What to Know Before You Consider Traveling to Libya

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Think twice before booking a trip to Libya. This is what you need to know about crime, political unrest and the threat to your personal safety.

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Many foreign governments recommend their citizens do not travel to Libya due to ongoing conflict following the blood-soaked war to oust the Gadaffi dictatorship, and the civil war that has been crippling the country since 2014.

Read your Government's travel advice and warnings before making a decision to travel to Libya. Warnings from your Government may have severe implications for your travel insurance. Talk to your insurance provider about your plans to travel to Libya.

Conflict in Libya

The roads to the Tunisian and Libyan borders are currently open, but ongoing conflict could cause these roads to close without warning.

Due to the ongoing military operations, you should not travel at night. Although road conditions are reasonable throughout Libya, driving standards are poor and the volume of traffic is heavy. Wind-blown sand can reduce visibility quickly.

Cash and identification

Visitors are required to carry identification documents at all times.

Libya is a cash society and credit card use is extremely limited. Travelers' cheques are not accepted and the number of ATMs is extremely limited. You should use official money exchange counters or banks as penalties can be imposed for transactions with unauthorised currency dealers.

Make two photocopies of valuables such as your passport, tickets, visas and travelers' cheques. Keep one copy with you in a separate place to the original and leave another copy with someone at home.

Petty theft

While traveling, don't carry too much cash and remember that expensive watches, jewellery and cameras may make you a target for petty theft.

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