saying "I've been to Albania for 2 months blah blah" well you know what? It's easy for you to say that from a tourist's standpoint, but you should really try living there for a year or more and see how miserable you get. The schools are awful, in fact most of the teachers are straight communists and same goes for 99.9% of principals, not only do they barely even teach anything but even if someone literally fucking beats you up and throws you to the ground, they still blame you for it because they're secretly being paid by the bully's family. Most stuff here is just wrong.
    But hey, there's still good things on the horizon.
    Except for the people, the tourist attractions are very nice. Sure, the socialists who run this country have destroyed some very irreplaceable landmarks, but in general the tourist attractions are beautiful. Going to Durres or the Beach of Durres feels shiny and fresh, even if you go there every year like I do. There's very awesome tourist landmarks like the Sphinx stairs in Durres (which are SO good, especially if you visit them in the afternoon).
    So yeah, this is pretty much my opinion on Albania.


  • Paulo said

    I travelled in Albania and felt scared the whole trip. Myself and 2 other guys. Got to the Yugoslav/Albania border at around midnight and got told that for our own safety we would have to wait till morning to be let thru. This was due to the risk of car jacking, robbery or even worse being murdered. Once thru, we saw van loads of people with guns out the windows. Poverty everywhere, dirty and dodgy people. Roads were run down and so many in road worthy cars. Was a happy day the day we got to the Greek border!


  • Tj said

    I traveled through Albania last summer with my daughter, two women roaming from Tirana to Vlore to Sarande to Himara, hiking through the Valbona valley, over the border into Kosovo, took a bus through Macedonia to Bulgaria. Never had one problem. I realize traveling a country is different than living in one but as two women tourists we felt very safe and had a great time.
    I would highly recommend it.


  • Maria David said

    Albania is a beautiful and historical country but like the city Elbasan


  • Reg said

    Although I find some of the characterizations of Albanian people (above), to be no better than hackneyed cliches, drawn from out-dated reports & stereotypical descriptions. I suppose that any person's negative experiences can be in conflict with the norm, and when the memory of such experience is reported, the effect of this truth may be both disturbing and informative going forward. However, unless such impressions are conveyed with specific references to a context, identify who, what, when where & why, any report can be an inaccurate or misleading characterization of what other travelers may expect in a place they visit.
    I can say with assurance that many of the comments above defy reason, and are in direct conflict with my own experience when traveling in areas I had been forewarned were dangerous to visit unless in a group, spoke the language, or something else. The few Albanians I know personally are intelligent, educated people and almost all of them seem to belong to functional, socially productive families. However, I am also acquainted with a few criminal immigrants from Albania; one of whom expressly threatened my safety several times over the time that we were in contact. He said that his step-father (a known gangster in NYC), would harm me and my family if I reported his behavior to anyone. I know him well enough to have no reason to doubt the sincerity of his threats and mal-intent, and this very intelligent young man was obviously raised in an environment where violence and criminality are acceptable. At the age of 16, he was so familiar with the various elements and function of an automatic firearm, that he could make accurately detailed drawings of it from multiple views, and would draft "exploded views" from memory. However, this damaged teen is neither model nor spokesperson for Albanian culture &/or ethnicity, His personal defects wouldn't influence any decision to travel in Albania.
    Travelers often stand out, and presented in a particular location or circumstance may even invite misadventure when immediate surroundings and appearance put them at a disadvantage. No matter where you go there may be dishonest people, criminals, and people who may take advantage of others. Travelers and outsiders can be robbed anywhere, but it's unreasonable to characterize any nationality or cultural group on the basis of the behaviors of the least among them. Its a better idea to read up-to-date State department bulletins and official warnings to travelers to inform decisions about travel to destinations or within areas that have a reputation that is of concern,
    No matter where you go, or who you are with, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and to keep your documents and funds secure. This is especially so when traveling in unfamiliar places and where you don't speak or understand the language.

    Personally, I would love to spend some time in Albania, and I hope that I will have the opportunity to do so.


  • Hannah said

    I am welsh and met a fab group of Albanian men recently and honestly they are the nicest men I’ve ever spoken too ! I’ve always been the first to judge and be scared when it comes too people who speak a different language to me, however we met 1 week ago I’ve been messaging kreshnik one of the men and we are learning each other our language he is so nice honest and bloody good looking !! I hope to visit Albania one day the videos I’ve seen look beautiful everyone has different opinions and I believe you need too experience it for yourself before you judge everyone is different . Kreshnik has made me happier in the past week than I’ve ever been so hopefully he’s not just scamming me but he seems honest and so far he’s spent on me and taken nothing from me x


  • Lm-kingpin said

    Albania is great and very safe . People are nice to, Ju shqipfolsa qe shani vendin tuaje ropt ja u qifsha mu ne goje


  • Dubaimachines said

    I have been to Dolores Tirana and some other cities, people are really nice. I loved the place.


  • Shanda said

    I met an Albanian while traveling in Italy. I'm a US citizen and he's an Albanian citizen as a waiter at an Italian restaurant. We started messaging each other on Whatsup since i've been back in the US. He claims he loves me but started asking money for this and that. He's only 21 but acts 35 and i am twice his age. I know he is just scamming me. He started professing his love for me. Like really? you don't even know me. I'm supposed to go back and visit him in a cpl of months but after reading this message board and other gut instincts I don't think I will go. I'm afraid he will rob me and murder me.


  • Marseu said

    All the Albanians saying this article is biased. But aren't you biased yourself? One needs only to take a look at crime statistics and see how the country fares. Anything else is biased and stupid.

    Numbers never lie. Albanian, as a whole, is not as safe as, for e.g., the whole of UK. So let's just leave it as that.


  • ckvb said

    definitely read from the bloggers who have traveled in the same fashion you plan to instead of sources being paid to publish statistics. however, i have been to some of eastern europe as a solo female american national and i was well taken care of. albanians - and many other countries - only want you to see their beautiful home and enjoy it. they want you to feel safe because their culture is very protective and hospitable. muggings and card theft happen anywhere, ive been mugged in las vegas nevada twice and spent a month alone in pakistan feeling safer than there. i grew up in alaska which has a fairly large albanian population. they always went to public school, had lots of friends, and always made it a point to visit albania as much as possible. super loyal to their culture/heritage. the parents were sometiems small business owner and very family loyal. the kids usually learned the trade and joined or took over the business later. my experience with them was always school and parties where they were always just good energy to be around. the kids are always fluent in the language and smoke cigarettes and other trends from albania. they are the most loyal/protective people ive ever met. they are street smart and always looking out for their family and friends best interest. but they still dont like the serbians and vice versa.


  • Shqiptaret said

    As far I borned albanian being 21 years live here things u should never say or do to Albania in order to avoid harming and casualties

    Don't offend from their family
    Don't mess with them for no reason
    Don't do gangs trip on them
    Its true Albania don't have crime reputation on own county cause most of them are abroad criminals are notorious on the UK


  • E p said

    So here you have the people that hate Albanians and the one who loves them
    So don’t take advice from here go to some of the bloggers and travel channels they will tell you the truth

    Meanwhile be happy and travel the world safely because it doesn't matter where you are in the world you will always find arseholes xx


  • M.Z said

    I can do more for my contry.


  • Joseph Donahue said

    Definitely believe that which you said. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the internet the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people consider worries that they just don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people could take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks


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