How bad is crime in Pakistan? Bolt down all the things!

With many locals in poverty, petty crime is common in Pakistan..

There is a very high rate of crime in Pakistan, particularly as regards serious violent crime including armed robbery, robbery, carjacking, kidnappings, home invasion and murder are all common in major urban areas.

Petty street crime is also rife, and travellers are advised to be aware that the risk is high and to take whatever personal security measures are possible. Be extremely careful with high value easily portable items such as passports, bankcards, bags, jewellery, laptops, mobile phones, iPads and anything else you can think of. There is a large black market for all of these items and especially for passports whether forged or stolen. Credit card fraud is very common, so if the unfortunate occurs and you do lose your credit card, cancel it immediately.

Foreign travellers have been targeted as they are perceived as being wealthier than the local populace, and it is advised that travellers take extra care at the airport itself. It is advised to avoid all forms of public transportation including taxis, and if possible to arrange for the people you are staying with to pick you up from the airport.

Communal and ethnic violence is a real and present risk in many districts in Karachi, with Lyari and Orangi being of particular notice.

The risk of banditry and kidnapping in the Interior Sind is higher than the rest of Pakistan, where it's already fairly high to begin with. All be essential travel is advised against north of the Nawabshah, and there have also been reports of increased general criminal activity in the Hyderabad region.

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  • ubaid said

    I live in Pakistan and the stated reality above is not overall correct ! Yes in certain area this happens but if you move in big cities and areas there is near zero crime rate. For example if you move in the city "Karachi" the beach city there are only few area's to be avoided other than those areas the whole city is safe and sound and you can even walk in the night fearlessly on the beaches.

    same for the other cities like Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad. The safest city to be considered is, Islamabad the capital of Pakistan.

    The only crime 1 in 1000 person face is pic-pocketing or breaking the window's of car and taking important things.

    in some areas of Pakistan that are rural area fully off-skit from Urban big cities there are some medium crime rate and walks at night should be avoided.

    The overall situation in Pakistan is really really Good, There are the biggest cinema's, beachs, asia biggest malls, yes I repeat my self Asia biggest Mall "Lucy One" and Playlands that you can enjoy without fearing of anything.

  • Ubaid said

    I forget to mention the Pakistan has religion tolerance and gender tolerance highest in the world, its a civic society where you will find mix culture respecting every-other cultures. Some of the beautiful mosque and breath taking sights of Kaghan and Naran the natural beauty.

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