Norway's Wilderness - How to Survive It Safely

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and many visitors come to see the mountain scenery and the wilderness of the Arctic tundra.

Venturing into the Norwegian mountains and wilderness requires preparation at any time of the year. The conditions are harsh and the weather can suddenly change.

When driving across the mountains it is very important to have a full tank of fuel, warm clothing, snow chains and food. Even on a hot day the weather can change and it is essential to have waterproof clothing and warm layers. Always inform someone where you are going and your route.

Listening to weather warnings is essential in Norway. Local hotels can advise on weather conditions and it is possible to rent equipment in Norway. Visitors should be aware that in Norway there is an expectation that a person can manage on their own in the wilderness and therefore you will need to prepare wisely.

Hypothermia & frostbite risk in Norway's wilderness

Hypothermia and exposure are big killers in the Norwegian wilderness, which is why it is vital to take time preparing for any eventuality. Make sure you can recognise the early signs of hypothermia which are loss of judgment, shivering and clumsiness. It's important to get warm at the first sign of hypothermia otherwise the condition progresses to confusion, apathy and coma which leads to death. You can prevent further heat loss by sheltering somewhere and staying dry, drinking hot sweet fluids and getting into some dry clothing. Sharing body warmth is an excellent way of preventing hypothermia and wearing a hat as a substantive amount of body heat can be lost form the head.

Frostbite is another hazard of travelling in Norway's wilderness regions and starts as a white numb area of skin or a frost nip. If the skin is not warmed it will develop blisters and turn black. It is very important to ensure you have a high calorie intake and wear warm clothing to prevent frostbite. Check out our guide to frostbite and how to prevent it.

Norway has some magnificent scenery and to enjoy nature at its best make sure you have prepared for your journey into the mountains and wilderness.

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