Do You Really Need Travel Insurance for a Quick Stopover?

While there may be many reasons to buy travel insurance to help protect you for unforeseen events such as trip cancellation, injuries, overseas medical or dental emergencies, or baggage cover, you don’t need to purchase any extra travel insurance if you are making a quick stop-over in a country and not planning to leave the airport.

However, please note that if you decide that you do want to go exploring a new destination and want to extend your holiday, then the moment you have stepped out of the airport you’ll need travel insurance if you want to be covered for several unexpected events.

If you do decide to extend your trip there are terms and conditions attached to buying or extending your policy cover while overseas. World Nomads travel insurance our coverage is activated depending on:

  • Where you are when you buy or extend the policy.
  • The date of purchase.
  • The date you choose the cover to start (start date).
  • The date your trip actually starts, and
  • The date you choose your cover to end (end date).

Important: When you buy a policy, you must select all the countries and regions where you’ll be travelling, and these will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance. Your policy will provide cover for your chosen countries and regions of travel unless there’s a warning issued by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advising against all or all but essential travel to a particular country or part of a country and you choose to go there anyway.

Refer to before you go and while travelling for the latest alerts and travel advice.

What if I want to extend my stay in a specific country and need extra travel insurance?

For British residents who decide they want to keep travelling you can extend your policy before 11:59pm GMT on the end date shown on your Certificate of Insurance using your World Nomads membership online, provided:

  • You have not made, nor do you intend to make a claim; and
  • You’re 64 years old or younger; and
  • Your country of residence remains the United Kingdom.

You will have continuous cover, subject to the conditions described in your policy section ‘Extending your policy’. You cannot extend your policy once it has lapsed, but you can buy a new policy.

If you need information on making changes to your policy visit our Managing your policy section and choose your country or region of residence to get the latest updates.

The policy isn’t designed to cover everything, so take the time to read the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions in the Policy Wording for full details so that there are no surprises if you need to use it.

If you’re not sure if something is covered, get in touch.

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