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"Perfectly safe." That's how many travellers in different travel forums have described the Republic of Macedonia, formerly known as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
Indeed, one can travel around this small landlocked nation with minimal paranoia.

We say minimal because, like anywhere else, it has its troubles, which can be easily avoided by following some simple tips.

Most criminal activity is of the petty, opportunistic kind. Pick-pocketing and purse-snatching tend to be the worst, so common-sense in crowded and touristic areas should apply.

The hotspots for thieves are the Skopje city centre including the Main Square (Ploshtad), the Trgovski Center Mall, the riverfront, and the Old Town. The city's rascals have developed an unique tactic to distract victims and empty their pockets: they send a large group of children to swarm them and pester them for money.

Overwhelmed by the tot mob, a wallet can be snatched unnoticed.

If you get swarmed and can't shake them off, keep your hands firmly on your valuables and walk quickly to a restaurant, cafe or shop.

Exercise caution when walking at night. Keep to well-lit areas with plenty of people. The Vardar river bank has been known to host shady characters after sunset. Better to not carry valuables if strolling at night.

There are some levels of organized crime, but violence is confined to rival gang members. Unless you are planning a life in the underworld, you'll be safe from the occasional grenade and firefight.

More worrisome is the growing threat of credit card fraud. Use plastic only for large purchases at trusted businesses, like hotels and car rental companies.

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  • Zoran Kuzmanovski said

    What what is this?
    First is safe. Pick-pocketing is very low. If some one try to do that just shout police or help at all of your voice. The locals ll help you. You can walk free at our main square Macedonia is very safe, also you can even socializing-hang a round. Don't you worry about Old Bazaar and old town. There always Macedonians that it ll help you. I did that few times. Also there always a peace in our country. Fu*ck the politics. Visit our Kale fortress. Try to go and climb to Mt.Vodno. There is a excellent view at all town from there. Also we got very rich history, so go and visit some of our Orthodox churches read about some of our heroes, you can see many monuments in our town Skopje. Go in some of our Restaurants, try our Macedonian food. Also in down town rest price are a bit high, so you can go at Boemska Ulica- Boem st. In Debar Malo. There are lots of Restaurants with cheep price .Our stone bridge is very old, mayby is one of the 1st at south Balkan. Try to see Canyon Matka too is out of Skopje town but is very beautiful and romantic. Go to Scupi too, that is Rome age town or even older town, catch and Roman Aqueduct is very ancient.
    If you wanna get a cab-Taxi use the Taxi company like Taxi Vodno, Taxi Panorama, Taxi Park, all of them got even discount, you can see yellow marks on the cars with numbers. Every one, every car got marks with numbers microfone and taxi station, Taximeter and cash register, Remember always ask for a bill. If you think that something is wrong you can complain. Just Remember the number of the TAXI car his sing are always on top. Call the Taxi company and explain what happened. Here are some of Taxi comp numbers if you dial form you cell phone with your number in Macedonia for Taxi Vodno dial ++389215191 for Panorama dial ++389215160 for Taxi Park ++389215158 also visit this web . DO NOT USE TAXI DOWN OR AT Railway station or Intercity bus stop(they are on the same spot down is Intercity bus stop and up is Railway)
    There are some basic info for town Skopje. For any help contact me on my Face Book page May the God be with you that you read this.

  • ariori akeem alade said

    hello sir

  • Nur said

    4th day of my trip to Skopje im harrasted by two guys definitely not safe besides many beggars they just stick on you.

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